“…so he had his colon checked…”

“…he [If you haven’t read this blog before:  “he” — “Oval Office occupant” –correct title –for person who got inserted into the White House via right-wing pals and toadies sitting on no-longer supreme court, the first time; second time by electronic “vote” machines, via more “votes” than actual registered US voters]
went in to have his colon checked again over the week-end. 
“It was a long procedure and doctors found five polups and removed them.
“Now he knows what it’s like to be invaded.

“Maybe we should send them to find bin Laden.”
David Letterman  July 23, 2007

“…he had his colon checked the over the week-end. 
In the end doctors removed five polups and ten Al Gore ballots.

“Then the surgery was finished and they inserted his head back up his ass.”   

David Letterman  July 24, 2007
NOTE:  This corner of WordPress has been screwy, all month.  Don’t know why, how to fix.  Asked for help, got none.  I can post but not edit –errors, smashed paragraphs, etc. –will be fixed, eventually.  For now I’m just going to publish, several saved up pieces, as is and:  sorry.

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