Since June 12…

If you haven’t followed my little saga: I’ve been living in a hotel suite, high on a hill –for weeks, while Contender for “Dumbest Human on the Planet” repaired my home. –Lived there so long: saw fire at the hotel…boring CNN, Lou Dobbs pretend to do news…fire rage through Hollywood Hills…one-year anniversary of this blog…little bobble-heads & whiners –pretend they know what they’re talking about, on Fox…a swarm of bicyclists, from up north, swoop down over freeway over-pass one 2 am…beautiful moon-rises –in between tedious patches of watching paint dry, literally. –So long I learned to cook, sorta, in the suite’s radiation machine, even blogged results of mac & cheese tasting.

Been away…
Waited so long for my home to be finished:  went apoplexic –diz-gusted –to fury, rage –resignation, calm –arrived at: indifference. I Ceased to Care what was done, what wasn’t –the screw-ups –the OMGs –the HOW is THAT Possibles –to: Fine by me. I ran outta steam to care. Well, I am a recovering perfectionist…. Or maybe the Mental Midget incompetent evil-doer just flipped into: amusing, to me. THAT sort of behavior: usually found only in right wing of right wing ‘Republican’ Party and in Solitary Confinement inhabitants. I do believe nobody That Evil –Stupid ought to be allowed in the street without a sign around his neck –warning he was among the decent.

I would like to be there, though, to see it –when the Universe extracts daVine justice. –Vengeance? –Pain?

* * * * *
Did He Listen
Moving…I said to one of the movers: “Do you know anything about computers?”
He began his life story. It was a “Yes” or “No” question.
So I said: “when you are ready to move the computer find me and I’ll shut it down. Unplug it from the wall and leave the cords plugged into the po” –*Boom* –I didn’t get to say: “power strip.” –Bent on ‘showing’ he knew what he was doing –reached over, yanked the plugs out of the puter…. Gee What a ‘Surprise’ they broke –screws inside the holes, the other “half” in his hand. Hence: few blog posts.

So: why don’t I just get the puter fixed –or get another one?  Ever try walking –getting on a bus –into a taxi –with a computer And a monitor?  Maybe I’ll post more on this later, but I’ll say this much:  The Evil one stole my car. May he rot in hell, soon.

* * * * *
Promptly at 6 PM…
–Cupboards full –furniture still in every room –did it matter? Not to them. Movers all decided: they were “done” –for the day. They piled –18 boxes into the smaller truck, headed off to the hotel….  Jeeze. They did return –seven days later!  Jeeze. Plenty of time for Dumbest Human on the Planet to: steal. He had nice pickens, no thanks to the movers…. He WILL get his, some day…. Don’t you just Hope –there IS a hell –for certain people?

* * * * *
Did He Listen…
Told the mover packing up the kitchen: ‘kitchen tools go in the box for the hotel –ALL, please.’

Did he listen? Without a can opener:  hammer in one hand, flathead screwdriver in the other –slowly…very verry slowly…for every-single-can. Mostly:  I stared at the cans, imagined how the contents tasted. No surprise: between the radiation machine/lack of stove, no can opener, no car to get groceries, stomping up/down hotel’s steep hill: I lost weight. Mostly: my diet became weirdly un-balanced. Whodda thunk it: now I crave broccoli…. Want cherry tomatoes –any green thing –fresh berries. Heck, might even eat dreaded zucchini, hang the allergy.

* * * * *
While I was away…Global Pollution Improved, Slightly: Greening of the Planet
The one doing imitation of a governor, badly, in California has a Favorite nazi. nazi: dropped dead. Yea –one less piece of trash on the planet. In case you haven’t done your homework, fell for his act –not smart enough to give your vote to a qualified person: govenidiot was In Love with nazi kurt waldheim. –How much? “Maria and I just love him –we wanted him at our wedding.” Why didn’t nazi waldheim attend their wedding? The US government wouldn’t let the pond-licking sub-human trash into the country: he was on the “Banned” list. How did guven-thug’s favorite nazi get on the List?

Ah, nazi waldheim didn’t like to talk about it…a once-famous dead actor I once adored –until he talked/made up lies for him –denied that the nazi did anything, you know, anti-social. Too bad. This author SAW the photographs: nazi waldheim –in full nazi costume –surrounded by nazi pals –on the cliffs in Greece. Most people don’t even know: there were any Greek Jewish people –thanks to guventhug’s pals. They rounded up Greek Jewish citizens, gave them a choice: they could jump, get shot or shipped. Most: murdered in death camps. That trash: “pal” of California guventhug.

Imitation governor
–The one who cut a deal with ENRON’s dead Ken Lay, Mike Milkin and current White House occupant to Get Into California’s governor office –so he could save Lay’s ass. –You didn’t mind, did you, that guventhug: screwed California as his ass hit the governor’s chair – “settled” Governor Grey Davis’s suit against ENRON, already in the courts, for $.05 on the dollar and thereby got the suit thrown out. Guventhug: cost California approximately THREE BILLION BUCKS.

That was the suit: on ENRON thugs who shut down California’s power grid “for maintenance” during soaring summer heat –refused to turn electricity back on –until customers—families, singles, elderly, hospitals, single parents, disabled, nursing homes, small-business owners—and the state forked over hundreds of dollars –Every week. Still think he is “cool”? That’s the Same ENRON: that screwed its own employees –out of salary –future pension –existing pension, of long-time employees, too aged to go get jobs to survive… THAT’S the trash guventhug hangs with…Every time I see his grinning stupid thug face on TV: I wish somebody would expose him & the ‘deal’ –or smash his face until he Admits what he did. Let’s see those TV cameras Terminate him. Pure pig, on the hoof. He needs to be strung up by his thumbs….

–Too cowardly to go up against Real competition, That suit WAS the reason he “failed” to get into his Party’s Primary –paid off all the women he attacked –used and abused them then bought their silence –used his wife –and willing Oprah Winfry –and You –all to prevent opposition to getting into the governor chair. Still think he is “cool”?

His daddy belonged to the nazi party; daddy’s pals were nazis and daddy NEVER renounced the nazi party. He didn’t see anything wrong with wanting full-blown nazi at his wedding…. How about you? Still think THAT is a person we should second-guess the founders for –to change the Constitution?

He thinks people are: sheep. –Not voters –Sheep who need a leader to follow. He doesn’t care how, doing what, he wants to “lead the sheep; be a leader for the sheep that aren’t smart enough to think for themselves.”

After you know that Maria Shriver, a Kennedy, and the Euro trash she married was “very fond of (nazi) kurt” –any thing she/he says has any value? If President Kennedy was alive –picture him allowing such trash into the family? These are people to allow any prominent place –anywhere in the US? Still think US Constitution should be changed –foreign-born allowed to hold presidential office?

California “Republican”
–who voted for low-class Euro trash? Then you are a hypocrite. You were all steamed over Bill Clinton –Where was your ‘indignation’ –‘moral outrage’ when Euro-trash was exposed for abusing women –while he was married?

California Hispanic
–who thought he AND you would be “macho” if you voted for him? How “macho” do you feel now –now that you know he doesn’t give a damn about you? Don’t whine about the consequences–things he has said, done against you: next time DO your homework –Educate yourself BEFORE you vote –or don’t vote.

California female
–who thought sexual predator –“sexy”? –You have NO excuse when Eight women were willing to go on record, stand before cameras, file suit. How Many remained silent? –How many were paid off? HOW did Euro-trash Get a reputation in this town –so bad that no matter how badly the job was needed, if he was on the picture: women refused to work with him?

Get it Yet
–nazi-lover Will Say Any Thing –Do Any Thing –to step on you to get some adoration, attention? –Any thing except of course experience, education –hard work –the stuff everybody else has to do to attain anything of value. Still glad you threw away your vote –on someone who doesn’t know squat about actually governing? Still think the US Constitution should be changed? If you said “yes” to any of those: –Go, be in love –steroids, died hair, capped teeth, black heart, nazi core, pimp and all, he’s your “man” –and do Not whine about the consequences and don’t come back here. I don’t write for stupid people.

* * * * *
While I was away…WordPress Gnomes
Busy…they made some changes…I don’t fully understand, technically. I did not do it correctly, so if you have a prob with the feed: lemme know, in Commentsection. Please describe whatever as clearly as possible. I’ll go look for solution. Meant to make it easier for you, but I’m clueless…!

Do you read this blog——via an RSS feed? Do me a favor: tell me, in Comment, and which one.

* * * * *
nazi, II
One night on the “Charlie Rose Show” (–June 23?) the guest was a man who wrote a biography of hitler’s propagandist and “filmmaker” lanie refinstahl (–if you think I care enough to look up correct spelling: you haven’t read this blog before).

In art school I took required course “Film Appreciation” at 4 PM once (–twice?) a week. Not hard to take –free movies –in the afternoon. One day without much explanation the instructor ran the film: “Triumph of the Will.”  It was September, in San Francisco and, in case you don’t know:  warmest month in California —our summer. I hadn’t ever heard of her or the film, knew nothing of its context, way didn’t understand german and it had no sub-titles. If you’ve seen the thing you know: with the goose-stepping, yelling, fist-pounding, marching, weaponry, etc, it goes on and on. So I’m sitting in the back of the class, bored, drowsy watching hitler rant.

I hadn’t ever seen more than few seconds of hitler on film, didn’t know if/what of it would be on the test, so, semi-fascinated, it’s droning –I’m watching but on ‘auto-pilot.’ After a long time –suddenly: I said out-loud –involuntarily “it’s flopped!” The instructor, a filmmaker –turned around –then the entire class and in disbelief said   “what did you say”
I said: “it’s flopped –in the long-shot of the nazi flags.”
The instructor, film still running, said: “ I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Instructor stopped the projector and said “I don’t think so, but I’ll re-wind and run it again and show you”
–To which I heard collective *groan* from classmates. Now I’m edgy, felt his skepticism/disdain, began to feel insecure –but I knew what I saw –or thought I did.

Instructor: “I’ve looked at this film many times; I’ve shown it to dozens of classes over the years –I’ve never seen it and neither has anyone else.”
Another collective *groan* It takes a long time to rewind back to that part, then the Instructor: freezes the film.

Slowly –huge flags rise –music builds –flags appear –*Viola! –there it is: the swastikas: backwards –flopped.

Instructor: “–I’ve never seen it –you are the first person who noticed, the symbols are backwards.”

Why? Why did she do that? It was no surprise to her –that the lowest scum that had ever walked the earth had hired her—after her scheming, self-promotion—to make a film glorifying him. She knew: which way the perverted Indian symbols went. –she shot, edited, screened the thing –thousands of nazis –millions of krouts saw it. –Nobody said anything? Why were the swastikas backwards?

She was still alive when I saw the film. I thought of writing to her, asking. But dismissed the idea –I had no idea where she was, how to get a letter to her –doubted she would tell me the answer even if I could find her. But it bothered me. When the Internet flattened all walls she was 95. I looked to see if I could find her, gave up.

The swastikas appear the right way in every scene but one. She is dead now. Why do you think she did it? Leave your thoughts in “Comments” below.

* * * * *
Did you ever see a dead body –in the street?  I have –twice, most recently only two years ago. It has a profound effect…. Every morning:  people wake up, go outside –20 –70 bodies…Picture seeing –hands bound –some headless –on the street –in the neighborhood –in the allies, beside small shops –neighbors, brothers, uncles, nieces, mothers…in Iraq. Imagine: living with THAT.  –Not Knowing:  you –your family member Next –your child going off to learn –never coming home from school –ever?…. American media:  know all about that. What story do they tell –focus on?

A man got on a plane to go get married. American media: used that to whip sheep –into a frantic frenzy…the man has a disease. Is he contagious? If so: why doesn’t his fiancée, then bride, have it? American media don’t know, don’t care –they “can’t” be bothered to tell you –what the local prostitutes, AKA Local government, are up to –how local schools are educating/failing to ready children for the world –any thing that Matters to your life. –They way got Loads of our airwaves –print space to Focus –on the “cute” fuzzy animal story –on Drivel –on ah-mazingly dumb wannabe Ac-tors –on Crap. Click on FCC website –Complaint page –Speak UP.

If You Don’t Protest: the Crap media ‘delivers’ –DO NOT Whine –when your government has been stolen –your Rights –gone, taken by imperial utterly incompetent uneducated indifferent arrogant ignorant gross pig –the mega-wealthy get ALL that they want –your children go off to wars You didn’t want –while you sit and rock, working your mind:  How you will pay for medical care –for disease you have –now that you & your spouse watched your job get exported to China –surrounded by toxins, lethal fish, produce, pet food –in a world that grows more pollution daily –and American media cranks out More crap on “celebrities” and fake news…. Then: it will be Too Late.

* * * * *
Ah, Bliss…
Home! Finally Really really actually home, broken puter, loads of boxes and all! Eight Weeks –but back…the squirrels…the little garden, cherry tomatoes –Calla lilies –hydrangea growing great…the beautiful old trees…the new pedestal sink…smooth fresh ceilings…doors all weather-stripped …windows all fresh…furnace fixed. Jubilation! –Found the toothbrushes, the lemons, the world’s greatest bread knife –one coffee cup –the remote control –the case of red wine –nice! But: Would pay to know exact location –mouse pad –hair brush –can -bottle opener. –Cash money, really. Well, they have to be in –one of the 106 –97 boxes…but: the shelf top –of the large bookcase???  Hmmm?

If you have a place to come home to:  be grateful. Everything is only possile with: home. –Think about your life –if you didn’t have a roof over it…. If you can:  help someone else have a place to come home to –few things are more important. Mine –daVine –and even better when all the un-packing, decorating –ideas for it done! daVine!   Where is that box of shoes….

* * * * *
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3 responses to “Since June 12…

  1. Kathryn

    Wow I was facinated by your writing. Usually when I happen onto someone’s blog I groan and move on. I learned some things about your gov and knowing someone who lost everything to Enron I need to know more. Also I didn’t know he was thinking president good god save us, now I wonder.. can he get the constitution changed? Jesus the world gets scarrier everyday. Keep up the writing you have a very wonderful gift, and good luck getting your house back to being yours, been there done that. I think we had the same contractor.

  2. Poppy

    Kathryn! You can’t know How much your comments cheer me! First, because this is the only ‘personal’ sort of page I’ve written, in 1 1/4 yrs of the blog. I don’t detail what I eat (!) sort of nonsense, but these were by way of explaining why I *poofed* –so I risked it. (All those things went by –without a way to comment, thanks to Macho Mover, sorta writus interuptus!) Every Single thing packed up –stored –living in a hotel, for weeks, was/is all just –huge.

    Been there/done that: then you are a kindred spirit –know how life-changing/disorienting it is…to Realize objects have become Part of one’s identity…not a good thing. Plus: not to KNOW where the can opener and the mouse-pad is: just rotten mean!

    Secondly, because: I am tech semi-illiterate and while I was ‘away’ WP blog techie Gnomes yanked the readership stats feature (–we don’t have a good/any explanation why they did that, but it’s their ‘house’ and they can do what they want…). Yet I do not know how to add some other version, to replace. Ergo: Clueless if this Blog getting read! Hence (lol) feel as though I am talking to: Myself! (–uh…not my goal!) Which, now, you have graciously informed is not true.

    Thirdly because: I tried to Comment on every website, newspaper link, forum I could find, before first election of Gov. Ahrmpit –tell what was going on –and the money owed to Californians –why Not to vote him in. People did Not listen. I was Stunned: when Ignorant people living in California had somehow figured out How to register to Vote, but not How to Think –for themselves. Now I don’t have to search for places to Comment: I say it here.

    I am sorry for the person you know who lost everything. –They should join with others, to fight for rights. The Universe dealt with Ken Lay –he enjoyed NONE of his lies –plotting –theft. His family –left holding the bag –needs to be SUED until it is empty.

    The Universe is dealing with the Other main character in the plot –every day –exposed in Every newscast, reviled by the World. The others involved: will get the same Justice. That leaves: nazi-lover, sexual predator, abettor…. And me…. If people in this state are Ignorant: I Will inform –rant –Expose.

    Nothing Oprah Winfrey does, now, ever: will Atone for her using OUR airwaves to Help gov. Thug take the governorship. –A rotter who would have watched, grinning, calmly, while his ‘pals’ murdered her, and every one of her race, had they won WW II. SHE is almost worse than he.

    American Constitution will be changed –a foreign-born permitted to be president: over my mangled bloody body. So, I write to inform –on him, and other things going ugly-wrong. I appreciate that you popped in to read. Where did you ‘pop’ in from –which country? You are always welcome here. You made my week!


  3. Saudi Arabia and Libya were the source of about 60 percent of the foreign fighters
    who came to Iraq in the past year to facilitate attacks.

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