Some people:  don’t have the brains G-d gave chickens.  They raise:  children to hate.  Those children:  grow up, learn nothing else, get weapons, kill others.

Some people:  don’t have the brains G-d gave chickens.  They raise:  pumpkins.  Those pumpkins:  grow and grow and grow some more –watered, fed, protected –with electric fence, bullets and cameras and styrofoam and more water, pumps and dials, chains and cranes –till the grower puts on a scale and hollers:  Yipee. 

How many people does a 1,000 to 1,400 pound pumpkin feed?  None.

While the world thirsts, goes hungry:  politicitians who ‘protect’ the growers, and the rest of us, raise a finger to test the wind and yell ‘Terrorists, Terrorists are comming’ and never ever make a link…or actually Do anything to stop either one.  Obscene.

You can watch the growers grow:  on US station PBS 
Pumpkin Growing Contest

 “Lord of the Gourd”

See review, read:

Find a local station:

I do not know how you can see the thirsty people, dying.  –Except for New Orleans August 2005, the world’s hungry, thirsty don’t draw cameras –and anyway Coca cola, in India, is camera-shy.  You can see re-run of pumpkin obscenity:  will repeat in Los Angeles Sunday September 9.  Saw bits of it, as much as I could stand… made me embarassed, to be lumped as ‘American.’  Election 2008 CANNOT come soon enough.


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