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If you haven’t followed this blog, lately, while extensive repairs were done, this author had to move out.  Bloody nightmare, moving is awful.  Now back, unpacking and shifting, shifting –constantly (whew!) and at one point:  time to shift a floor-standing rack into the breakfast room, which brought to mind an experience that might help you, if you’re moving.

When three-year lease was up on apt. in elegant Spanish-style building and greedy crazy owner wanted $1,400. more a month, no-brainer decision to move. (How “crazy”?  He watched to see me drive out of the garage, then:  entered my apt., went through my underwear drawer…people hated that creep so much:  one, a screenwriter, who had Enough, set owner’s part of the building on fire…happily:  dead now….)  Believe it, or not, it was Easy, once, to move to another place in Los Angeles:  stable neighbors, yet vacancies in every neighborhood, fabulous great buildings –stinking “developers” hadn’t ripped down (–no politicians let them, then), rents were reasonable –at least in scale with salaries, nobody paniced over groceries/utilities Vs. rent…LA rents are sooo high now, it would take a massive Serious quake for That to return….  (With a little luck:  a quake would wipe the “developer” species also….)

So:  moved to a cottage, built by Charlie Chaplin. –Maybe most charming cottage I’d ever seen. Surrounded by beautiful old trees, birds, rear garden with a fountain, low wall surrounding huge stepping-stones in the front, steep asymmetrical roof, arched front door; large bathroom, huge kitchen, parquet floors throughout, balanced against:  no bedroom, just one large main room. (Neighborhood long-timers said:  he built it as a ‘dressing room’ –for Laurel & Hardy, when they shot movies nearby; maybe…maybe not:  Gloria Vanderbuilt’s hubby bought it years later….)  I had a wrought iron plant stand, seven feet long, I decided to use as a ‘room’ divider.

Invited a friend, from the apt., to come over.  She was a bit of an odd duck, much ahead in age, but good company and a sensational decorator.  I thought she would enjoy seeing the cottage.  She arrived when the movers were still off-loading.  As I was showing her around the movers came to the door with the heavy wrought iron stand.  It was so large –tall:  they couldn’t get it through the doorway.  If I couldn’t get it indoors:  I couldn’t create a bedroom on one side, with drapes, and a dining room on the other side.  Left outside, in the garden:  it would be stolen.  I freaked.

I started imitating a headless chicken.  The cottage windows were leaded glass –the largest didn’t open, the kitchen windows weren’t any solution.  I did not know what to do.

My friend went to the door:  she told the movers to turn the stand up-side-down. That sounded nuts…I thought, hmmm, maybe she had had a few drinks…. I watched –incredulous –mouth open, as she instructed them.

I would not have believed it if I had not been watching the whole time:  they dipped —then gracefully moved the stand indoors.  It was stunning.  Thinking of physics, I asked her –how –how did she think of that –how did she know it would work –if it wouldn’t fit right-side-up –it didn’t get any shorter –WHY did it fit through the door turned the other way?

She just grinned.  Long experience…lifetime of problem-solving, I guess.  I still think of that, whenever I get stuck, about any thing.

I got an idea, when I moved back here:  swapped what I was using for office desk and dining room table –solved several problems.  Now the dining room:  has the French bistro table base and long narrow marble top, so there is plenty of room to get around it, yet more surface for dining.  The office “desk” top (–finished wood chopping block) is three inches wider, so plenty of space for keyboard (and elbows, for a change), yet shorter, easier to get to the bookcase, with storage space for files in the 1940’s rolling cart it sits on, originally intended for my 1940’s roaster.  There is Always a Plan B, you just have to think of it, in some different way.  Takes some of the ‘sting’ out of moving…and fun, imagining new ways to put things together… daVine….

* * * * *
Note: Please excuse any errors, smashed paragraphs, etc., this bit of WordPress is temporarily screwy, cannot fix, at the moment.
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