Blog, WordPress, Worries, Wishes – Pt I

UPDATE  WordPress having serious ‘blond’ moment –that so far has lasted day and 3/4.  Blogs crashed –keyboards piled high with frozen authors –commentary, thoughts, Important, uh, stuff UN-published –dum~dum~dedum~da dum da da da dum –silence, at the WordPress factory.  Drat.  And:  It’s about to go screwy again, until 10 AM GMT (no way am I gonna stop to work out local time) –to resolve, hopefully, what was done to “fix” original thing that wasn’t broken.  If you’re still with me:  I was in the middle of editing a post (two days ago –three???) when “error” messages popped up everywhere like Easter eggs or whack-a-mole and I had to stop.

WP Gnomes say: ‘traffic will be re-routed around the screwy part’ –so this is a half Heads Up, only in case you have a problem reading/getting here.  If there is time before the planned whack-a-mole session, I will publish.  If not, I’ll publish afterwards (–please, please oh baby please!).  There are “37 drafts” in my quewe (!) so I’d Really like to get some published…before WP–and ‘zipped’ keyboard–makes me crazy (!).  Hope you don’t notice any prob.  See you later.


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