Diane Sawyer: Slobber Report?

Diane Sawyer likes the label “reporter.” Why? By what twisted definition what Diane Sawyer ‘produces’ is journalism –of a reporter –or any thing of value?

Sawyer, in case you don’t know, started her ‘career’ at the White House –while Tricky Dick was swearing, sneering, plotting and using FBI, IRS and his right-wing quislings to burgle, spy and Lie, nearly putting American democracy down the drain.

Eventually Sawyer moved on to “work” at ABCNews. She used to compete with Barbara Wawa –racing to the bottom for the “get” –the “interview” with the day’s ‘hot’ selle-brity. Barbara Wawa got off the bottom-feeding track so she could manage the scream-fest and the buckets of bucks on “The View.” That leaves Sawyer: to muck up OUR airwaves.

Sawyer drips emotion –in the morning, doing ABC’s copycat version of another network’s sell-fest. She slobbers over cars, drugs, tech toys, cosmetics, plastic surgery, diets, whatever. Hard news –investigative journalism –info that Actually Matters? They don’t know from that. –Nice ‘legacy’ they are doing, “respecting Peter Jennings, always.”

Recently Sawyer dripped all over former Vice President Al Gore, who was on the morning show & tell debacle to talk about the book he had written –on the media dumbing down and trivializing news. Sawyer Right on Top of It asking: ‘How did you feel…’ questions. Gore shot her a look, then patiently explained it to her –that she was Demonstrating what he had written. –*whoosh* right over her head: she repeated the drivel –I hit the remote.

She slobbers –over tech crap sales geeks push –Least Important players in 3rd Page drivel stories –lousy music “concerts” –weather report –drugs –co-stars, fashions, whatever –on the “news” show that doesn’t give any news. It is to Gag.

You Know the person reading the questions is a bobble-head not a reporter when the question begins: “How did you feel…” Duh. Any can Imagine the ‘feeling’ –So What. WHAT can anyone learn from such trash –when hundreds of questions that Matter go unasked, unanswered –all over the world –Washington –Congress. Who the hell cares how someone “feels” –about a thing.

Can a person attain happiness –learning what a sell-bratty eats -wears -buys? Believe it: Only 12-year olds, rural residents and homosexuals with a financial interest would say “yes” –and you better be one of those if you care about any thing a sell-brity has to say.

If people in Show Business were Great thinkers -orators -philosophers -raconteurs: they would be doing that and not boring people into coma verbalizing their “thoughts.” I have talked to many movie actors, know tons of stories about others; with only very few exceptions: they are some of The dumbest most boring self-absorbed Petty people on the planet.

Friday night: the morons, apparently, who run ABC decided there was Desperate Need to Inform America –about a twit wannabe somebody –who didn’t mind getting liquored up then driving –once on surface streets, second time on the freeway –going the wrong way. They gave Sawyer the ‘assignment.’ She dripped on the dumb Friday night version of the morning show –slobbering over the coke-nose oxygen-sucking un-skilled pampered little bore who lives, unfortunately, in the same town as me and millions of others. –Any one of whom could have been on that freeway and dead now because of her driving habits. (I clicked on the show at the start; returned at the end, did not watch it or nauseating promos of it during the week.)

What do you –America –I “need” to know?

  1. Start date of her jail time
  2. Exact date, time, location she will be on the road again
  3. WHEN she will Move Out of California

–Nothing Else. Report: would take up all of 60 seconds, max. How the hell does ABC management have the Gall to use major chunk of OUR airwaves on drama dragon Sawyer –doing Deep Investigative “Report” of a neurotic alcoholic BORE –and in prime time? I don’t know: Which of the three is worse.

Where is Deep Investigative Report: of federal agencies –how they spend our money, do the job; of Congress members; of lobbyists –who they see, why, money they spend, on whom.

Diane Sawyer didn’t see a prob:
with ethics, when she snagged a job in a Republican White House that lied while escalating war, death, lying and spying on Americans, evading laws, US Constitution
with lack of experience, skill or standards, when she snagged a gig on a morning news show –but slobbers emotion instead of investigating or reporting. Would You want person with those kinds ‘standards’ –to perform surgery on you? –Do your taxes?

Worthy of Complaint?
If someone at the level of a Diane Sawyer Allowed to use our airwaves –to slobber instead of inform –but you don’t complain: That is part of your legacy, allowing a network to Steal democracy.

When do you meet, organize –your neighbors –co-workers –dorm –PTA –union to write/protest abuses of the media?

When #41 pulled off the first fake war on Iraq, to help all his pals including the oily boys, reporters were: far away from the fighting. Reporters complained so much: current Oval Office occupant, #43, his brain Karl and the Pentagon learned from daddy and pulled off a coup. They embedded reporters with the military. –Put So close they got ant’s-eye view of: Exactly Nothing. –How could reporters or their bosses complain –about the opposite? –Placed so close to the fighting, to individual military units, they were Incapable of perspective –overview –understanding, what was going on; what wasn’t happening that should have been.

In my opinion media failed to do their job –Examine reasons to invade Iraq because: they made deals with the Pentagon. Like maybe: if they questioned –criticized before the invasion, they would not be Included IN the invasion. Devil’s Deal. Reporters who refused embedding: got not-veiled threats of ‘no protection.’ Yet: They were the only ones who Could give the world perspective on the fighting and on the chaos afterwards.

Bored Board
Board members of giant media: decided News could make money –for shareholders. What happened to FCC Mandate –to Inform –to report local, national news –to look out for majority? The “majority” –to media board members? Any teen –who buy burgers -fast trash, cars, drugs, shampoo, soda, jeans, junk –ergo the selle-brats who hawk that stuff stuffed into news programs.

CBS no better: from them you can get all the animal -selle-brity -fuzzy warm “news” you can stomach. Mega-network allowed to own: newspaper + radio + movie studio + more than one TV station –all in one community, thanks to Republi-cant/Tom Delay controlled Congress of a few years ago.

NBC weenies slurped at the same Republicant trough and now comes up with: “reports” minus details –facts –data –hard/investigative stories that would cause a prob for its corporate non-journalistic owner: GE. –Bomb-maker, major-contractor ‘to the stars’ does not ‘believe’ in hard-eye looks at goings on or in ‘up-setting’ its client. –No, not you, the war machine-makers, the Pentagoons.

“NBC White Paper”??? No mega-money in that…. Tom Brokaw jumped –or shoved –by the “ethics” that prevail, now, at “Universal NBC” conglom-on-u? They, also, got no prob slinging sell-brities where they don’t belong. Plus: ever watch Anne Curry “do” news? You’ll need air-sick bag next to you.

At least ABC has: Martha Raditz, Brian Ross and detailed, factual, high quality, investigative Nightly News. –But for how long? Remember Ted Koppel? They were way willing to throw him overboard chasing David Letterman, with $31 million bucks. Now: a mouth-breather bobble-head wearing shiny purple suits does underwear-sniffing “reports” on once-superb informative “NightLine.” –Because Letterman said “no” and most of the Real news people are gone.

Shame on CBS, NBC –and ABC for sinking to their level, hiring, then failing to control Sawyer. All of them appeasing agents, publicists –hawking actor-wannabes; pandering to shareholders instead of watching out for democracy.

As networks sink ever-lower, fail to report what government is/is not doing –one day a future generation will Be Told: the country is in another war and where to report for duty, after commercials pushing ever-more drugs. Weaned on junk journalism and sell-brats selling stuff stuffed into News –They will –passively do what they are told? –So corporate fat-cats can get their asses protected as they grow ever fatter and everyone else gets –less…. Question nobody?

Networks and their bored members Don’t get it: when they fling slop –slobber “reports” –put people who are only famous for being famous into the News –we Don’t Trust them. We Don’t believe they tell the Truth –or Tell the real News.

Without media watching out for us, the Real reason for the Privilege of using our airwaves, there IS no democracy.

Sawyer: Find out what a “Reporter” is –How to do the job –Do the job –or Get Off OUR airwaves.

HOW low do networks sink –how many “reports” on selle-brities does it take until You complain –to networks –to FCC, House Rep, Senators?

I got a Prob –with underwear-sniffing ‘reports’ –with “reporters” dripping emotion all over airwaves –with media Meant to be our eyes, ears to Watch Government watching only their bottom line –with mega-wealthy media using watch-dog role and privileges to make more money. Do you?

I am posting this –what are You going to do?

* * * * *
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