Today: One-year anniversary of this blog —daVine Remedy
I found WordPress at the beginning of 2006, but it took a while, after a lot of reading, before signing up because it is a bit more complicated than other blog systems. It took awhile –to figure out how to use it, actually a long while. Fortunately there is a forum with helpful willing volunteers to get answers, and lurking helped. So after a slow start, now that I know how to work it (sorta!): thank you for showing up, returning.

I have a lot to say –about what goes on in Los Angeles, in California, in media, medicine, food, politics, environment. –I can’t even picture running out of things to write. Usually: I wrestle with which topic to blog about. (–Totally silent as a child, always thought I would have a lot to say when I got to be an adult!…)

Your thoughts, comments –always welcome here –supportive or appositive (–is that a word? !), and will always enable/allow, if free of obscene language –hate speech, no matter the viewpoint. I have several blogs, different focus/topics, but try to post here about once every two days, thinking about posting more frequently, though currently having computer & access issues.

I care passionately about certain things, enjoy posting my thoughts, views, opinions –when the mood ‘strikes.’ (–Sometimes: have to wait till perspective tops anger.) You might want to know:
I adhere to classic journalistic standards
Don’t write about things I know nothing about –at least not without stating so
Stick as close to the Truth and to facts –as researched, as humanly possible; sometimes research slows me up from posting as fast as I’d like, if I can’t find a date, a fact, verify something
Generally: I’m angry at the way some things are going, in the world, in the US, in society, in things people are choosing
The saying: “life isn’t supposed to be fair” –leaves me cold; have fumed about injustice –un-fairness, since age 5, not likely to stop
Feel ‘some kind’ of obligation –post about things going ‘off the rails’ –and solution(s) for same, hence the name of this blog.

Feel free to add –do not post spam –WHAT is wrong with Chinese people??? –Do they think Americans are stupid –deprived of drugs –ALL with ‘inadequate’ genitals??? Sheesh. –Between the massive spamming, theft of brands, trademarks and intellectual property, pollution and the other things –International Olympic Committee made a BIG mistake. Well, that’s another post.

You are welcome to link to your own blog here, to something germaine and/or post link of this blog or a page in a bulletin board or a forum. If you want to trade links send me an e-mail: b a y g e l l at
y a h o o –and maybe a line about why/commonality –and a link?

I hope you enjoy the rest of this year –we have seven more de-lish months left –the good ones(!), and the pages in this blog. Bon Appetite!
daVine Remedy

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    Hola faretaste

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