Cheesy Taste Test

If you’ve read this blog lately:  it may have crossed your mind ‘one angry writer’ and ‘sporadic posting.’  Guilty.  If you’re curious:  I am living in a hotel –while a contender for “Dumbest Person on the Planet” repairs my home. –Serious contender, coming up:  week six.  –A person so stupid [pressure soaring, breath in, breath out, slowly…] –well, I’ll write about that some other time. So I’m living in a suite, with a kitchen, sorta.  It has a microwave (hate it) “oven” –no other means of cooking, a fridge, tiny, and a sink. 

I miss my stove…1937 six-burner with a griddle, enamel, heavy -takes three men and an industrial dolly to move.  Everything tastes better….  The microwave doesn’t have “medium” or any other setting, or seconds, only minutes and I don’t know the power of it.  Also don’t know:  how to use it.  –I’ve burnt numerous things –check that, I’ve burnt everything…rock-solid bread…mini bran muffins, now ideal for a golf course….  Sheesh.  Once, too late to call anyone for advice, I nearly put in something wrapped in aluminum foil, but luckily asked the desk clerk before I did it.  Who knew men know how to use a zapper.  So I’m wrestling with it.  I set the clock, hope whatever gets cooked, not singed/coal lumped.  WHY do people have these things –personal radiation machine…sheesh.

When I get fed up with ordering in, I hop over to the grocery store.  I don’t eat flesh, any kind, so without a way to steam -saute -broil -bake -simmer –meals –what to eat, is Work.  After returning from my last market foray for whatever can go in a zapper –a small one, I was surprised to discover:  I had purchased similar kinds of things.  –Not very balanced, but amusing.  So I thought, as a break from the anger, it would be fun to eat on successive evenings and post results.

Up first:  Stuffed Shells

Brand a.) “Celentano Stuffed Shells with Sauce”

Frozen, 14 oz

Six large pasta shells

Ricotta cheese, tomato sauce

Cook:  “medium power 11 to 13 minutes”
The pasta shells were supposed to cook:  longer, but after 10 minutes, seemed to be done, pulled it out and let it cool –long time.
Taste: bleeeth. 
Even stirring the tomato sauce: no taste –no flavor at all, though it looked good, it tasted like it could have been the box it came in.  Since I have a lot on my mind, didn’t care, looked forward to breakfast.

Brand b.) “Amy’s Bowls Stuffed Pasta Shells”
Frozen, 10 oz
Broccoli -organic, ricotta cheese, pasta shells –organic semolina flour, tomato puree, spinach, onions –organic, parmesan cheese, Monterey Jack
Zapable:  “cook on high, 5 minutes”
This one has fewer shells than the first one, but unimportant:  scrumptious.
Even though it’s also frozen, it is loaded with flavor and tastes fresh.  –Even though it cost more for smaller quantity than the first one, I will buy this one again, well worth the price.  With a large salad, like a Caesar, it would be enough for two.
Without a salad or side dish:  enough for one person.

Mac & Cheese
Brand a.) “Spiral Mac ‘N Cheese” Safeway
Box, 5.5 oz
Macaroni, granular and cheddar cheese (orange-colored), no partially hydrogenated anything (trans fat)
Zap:  “on HIGH for 7 to 9 minutes or until water is absorbed”
After 6 minutes:  seemed okay, stirred in butter, little non-fat milk
Taste:  so taste-less I re-read the ingredients to see how it was possible it didn’t have any flavor. 
I had green onions in the fridge, chopped some, fine, tossed those in and got a least a little flavor. 
If the market was handing out these boxes –free, I might take one, but I wouldn’t pay for it again.

Brand b.) “Macaroni & Cheese Dinner” Safeway
Box, 7.25 oz
Macaroni, granular and cheddar cheese (orange-colored); no Trans fats
Zap:  “on HIGH 8 to 10 minutes or until water absorbed”
Taste: oddly, slightly tastier than the other one; also improved by finely chopped green onions; purchase again?  Nope.

So good Mac & cheese?  Two:

1.) Box -ready to make: Trader Joe’s “Mac & Cheese”
Macaroni and Vermont white cheddar cheese
Pasta in boiling water; add butter, milk, cheese powder into saucepan; stir vigorously till blended
Taste: cheese so intense, delish, it’s in a class by itself, shouldn’t be lumped in with other Mac & Cheese brands. 
I always add chopped green onions for even more punch and eye appeal.  Just mouth-watering; outstanding for breakfast.

So if it’s so good, why didn’t I buy it instead?  I don’t have a car, at the moment [grrrrrrr –breathe…] no way to get to TJ’s from here and:  they took it off the shelf a few months ago, “it’s out of stock at the warehouse,” which most likely means: when it returns, price—was $.79 until December, then raised $.10—will be increased, again to probably over $1. and well worth it.  No reason to eat any other brand –not even the so-called organic Mac & Cheese that TJ’s and a few other markets sell.

2.) Home-Made
Pasta, such as attractive pappardelle (wide pasta)
good quality white cheddar, shaved
add bit of butter, few tablespoons of evaporated milk, blend, pour over the pasta. Yummm.
Mushrooms also de-lish in this

Cheddar cheese
Some superb cheeses are now made in the US and imported from many parts of the world.  My favorite: a cheddar imported from Dorset, England, aged 15 months, cows not treated with artificial chemicals –no rBST. Costs around $18. a pound at cheese shops and worth it; Trader Joe’s offers it for around $7. a pound.  A great cheese.  I eat one ounce first thing every morning; quality, filling protein, without any jolt to blood-sugar level.  Too expensive?  Quality in:  quality out. –Would you rather spend money ‘fixing’ your body from disease?  How much medicine can you buy –for $7.?

Cheddar is an acquired taste:  growing up I loathed sharp strong cheese, but now the sharper the better.  Find a cheese that suits you. Harder the cheese: the lower the fat content.

Cows do not give orange milk
In case you don’t know:  cheese should not be/no good reason for any but natural/white.  Orange cheese:  usually colored with dye.  All dye:  toxic. “Small” amount?  No one is watching/ counting “small” amount of toxin in numerous comestibles.  How much of a “small” amount –of all kinds of toxins = disease?  Neither FDA nor any other agency, department, scientist, lab has tested, determined Total amount that will be too much for the body –to fight off cancer, other diseases.  Avoid/don’t consume known toxins.

Cheese colored with turmeric, an orange color spice:  not only not toxic, but consumed every day in India to prevent disease, clear out any toxins; though natural is best, it is fine as a colorant.  Read the label.

Do not buy cheese wrapped in lethal toxin.
In case you don’t know:  stretch/clingy wrap is made with one of the most lethal Man-made toxins ever created, dioxin. Cheese wrapped in it: stretch wrap will change the taste of the cheese.  –That taste difference:  toxin leeching into the cheese.  Cheese shops, good ones, never use.  Don’t use on food –anything that will be consumed.

–Too small an amount of toxin to matter?  WHO is counting how much, added up –in a week, a month, a year –of “small” amount of toxins will equal cancer? 

If you buy pre-wrapped cheese: buy in hard plastic; remove immediately.

Do not refrigerate cheese:  allow to ‘breathe’ at room temp., on a counter away from bright light.

Though I eat cheese only in the morning, it is a fine afternoon snack.  One ounce: about the size of a little finger.  Allow at least 20 minutes, for absorption, before eating additional food.  Bon apetite. Cheese: daVine

  ADDENDUM  The topic is “Taste” so it’s not quite ‘fair’ to insert something I haven’t tasted, but:  too bad.  “Kraft Macaroni & Cheese”  –something for you?   Since there isn’t any notice that the maker is going bankrupt, it’s a safe assumption:  millions buy, eat that.  Good idea?  You decide:  read the label.  If you personally know of a body that “needs” corn syrup –caramel coloring –trans fats –“flavoring” –Man-made chemicals instead of Actual food:  Please post the name, location below, in Comments.  Leave your phone number, scientists will want to talk to you.  If you don’t see a problem with eating such in place of food:  Do Not whine, wail, sob, post on bulletin boards, look for sympathy –when you find out you have a disease.  –Oh, and if you are eating such:  start saving your money –for the deductible, you’re gonna need it.  Kraft =  way not daVine….

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