KCET Stupidity: Day 60

Public Television is important in the US.  –Neither panders to “conservative” right wingnuts with drivel nor to bleeding hearts nor to holders of stock, to show a profit –shoving sell-ibrites into News.  Not funded well-enough by Congress, nevertheless presents quality shows of various topics and offer an important news program, nightly.

Important feature of the news:  the most important current stories get splayed –in depth, in background; sometimes opposing views, sometimes genesis of a Bill, an event, an idea.  In other words:  they tell the rest of the story –after headlines on commercial networks.

Major cities in the US have at least one Public Television station; in Los Angeles:  KCET.  Unlucky for Southern California residents:  it’s run by a person too arrogant, ignorant or indifferent –or all three, to care that residents aren’t even off the freeway/home to see the “NewsHour” –at the hour he shoved it to on April 2.  For nearly four years:  PBS news program aired at 7 PM, so the lucky few off the freeway by 6:30 PM could see network news, then see the in-depth stories on KCET.

But the CEO of KCET “decided” all by his little self:  since BBC News airs at 5 PM, supposedly the “NewsHour” should follow at 6 PM, locally. –You want to watch network news then national Public Television news?  Too Bad.  He shoved it –60 days ago, and doesn’t, apparently, give a damn what anybody else, like viewers, supporters –donors want –refuses to put it back.  This Blog:  will not stop complaining –until he does put it back to 7 PM.

KCET already shows itself poorly:  not shy, CEO appears regularly –to beg for money; doesn’t show up:  to listen or to produce much of anything, that matters.

The only home-grown productions –in the “entertainment capital of the world”? 

Life & Times” –a show that finds The most irrelevant things to cover –in between parading their bias –drivel –“in-depth” stories –minutia –every Possible factoid –about a single ethnic group:  Hispanics.  –Politics –local government –significant local events –local environmental stories –meaningful to all?  –Even political rumors, chatter?  Irrelevant.  “Executive” Val Zavala, Hispanic, can’t be bothered, too mundane for her.  –She got a “cultural” grant –from a Hispanic source, so Russians, Greeks, Italians, Persians, Israelis –ethnic groups that speak any of the 137 languages spoken in Los Angeles —not on her radar, she likes to focus on just the one.  So helpful….  So informative…everyone else living in Southern California –should just bleed all over –for one ethnic group.  Ya wanna know what’s Relevant –to your life –to living in Southern California, Too Damn Bad.  Val is on a Mission.

Original programming?  A show that teaches people how to parent.
–Is it any good?  Who knows:  it’s broadcast only in one language –Spanish. You don’t speak Spanish? –You want it in French –Greek –Arabic?  Not On, as the Brits say; Too bad, KCET “executives” don’t care.  –It’s Spanish or the highway.  Reason –for bias towards a non-English language/excluding all others/Not in English?  They don’t say.  Maybe:  only people who speak Spanish only –the only ones who don’t know how to parent?

daVine Remedy –for shoving “NewsHour” to un-watchable time –to pandering to ONE ethnic group –dividing Los Angeles viewers ethnically, ignoring/failing to cover local government:  don’t send them any money –until they change their ways –and their bias.  KCET April

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