“Soprano” Swan Song

The last episode of long-running show “The Sopranos” ran tonight.  Why blog about it –it dosen’t exactly meet the criteria of this blog…

…because…among the things making me angry –fake worthless “debates” of American Democratic and ‘Republican’ “parties” –White House refusal to set pollution reduction levels in agressive act to protect donors –“news” shows that “reported” on it –incompetence of local city agencies –a few other things, the show isn’t on the list…because the next post can’t be finished, yet…because I can.

Thanks to Seriously Stupid Sickkko, my home isn’t habitable, yet, so I am living in a hotel, for weeks.  There is a TV in each room, each connected to a closed cable system, that isn’t very good –if one doesn’t speak Chinese, Japanese, Spanish or want to look at cartoons or Really bad movies.  It also doesn’t work very well –the first nine days it didn’t work at all; once, during a political show that is important to me, the entire system shut down –off line for “reprograming the satelite” nearly an hour; sound is poor on some channels, even at max volume, but it does have the station that aired “The Sopranos.” 

The hotel doesn’t have any TV listing, only happened to find the show while surfing.  I had heard of it, of course, so I watched –or rather I saw bits of it.  The violence –groootesque –hideous –kept the remote handy, I don’t need more nightmares, switched off often; the language, oh sheesh. 

After all the weeks of seeing parts of it, a sense of the characters, I watched the last episode.  Did you?  If you didn’t see it, yet, maybe stop reading, bookmark, return later. 

It was difficult to hear some of the dialogue, switched off when the man got shot at the gas station-car rolling, returned –saw each character –then –The End.  Now, I have to say:  at first –I wasn’t all that Sure –did the stupid cable go out Again THEN???  Ahhh…I got it.

I monitor all the local “news” stations –actually heard two of them “report” on the last episode.  Just Exactly HOW is That an appropriate subject for reporting?  One of them “reported” –supposedly, ‘viewers flooded the station’s website –to complain about the ending.’   Did you?  I don’t get why, the ending –no end, was remarkable:  it was, surprisingly, like a very good book –the best radio shows of another era.  The last show of “The Sopranos” –very little arc –each character shown –continuing on their way, inevitable direction…or not…enough close-up, focus –expectation, set-up for cliche –then –End –allowed you –your imagination, to fill in the spaces, the way the best books do.  HOW can that be bad?  Have cell phones, instant oatmeal –Blackberry –video games, multi-doing –killed your imagination –ability to think, daydream? 

Tony Soprano portrayal –showing a world few know about –respecting your intelligence –Assuming that you Have intelligence –allowing imagination to fill in the blanks:  remarkable, well done.  Where’s the bad?  If you have complaint about the End, need to have all the answers handed to you:  Think –about spending more quiet time Thinking, resurrecting your imagination.  –It’s part of what makes you a unique human.  –Constant noise, staring at fast-moving objects non-stop –a good way to quash imagination. 

“The Sopranos” was a show at a higher level than any other station/ producer has given us credit for, in a long time.  Use your intelligence, imagination –not to complain about the endings we get –but to demand more of local media, of polticians who enable crap –of yourself… daVine….

PS  Before I posted, yes, I wrote to local “news” station and demanded they use OUR airwaves not to report on other shows, movie ticket sales, lost dogs, ambulance chases, but to Report Local NEWS, local government, stuff that matters.  It’s easy to find your local station –and FCC –demand our airwaves be used to give information that matters, not to use you as cannon fodder for their bottom line.  Write.
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