First Gov. Ahrmpit, Now: Leno Pimps for Another Republi-cant

The least-funny person on American tv, Jay Leno, thought it was swell –to use a network, “friendship” and OUR airwaves to contort Fairness laws and score a few ratings points –by shoveling nazi-loving Ahrmpit on the show he works on –not once, but three times.  Democratic opposing candidate for governor?  No room. 

How did bomb-maker/contractor to the Pentagoons/network owner GE get away with that?  Weakened FCC, watered-down laws and claiming ‘just an entertainment’ show. 

Now I-pimp-for-any-Republicant Leno
Going to do it AGAIN.  While the rest of the left-overs will be auditioning —not to strengthen FCC rules, but to plead to take over the White House, one who, obviously, can’t take the heat of debate, will be fawning over Pimp Leno, instead. Democrat -Green -Libertarian Party candidates on –the same show? Well, if you’re askn: that’s a Good thing –shows you don’t watch the Pimp & Grind show.

Which one?  –When? 
Does it matter?  Americans:  Already Saw this movie.  NO Republicant Party member will be trusted in the White House –for Decades. 

What Matters
Pimp Leno Using OUR airwaves –FCC laws –NBC’s license  —Which Democrat -Green -Libertarian Party member chooses the next FCC commissioners.  Oh, and:  WHEN Pimp Leno will GET OFF OUR AIRWAVES.

Pimp Leno…Republicant Party…GE…NBC:  php hit counterclueless, opposite of daVine

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