Alert! PBS, Now: “Dimming the Sun”

One of the most important programs put on tv –ever:  PBS  –

  “Dimming the Sun”

Hazy Sunset -  

Find local US station –see on-line –read the transcript –see more here:  Nova

I saw this program –the last part:  amazing, original material –that I’ve tried to explain to others.  See it for yourself.  When you do:  you will see –doubters, oily boys, reporters, ‘politicians’ are Wrong, Clueless, Dangerous.  –That the scientists shown, who at the beginning didn’t understand what they found, didn’t know what it meant, did unique work –for the rest of us.

UPDATE  What good is the knowledge or the information –if scientists cannot tell us.  –Local rag “news” media is Busy, doncha know, “reporting” on brat –underwear –wrong-way freeway driving –hair problems, to Actually Report Any That Matters.  I Don’t do this, usually, and way Not ‘pitching’:   I wrote Thank You note, to the sponsor of “Nova” – Howard Hughes Medical Institute.  Hughes was a whacko, but what Finer way to use his money.  IF Hughes Foundation had not sponsored this, who would?  Thought they’d want to know, it is appreciated.



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2 responses to “Alert! PBS, Now: “Dimming the Sun”

  1. The program on NOVA regarding the Dimming of the sun makes good sense, all one has to do is look at the trees and levels of water around the world to know all this being said is right the mark. If we could stop every one from leaving such a large eco foot print on this planet we may have a chance, Moving the food and educating every one on this planet wouldn’t hurt the cause . I think we all need to become eco crazy and make a difference in our own part. They say small steps together will make a large difference. We need to look around us and start seeing. Our world is hurting and should that continue we all will hurt even more.

    Lets all take a new eco path and live as one planet , not countries that serve them selves, as many have said we need to start with a single step.

  2. Well said. Thank you. Were you able to see the program? Where/how? First time I saw the program it was by luck, no ads or announcements; didn’t know what it was about. I followed what was being said, but I couldn’t see where it was leading; when the material came together: I was stunned…wanted to Go in the street and yell –Pound on White House front door –Call –Somebody –DEMAND all of it STOP. Now: I blog. Thank you, for noticing.

    Have you noticed: oily boys haven’t put out Any ‘let’s make fun of scientists-greens-alternatives’ PR trash –in months? “Only one degree warmer” put-down ISN’T so funny now, to Exxon, Shell, Mobil, BP, et al, or to the humans who have to live with the consequences. Fire, flood, drought, hurricane, tornado, starvation, thirst, destruction…. Their last public appearance –“justifying” $400 million ‘severance’ packages, didn’t go over too well. Now they seem to be hiding. DOESN’T help a Thing.

    One ‘upper’: society of electrical engineers is considering calling for mandatory use of phosphorus light bulbs. Why wait? Everyone: can save money, help save the planet Now by replacing light bulbs with phosphorus kind. –Made in all sizes, many shapes.

    “Become eco crazy.” Thank you for excellent comment, John. You are welcomed here.


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