Pardon? Pardon Me? Republicans: Kiss Your Future Byebye

The President of Vice: doesn’t like people to see his hand inside the dummy, making its mouth move. So he tossed his dummy “Scooter” out the door, to sit at the reporters’ table at lunchtime, whereupon, eventually, he landed on a prosecutor’s doorstep.

The prosecutor doesn’t appear to be a fan of magic, so he inquired –about the workings. Each time the prosecutor asked the dummy a question:  its nose grew. When the dummy’s nose got long enough: the prosecutor, who had seen the movie, many times before and knew something about liars, showed the dummy to a bunch of people armed only with Common Sense and the Law. All twelve said: ‘Yup, a dummy who lies.’

The President of Vice, who has to do his own scooting, since he lost his scooter, scooted into the Oval Office and told the Occupant: ‘un-do it.’  The Occupant, ever-faithful poodle of the President of Vice, said: ‘Okey-Dokey, your scooter is FREE!’

If you scoot for the Republicants:  you had better be a white rat. White rats gorge themselves at the public trough –the corporate trough –on drug-makers –energy producers –on bankers, insurers, Wall Street –on giant media congloms-on-you and oily boys; on deals and checks that wiggle and golf in far off lands. 

If you’re a white rat…
It’s OK –for children of working-class to pound sand in the desert, amid exploding limbs, commrades, tin can transport, with no exit door…while pals “build” things –that “cost” multi-billions on no-bid no-compete contracts, with money borrowed with now-Zero collateral, Good Will, faith, trust.

While toxic sewage, mercury, pollution –crumbling cities –ever-growing gangs, semi-automatic weapons –death by war, poverty, indifference –stolen pension –secret prison destinations on ‘unknown’ jets, awaits everyone else. No pardons for those.

So the shiny white scooter got un-chained from the shackles of Justice –court of law –grand jury –jury of peers –and the President of Vice and his poodle and their dummy went scooting off into Never-Never Land. –Followed by a handful of rats, nipping at their base, because the rats knew: since the core was rotted, it would make good feasting –while they could feast. Because they also knew: the banquet is Over.

So they freed a puppet –a rat, today…. Republicants will forever carry the shame they brought on themselves, on the US.  White rats cannot scoot away from The Judgment to be etched in history books.

When the grandchildren –of children not yet born, Finally pay for hog-frenzy feeding that once was the public’s trust –the US far from debt, humiliation –lies –death caused by the President of Vice, his poodle and the rats: Only THEN will Americans BEGIN to think of casting a vote in the direction of the Republicants.

Until that day: Republicants will reside Not in the House, but in the basement, with the rats.
Badbye, Republi-rats –way not daVine

–Are you listening Democratic Party? Lobbyists write: right-handed and left-handed checks….



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3 responses to “Pardon? Pardon Me? Republicans: Kiss Your Future Byebye

  1. wow, you’re sooooo deep and such an eloquent writer. The metaphors must have taken hours to come up with.

  2. poppy8sd

    Welcome to this corner of WP, “Count.” Thanks (!), but “hours” to write? Nope –I be watch’n no-longer supreme court, et al, since Day One –of twisting ‘blind’ justice into a hot seat for choice of the Oval Office –for Payback to their patrons. This one of the fastest I’ve ever written: up (managed broken puter) only one hour after story broke in my time zone; look at the time stamp.

    All views are welcome here. But be warned: with millions of words available, if you choose obscene ones –prove you haven’t education, respect for self, others, me –your entire comment will be deleted. daVine!

    You have idea –party –position –principle you want to defend? –With ridicule –sarcasm? Would such weak tools sway you? As I said on Morgan’s board: I’m not interested in playing with you; if you want people to take you seriously post serious comments.

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