Alert! “Things That Aren’t Here Anymore” –on 8-12-07

 UPDATE:  Did you see the program?  I missed the begining –too many errands, not enough car (–mine was stolen and I haven’t replaced, going to be long time till I do; and yes, I know who did it, doesn’t help, more on that some other time).  Did you see the Ambassador Hotel?

It reminded me: I have a photo of my parents –“trees” in the background, happy, so young they look like teens, at a party or New Year’s Eve…you can almost hear the band…see the couples dancing, the famous tucked into the banquets….

Where is the hotel now?  Made me livid…. Roy-the carpetbagger-Romer:  blew into town from nowhere, headed up Los Angeles School bored, refused to listen to Hundreds of people, representing hundreds of thousands more, state reps and his own friends –fought LA Conservancy, prominent LA people, activists –national preservationists and Insisted:  hotel “had to be gutted.”  –He told immigrant poor parents garbage, I went to the “meetings” –I heard him say, in clever language: ‘the hotel OR a school.’ Thanks to Roy-baby–the hotel: rubble.

I talked to some of the parents –indignant –stirred up, by a “public interest” law firm, representing hispanics. Not One knew: none of their children would attend a school at that site, No current schoolchild would.
The school? Oops. ~Somebody~ ‘forgot’ to do their homework…the EIR Report, gosh, seems it left out: the massive toxic waste –exposed –when hotel turned into rubble –something that would NOT have been exposed or a hazard IF: Roy-baby HAD listened –IF hotel had been converted to unique school –And condo for teachers, low-income families –space for LAUSD meetings –out of town teachers, vistors –free….

Pictures is all we got –now.

If you miss Ralph Story –heard of him but don’t know who he was –wonder why long-time Los Angeleno residents wish he was still here –want to know something of how Los Angeles looked  –before the new crop of demolishers buzzed in: 

get to the telly:  Sunday evening  7 PM

set the VCR (gee wish I had one) to:  PBS Channel 28

–Don’t move, for an hour:  “Things That Aren’t Here Anymore” will be on! 
–At least, one episode of that once super program will be aired. 

If you’re a bit forgetful or busy and want a reminder:  Los Angeles PBS 
–set so it should open in same window,
but this wedge of WordPress isn’t working very well. 

* * * * *
Landmarks:  what Roy Romer, his opportunistic pals Marlene Canter, Jose and the other Los Angeles School bored deadweight did to the Ambassador Hotel still ‘smarts’ –thanks to passive flacid City Council weenies?  See what LA Conservancy  doing to preserve what’s left of Los Angeles, from the vultures –how you can help.

Ocean:  think Southern California beaches –swimmers, tots, should be sewage-free?  Want to actually eat the fish you catch?   Fed up with surfing then getting infections?   See:  National Resource Defense Council  –one of the most important groups on the planet, for what you can do.

* * * * *
Note:  Same channel is showing movies on Saturday night.  I don’t have cable, so I miss seeing good old movies.  If same for you, movies they have been showing:  good ones, mostly. 
Saturday August 11“Strangers on a Train” at 10 PM. 
If you haven’t seen this movie, get the popcorn ready –this is one good pic, from Hitchcock…daVine!  If you want a reminder:  PBS

* * * * *
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