Being a Hypocrite: Not Illegal. Sniffing, Pandering, Fake Christian: Criminal.

Excuuuse me, the Senator from Idaho:  did NOT commit a CRIME.  He did not admit to what a cop Accused him of doing.  He HAS represented the “wishes” of those who elected him, by attempting to use the US Constitution to Discriminate against a segment of Americans.  –“Wishes” of some/most people clumped together in Idaho.  Shame on THEM.   His views?  People in Idaho Made it Clear:  they don’t care, they want what they want and they want it from their senator all the time –Discrimination. 

Ya, good idea, that, Let’s use the Constitution For:  Hate.

The media –“news” directors, station “managers” –editors –whoring reporters, bobble-heads and those that write what the bobble-heads read, Desperate for Any story:  got waaay down there, where underwear-sniffers and Fox “News” and “Extra-tain-o-crap” and supermarket kitty litter liner tabloids live, and dragged a non-story –into everyone’s face.  –So Desperate, are they, to sate holders of stock.  WHERE THE HELL is Perspective –Judgement –Taste –Class. 

WHERE is:  Actual News?  Who the Hell is the media:  to go whoring after a senator’s bathroom habits –Abandoning their Responsibility –to be our eyes, ears of what government –Oval Office Occupant & Co is up to.  HOW low do –they sink/we let them?  IF Mainstream media does such Now:  WHERE will we –American society, culture, they be in ten years?  –In twenty?  How the stinking hell is This trash appropriate?

Oh, Ahhh –he pled ‘guilty’ –to a misdemenor, which means?  YOU wouldn’t have?  Really?  You SURE?  Haven’t you, all of us, had Enough lousy cop shows/movies shoved at us to know: 
a.) Cops lie 
b.) DAs Can/Will/Do say Whatever it takes:  to get an accused to Plead out, instead of Actual work to Prove a crime –clears up court calendars, nicely
c.) Minor offense –No Crime, No injury, No blood, No shredded bone –No missing body –No hurt feelings, no nevermind to Any
d.) Cops lie

Is Idaho Senator:  homosexual?  Why do you ask?  NONE of your business. NONE of my business. NONE of Senate’s business. NONE of Republican Party’s business.  NONE of “Christians'” business. WHY asking?

And Anyway: The Pretty & The Good, Mr. Romney, didn’t ask –first, he didn’t care –he just tossed him on his shoulder, carried him around –on letters and rallies –to raise money –to use that Good Idaho juice, like Google juice, to git hisself some more o them con-serv-a-tives CHRIS-tian types down South…the Goo Ol  boooys –who Know that Idaho Knows what’s what. And thez Christians Too, the reglar kind, not that new-fangled kind…well prolly if the sentur from I-dah-ho thinks The Pretty guy is OK, guess he’s Ok.  –Till The Pretty:  threw the Senator under the bus –ran him over, backed up, ran over him again.  Whew.

–All that…because a bunch of whoring Republi-cants whoring after –pandering to a Small number, who Claim to BE Christians –All of whom:  have Actually Decided –Convicted, person guilty-of-no-crime That he IS guilty –of …of…uhm…I do not know of what, other than:  being a hypocrite, just like them. 

An Attorney General –doing his boss’s bidding goes after seriously ill patient in hospital –for approval to “leagally” spy & lie…a “leader” who ‘room-mates’ with his two Male employees–hopes press doesn’t find out–while Ignoring another toys with under-age pages… another “leader” manipulates to strip the Treasury to pour it into drug-pushers and into cafeteria food-maker to feed the army lobbed into not-an-enemy’s country….  NONE:  thrown under a bus –ratted out –put up on ethics charges –forced to resign –dragged into public, when Lack of ethics, character, legal responsibility exposed . –NOT even on Republi-cant’s radar.  No investigation.  NO “leadership” outrage…. Just: praise –“for my very good friend….” Just: hiding behind the door –like the guy who hid when the 9-11 widows came calling for help….

Bookmark this –you will want something for your memory, when The Good & The Pretty Republi-cants –suddenly remember the dead soldiers and the Principles of the Republican Party and the rest of the country and start sniff’n around, begging for your money and your vote. 

Republicans and their Party:  direct opposite of daVine.

*  *  *  *  *

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