Blog, WordPress, Worries, Wishes -Pt II

This is the page I was editing when outage hit, which should have published August 23 (–I think, lost track and focus)…after numerous hours, finally got it pasted into Word, ‘just in case’…then WP gnomes tracked source –why system went down, world-wide: “up-graded maintenance” –of a major provider –unscheduled unknown un-correctly…hey thanks, but no thanks on the “up”-grade…then though slooow –and squishy in parts (still), tsunami ended, mostly, late Sunday afternoon, but then it was MS’s turn:  couldn’t get Word to give up the page… now:  WP “Editing” DOES NOT WORK…oh sheesh….  Poppy

I have several blogs, a website, my own domain name and this, on WordPress. Blogging on WP is not easy.  It got a whole lot harder this summer. [!]

Though I knew nothing at all about tech stuff, then, I started blogging on Google nearly at the start of blogs.  After lurking for about a week, creating the first blog took all of twenty -twenty-five minutes.  Seeing blog numbers explode, I wasn’t all that certain Google would continue offering blogs (!) –and for free (!), so I started a WP blog, originally as a ‘spare’ –a ‘just in case.’

Read the TOU, twice, searched, lurked, did what homework I could, to make sure it was legit (–not some cloaked spy -spam -PayPal* type) site; worked, picked, created blog; total time:  4 1/2 months.

Contrary to ads, PR, techies: WP was a steeeep learning curve. I think of WP as a hybrid:  cross between full-on website and blog.  Getting first posts published:  so confusing, so much work –so different from Blogger, it was kind of a shock. I nearly deleted it, several times.  Plus I loathed how it looked –hated templates available then.  Mostly:  just put off writing(!) on it.

I stuck it, focus of the blog important to me:  local media -food -politics -environment -health –Silver Lake –Los Angeles –California –US.  Within weeks of going live:  went well.  How did I know?

Two things

One: Google’s bot crawled the blog.  Then Google’s rankings came out. –Holy Cattle: with only a few pages, “daVine” went from ‘total nobody’ to ranked –not “1” –not “2” –PageRank “5” (on most of Google’s servers).  De-lighted (–three –four? billion websites but many no rank at all), but stunned:  Google search engine results puts, e.g. one “daVine” post –first –even ahead of Los Angeles Police Department website. That ain’t right, Screwy…bot –on steriods –not valid?  By comparison:  another of my blogs –with long, quality posts and lots of readers, took half a year to get a PageRank of “1” –four more months before re-ranked to “3” (–out of possible “10” btw, only Google’s own “Home” page gets that, I think.). Oh well, I quit worrying.

Two:  People, yay, reading the blog, more every day.  How did I know? Most people read blogs on feeds on the Internet. WordPress feature:  stats –how many people reading.  –Not who, not what, not where from, but:  how many times it got read, in a given period.  Cool.

With WP “Feed Stats” –a topic popular? –topic not read? –comparisons? –some topics popular on certain days?  –All possible to know.  Why did that matter?  You know those people who move along the sidewalk talking to themselves?

I blog because telling/warning people about the things I know, one at a time, in grocery stores, exhausting, not very effective.

I don’t mind if only one person reads what I write, but if Nobody reads it: I’m just talking to myself.

With thousands of hours of research –discovering connections between health -Western practices -media and politics, I’ve learned alot, have alot to say; important things aren’t getting out/getting lost.  With WP “Feed Stats” –possible to know reaction to what I wrote, until:  start of summer. Then a nexus.

First: I had to move out of my home totally while it was repaired. A person (mover) wanted to show he had excessive testosterone, shortage of brains: “disconnected” computer –yanked out the plugs, from the back. Computer, duh, dead.

Skipping some boring parts and several weeks:  turn on, log in –Yikes, “Feed Stats” –gone –WP management yanked –along with ability to know if blog getting read –also proving who has, uh, excessive testosterone…. They tell bloggers: ‘go get a similiar feature on “x” website.’  I do –rather, I try –five times, creating five “accounts” –that don’t function. Clueless: IS anyone reading the blog on the Internet?

Next: suddenly several things went screwy with this blog –nothing worked right; and booted, lots; then: ‘locked out’ –no way to “log in” –for days –it wasn’t even possible to send “Help” message.  I went to Support Forum for HELP.  Results: zero.  –Too many questions, Bad timing, too many different probs, everyone busy/asleep/having dinner/blogging/I’m on a ‘black’ list/too complex???  Dunno.  No help, not even one reply.

Next: it wasn’t my intention to make things worse, but:  I decided to change ISP…why did it take 13 days to get connected…why did original ISP suddenly stop working at exact same time?  ‘Sensitive’ –I hurt it’s feelings (lol)???  Ah, If I knew the answers, you could color me ‘genius’ instead of ‘invisible’ –best part of three weeks….  Worry, worrry, worry….

Got back on, logged in one lucky moment:  another new WP feature announced. Oh swell.  For the record:  when a new feature is announced Half the time I worry because I don’t even (lol) understand what the feature is, nevermind instructions to enable or if I’d like it (lol). (–Now do you get my choice for avatar?  Lol…if you haven’t seen it:  photo of handmade French puff pastry, with cream…lol, cream puff)   By then:  my frustration –with all of it, as high as the temperature in Los Angeles.  But this one:  I understood.

Announced New feature –in my view:  competitive nature, built-in potential flaws, not a good idea.  I said so in Comments, under the announcement, and: “if there was energy, time, space for a feature, I wanted “Feed Stats” back” (–ya know, something I could actually use!) Mine, 39th one, “awaited moderation” in the Great Beyond –permanently. –My comments: censored –deleted –X’ed, didn’t appear. Apparently: if not of the ‘Yeah, Yes, Great’ type, comments aren’t, uh, useful…useable, published type. I was pret-ty surprised….

Then another announcement –asking for: ‘blogging on WP the past year.’ WP having an anniversary, asked for story and “put it on your blog and ping it so it will appear on the announcement page.”  ~TaDa.
WordPress: blogging here easier, now; new graphics have been added, so appearance got much better (I think).  Blog getting read, on Internet feed? –Wish I knew –they don’t care that I—many authors—want “Feed Stats” back.  Nobody answered my questions in the Forum when I couldn’t fix/stop/send in a Feedback on screwy probs –or even log-in (–for days)…bit worrisom. –Didn’t want my opinion, on new competition feature, because not supportive(?). 

Yet:  Need to know How to do “x”:  searchable, easily.  Blog trouble –error?  WP gnomes will send reply (usually!) directly to the blogger.  Cool. I’ve found:  many/most of the people who blog at WP –smart, knowledgeable, quick –and helpful.  Some of THE MOST interesting things found on the Internet:  found on a WordPress blog, usually.  Makes for interesting community, mostly.

Yet they permit one in the Forum:  to dominate –with imperious, martyr, lecture-type replies, pasted info (–said to be incorrect, often); often off-topic, sometimes utterly hijacks a thread.  –She posts on everything. –It’s hardly unusual to see an entire Forum page with her ID, replying to every query.  –She doesn’t know the answer?  Doesn’t stop her from replying –to say so, to make up an answer.  –If she’s awake, she’s a-pasting. We are ‘treated’ to her opinion –on everything –worked into even unrelated questions, ad nausea. Sheesh.  Your Problem/post wasn’t phrased in the form of a question?  Yikes, look out.  Her tone so imperious:  many new WP bloggers have posted they will not return to the Forum –ever again. Personally I see her as desperate to use WP as her identity.  She implied she was part of WP –until she was told to stop –by WP management. Between the opinions and the suspect info and the holier-than-thou attitude: she has destroyed WP community feeling.  Unless I am seriously stuck, I avoid Support Forum, so do many, worrisom…. I wish…why is she allowed to continue?

…okey-dokey…WP has a Lot of features, some:  fun or useful; many: I don’t use –get -want –wish they would stop adding, for awhile….

I like: knowing how to use (most!) of the features on my blog; How it looks; runs smoooth, quick [usually].

Wish:  somebody would correct the design errors of the template …I’d Luv to tweak -poke the design, a bit (the graphic designer in me), but not allowed….  It’s still complex, more a place for techies than writers, in my opinion.  But now it’s easier to understand, sorta, and there are some super templates.

When WP went whacko [SEE: “Blog, WP, Worries, Wishes – Pt I”]:  I was editing when a slew of “error” messages suddenly appeared.  –So many:  I sent an e-mail, asking if my blog was getting booted –or an outage –or what was up.

Next day, during what must have been one Helluva day, I got:  a reply –an explanation –that system-wide outage.

I answered that reply, essentially, with:  my thanks for explanation, prompt reply and with some perspective –from blogger’s vantage point.

Two of the things I wrote:  created –implemented, immediately –put up on the website, for everyone to see, by WP staff.  Wow…pretty cool.

So from problems –deleted comments –wondering if blog getting axed –appreciation –to implimentation of ideas.  –Rant to rave…rusty to smooth …worries, whackos…wishes…back –forth –like a family…a healthy one, where disagreements don’t mean ‘off with their head’ –each is heard –allowed to do their thing….  Not a bad place to be….  So That’s my ‘blogging at WP past year’ story…and I’m sticking to it, on my wedge of WordPress. WordPress anniversary.

* * * * *
A few notes, in case you didn’t know:
Photos: WordPress enables flickr, both offer a few cool things
-Choice of photos.  few days of searching, several errors(!) and chose a category called “Spectacular Nature”
-Each Photo:  that appears on the blog, had to be nominated, group admin. approved, then selected (to go into blog widget)
-Hover your mouse pointer:  over a photo –caption will pop up, written by the photographer
-Leave mouse pointer hovered longer:  “snap” will appear –clicking on it will land you on the photographer’s page, where all their photos can be viewed

-Changed it to:  drop-down window (–I think!), so you can choose a month – see all the posts that month

-Window actually works; you can enter a keyword –to Search this blog

-What would you like to see here?  Changes?  Additions?
–Should I make a “contact” form?

I’m thinking of changing the setting so you don’t have to register, before posting a comment. WP has a very good spam-catcher, they destroy about a million a day–when will the morrons, and the Chinese spammers learn–what do you think of that?  Better for you?

-What do you think of the way the blog looks? How does the design, layout work/not for you?  Wish something was removed? 
-Someone wrote a comment that there should be more photos, in the content, I guess. Agree? Don’t?

Font, color: how is it for you? Wish it was –? –larger –darker –different color?

-No, I can’t fix the existing graphics or the font errors in side column…don’t ask….

-Any wishes?
-There are over 35 drafts in the queue, waiting to post…pretty frustrating; some, past the ‘sell by’ date, now…ah, well, will do what’s possible, to post them….

If MESSY screwed-up Editor tool gets fixed:  I will fix any errors. Till then:  I need to go lie down, tired of worrying, Ta…

tag:  blogging, WordPress, WP features forum help graphics

*PayPal: you do know, don’t you, they are about the most evil of all on the Internet, right?  In case you think Pay-your-Pal is “OK”:   they are not bound by the banking laws of ANY country –nor obey SEC, IRS or numerous other US federal agency laws; “earn” income by seizing –illegally, Other peoples’ money. –Then Stash it: in jumbo CDs, which last, oh 90 to 180 days –then –like magic, the un-ending demands for “proof” that you aren’t a thief/didn’t do whatever, melt…the “issue” that “caused” PayPal to drain your bank account “all cleared up.” ~TaDa. Haven’t seized yours? Leave it, they’ll get to it.



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  1. Poppy

    TO: Chinese Spammers
    You are never NEVER going to get your garbage onto this blog –ANY WordPress blog. STOP SENDING. One million WP bloggers CAN: put up a campaign to the World to Boycott Olympics and ALL products coming out of China.

    STOP SPAMMING or GET the consequences.

    Last warning.

  2. Poppy

    Chinese spammers: NOBODY is more stupid than You morrons –STOP SPAMMING. –For all your stupid wasted energy total trash that got through: Zero. Go get a life. You’re toast.