Perfect Hardboiled Egg

Americans used to be self-sufficient.  Grandparents and parents made sure children knew how to do basic things, to take care of themselves when they were grown.  Then some of those were taught in schools, at least in California schools.  By the time a student finished grade, junior high school and high school:  they knew basic nutrition, how to make wood objects, sew, iron, drive and cook along with all the other basics. 

It is obvious much is getting lost.  –Californians used to be the most polite drivers in the world, but now drunks who just blew into town –wannabe actors, illegal immigrants, “macho” creeps, bimboes leaving bars –“think” it’s OK to get behind the wheel –drive up one-way streets –hit pedestrians then run away; fast-crap “food” huts have sprouted everywhere –thanks to greedy politicians who don’t mind destroying neighborhoods –and to people who imagine they are “saving” time, money chowing down garbage.  –How much will it cost to repair damage –from disease –from e. Coli, obesity, lack of nutrients eating cheap toxin-laden junk….

Perfect solution: stay off the streets, eat at home.
I was thinking of those things as I searched through the boxes marked “Kitchen.”  I recently moved back to my home, after repairs were completed.  Since it’s way too hot here to cook and I haven’t unpacked/can’t find lots of things, yet, decided to make potato salad.  Thought maybe you would like to know:  How to make Perfect Hardboiled Egg.  –Excellent high-quality snack; store easily in the fridge, several days; travel well; useful in lots of dishes.

Hardboiled Egg
-Cold water:  run the tap until no odor of chlorine

-Place the eggs in a pot, fill with water just to cover

-Place over moderate flame

-When the water comes to full boil: Begin timing –cook :20 and

-Add salt: pour salt into your palm first (–it’s too easy to slip and pour too much), about the size of a silver dollar for three eggs

Immediately wihen the :20 ends: fish out all the eggs, with a fork, strainer ladle or tongs, and plunge the eggs into a container of cold water

The eggs will be cool enough to handle in about twenty -thirty minutes. Some cooks think eggs have to be ‘old’ to hardboil well, even causes fights on food forums(!); this is silly and not true.
The salt: makes shell easy to remove.
Plunging into cold water: prevents grey surface around the yolk.
You will have attractive just firm-enough hardboiled eggs. If you want to store for future use: Leave the shell on. In the fridge: place cooked eggs away from the raw eggs. (I have two egg sections on the fridge door, but it’s way too easy to forget which is which, so usually the cooked ones go in a small bowl on one of the shelves.)

If you want to use the eggs immediately: Potato Salad
There are probably as many good recipes as there are cooks, but this is my favorite…
Potatoes -5 brown (or red or purple; I do not like yellow
“Yukon Gold” far too sweet), scrub clean (bristle brush), skin left on
water -run tap water till no odor of chlorine
pot -size matters: use largest pot possible; water should
cover potato twice; potatoes should be able to move freely; smaller pot:
causes starch to form
green onion
vinegar –white, red
bowl, large
Place potatoes in the pot when the water is cold, hot water will cause starch to form
Boil :35 to :40 minutes –use timer, boiling longer makes mush
Promptly remove from boiling water; let cool (about 1/2 hour)
Boiled water: DO NOT pour down the drain –you can damage pipe fittings
(–sometimes I place something with a stubborn stain into the hot water, like coffee mugs or a ‘gooey’ or sticky tool); water can be saved as base for soup;
to toss wait until cool
-Any knife: slice each potato long way, 5 times; holding slices together turn the other way and slice off 1″ –wind up with bite-size chunks
-Place all the chunks into a bowl –twice the size you think you’ll need (!)
-Add two dollops of mayo, just enough to lightly cover not smother the potatoes
-Add white vinegar –4 capfulls
-Add red wine vinegar –1 to 2 capfulls
-Toss, taste, adjust –you might want more vinegar; too much vinegar: add a little mayo
-Add green onion –3 to 5 stems, chopped fine
-Add hardboiled egg –for 5 potatoes: add two, diced
Dice, by hand: place shelled egg in palm, make four cuts, long way, then hold egg over the bowl and make narrow cuts the other way, creating small pieces
-Toss –two wooden spoons or fork & soup spoon
-Add celery –diced small (makes good crunch); if no celery:  cucumber, sliced fine
Alternatives: sometimes I add a small dolop of mustard; salt & pepper, to taste
If you don’t have a large enough bowl to hold five diced potatoes:  dice two and half potatoes and one egg; save the remainder as there is ‘space’ in the bowl(!).  It is easy to make this while you’re doing something else, like on the puter or doing laundry.

It is really nice, homey to have something like this already made, ready in the fridge, when you get home –A bite goes a long way, when you–children, spouse, visitors–hungry, hot, tired, need to rest before dealing with dinner. Bowl of potato salad lasts me a week…daVine!

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Note: Sorry for any typos, I can’t make corrections on WP, for now.
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