The Delusional “Debate” Pt II: Ronnie-babe

A bunch of rich white guys, each imagining they are “presidential” material, trouped out to a place few Americans have heard of –to “debate” well, nothing actually. Why?  Why there?

–The Attraction?
What was the ‘draw’?  –Why did the Delusional Ten haul across the country to Simi Valley?  –The weather, the natural beauty, the local architecture?  Naw, the guys hauled butt: for an audition. The casting call? Very specific:  imitate The Leading Man out of Central Casting, of course, Ronnie-babe –AKA Ronald Reagan.

Public Trough, “Republican” Style
After Ronnie-babe left the White House, his office, the Official one, was in an office building in pricey Century City, along with pricey free furniture, free rent, free supplies and a boatload of Secret Service. –Free for him. In case you’re curious:  we forked over $8,000. a MONTH just for rent in that Ivory Tower.  –Even when Ronnie-babe couldn’t get out of bed to read the newspaper anymore, we still foot the bill –for Months. How do I know?  I had a client who owned a business in that tower. Believe it: entering the parking garage would have been hilarious –if it wasn’t stupid extremely annoying disgusting waste of money Mess.

LONG after Ronnie-babe was too gaga to go anywhere:  the Secret Service behaved as though The Russians Were Coming, The Russians Were Coming –on EVERY one who entered.  When it was OBVIOUS he wasn’t gonna use it any more? –Consideration for Common Sense –conservatisim –fiscal responsibility —SHUT the stupid office?  Oh, Hell no –not the Government way, that would have been way too:  Real World.  You –and the guy who stood at a podium “guarding” the hall –all day, didn’t mind the 3/4 million trashed for nothing, didga?  But of course, way not enough.

Ronnie-babe looked around for a place to plop a monument to himself and, since the tab for that was mostly on him –not on us, ‘somehow’ the cost mattered. After he collected enough IOUs, deals, dollars: Simi Valley land was cheap enough, ergo:  actor’s “home.”

Who Cares
Why did the Delusional Ten troupe out to Monument Headquarters?  They went to preen for the prey –to audition –to appease The Widow.  Why?  What would it mean to get Ronnie’s widow to stamp: ‘Ronnie-like’ on a forehead?  What’s it to you –who cares?  In case you think Politics is a spectator sport –you weren’t even in the bleachers watching –weren’t around, I label them ‘Delusional’ because members of the ‘Republican’ party still BELIEVE:  Ronnie the “great” communicator Walked on Water.

‘Republicans’ THINK:  IF they could just find another Ronnie-babe –Wish I May, Wish I Might –they could Capture the US –the World –the Universe –live again in the Sunlight, where Happily Ever After, the pot of gold, the Tooth Fairy and Toto live…All the Bad things would Go Away. What’s wrong with that picture?

One day I wanted to get some answers from a Los Angeles police detective; but only after two days of frustration and button-pushing did I finally got a human on the phone.  I told him whom I was trying to reach, lack of success. In a low voice he said: “my detectives aren’t available, they’re upset.”
He was so melodramatic I started laughing and asked:  ‘why –about what?’
He said: “the president died; most of my detectives are Republicans, they care a lot and they are upset.”
Every day people die –painful death, of hunger –disease –fire –thirst –bullets –knife –flood –want; some who’s birth day was the previous day, some in their prime, many in poverty, most in ignominy.  I regret I did not ask:
~’What do you think Ronald Reagan did for the country?’

~’A person who lived a pampered long life, on the public’s money –Where is the sadness, what did he lack?’

Reality Check
Ronald Reagan:  an ex not very good actor, married twice –second time to first-class Narcissist, a Democrat who joined the ‘Republican’ party –on influence of a father-in-law.  Knowledge –experience in:  international diplomacy, military, economics, science, planning, transportation, weapons? Nope.  Not a wonk, a planner, a strategist, an intellectual.  Expertise in:  Nothing.  But he could hit his mark for the camera and ride a horse.  Hmm… so useful to planning –to solving economic, domestic, international probs.

Considered a lightweight –by media, most Americans, internationally, yet nearly Every American voted for Ronnie-babe, yup, including this author. How did the guy who believed in Tomorrow Land get elected president –by the largest majority of any person in US history?  Why?  People who belong to the ‘Republican’ party Never connect those dots.

Tricky Dick Nixon
…esculated war in Viet Nam –lied about it, spied on reporters & “enemies” –actually committed real crimes –put the country in jeopardy –nearly put US democracy in the trash –disgraced himself, disgraced the office.l

Tricky’s second took the job of Vice seriously:  Spiro Agnew was arrested, tried, convicted and sent to prison for bribery and grand theft.l  

Tricky’s Attorney General was plucked from a “conservative” “respectable” law firm –and eventually from his career:  John Mitchell went to prison.l Wife:  Martha, outspoken not “conservative” unstopable, called late-night radio talk shows, then her insider comments about the White House and the re-election campaign appeared in morning papers; died suddenly –natural death.  You believe in coincidence, right?l

Tricky Dick aides, bagmen, lawyers, burglers, runners, idealists, bums:  high, low –in government, outside –arrested, convicted, sent to prison.l

Dick Nixon:  after illegally using wiretaps, IRS, FBI, CIA, several bagmen, lots of Cubans and suitcases crammed with cash to cover numerous crimes, allowed to walk out of the White House –un-indicted, un-tried –un-convicted.l

–Thanks to the guy Tricky Dick plucked from the Senate to stand in for thug Agnew:  who wound up in the Oval Office –UN-elected. The ‘Republican’ Gerald Ford:  pulled a quiet stinking deal –decided –if you commit a big enough crime and you are white:  you get to go free.l –End of discussion –indictment –justice.l

Après Vous, Le Deluge
After Tricky Dick:  Americans were reeling from what he –Ford –the
‘Republicans’ had done.  People would have taken any any Democrat.l But too disgusted to pay attention –to even vote, our ‘draw’ –a “religious” farmer. Main attraction:  he was not slimey paranoid Tricky Dick.

Thump, Thump
Americans could not afford fuel for heat, Bible-thumper Jimmy Carter said: “put on a sweater.”  Friends frantically searched for friends to wait in gas station lines –during fake oil shortage; he invited –without heads-up notice, Shah to sit out exile in the US; stunned Americans, impotent Jimmy:  could only watch –enraged Iranians storm the embassy, seize Americans; athletes used as cannon fodder –refused to allow to compete in 1980 Olympics in Russia:  he didn’t ‘approve’ of Russia; his Good Ol boys caused scandal.  How bad was president Jimmy?  Interest rate for best borrowers: 23% –no, NOT a typo, even higher rate for everybody else.  Dismissive, rude, stubborn, Jimmy-the-ego-Carter Stunk. –Stunk up foreign policy, economy, domestic management –every thing.  We picked a Match for Tricky Dick –in arrogance and in incompetence.  Jimmy: one giant goober. He “lusted in his heart” for various women –Americans lusted to dump him.l

–Vote For?
Majority of Americans thought:  Ronnie-babe was a buffoon, an old goof, way NOT the sharpest pencil in the box.  So why did we vote for him –a ‘Republican’?  We didn’t.  –We could not get rid of Jimmy and gas station lines fast enough.  We voted FOR:
a non-Satan who could walk & talk –who was not Jimmy-suck-it-up-Carter. ‘Republican’ party members NEVER Get That.

Blogging Bliss
When you hear:  “Ronald Reagan” –you think of?  –The plates he & wifey bought –at $2,000 each because dozens of White House plates weren’t good enough –in the middle of a deep recession?  –The astrologer on staff –who gave them “advice” every day?  –The faux war to “rescue” medical students –weapons traded for hostages, first denied –then Oliver North lied about to Congress –in uniform and under oath?  Ah, the pleasure of blogging:  I get to publish what I have thought –said to every “conservative” when I hear his name.

What Did He Do FOR the US…
One:  A large group of people worked long years and when they got old and tired they retired, lived on their pension. One day they got notice:  the pension was “over” –fini.  Say What?  A corporation bought the company –for its “asset” –fat pile of “cash” –the pension fund; dumped the business, took the cash and split = No more pension checks.  No one had ever heard of doing such a thing.  Frightened, too old to go get jobs or lawyers –they looked to government for help.

Federal agency over-seeing workers’ pensions:  seven members and a chairman charged with oversight and enough power to enforce decisions. Workers’own money –stolen –what did the agency do?  Well Ronnie-babe considered himself a “good” “conservative” –true to the ideology:  passionate about ‘less government.’  –Not less salary –perks –pomp –pleasures for himself and the wifey, of course, just less –for everybody else.  But mandated by federal law, Ronnie couldn’t ‘follow’ his idelology –‘kill’ the agency, so Good old goof-ball did the next “best” thing:  he just refused to name a chairman.  Without a chairman:  the agency could not investigate, generate orders –perform.  TaDa.  Rendered impotent, the pension over-sight agency could enforce:  squat –they couldn’t even meet.

Our Hero
–Stealing –stranding senior adults without their pension?  The immorality –Not on the “conservative” Manifesto.  No agency, department, person could stop it:  the germans took the retirees’cash and went back to germany with it. A&P grocery workers:  left to twist in the wind.  If that was your parents –you?  A corporation steals your pension –theft of your money, government does nothing –a daVine life?

That Was Then, This is Now?
Corporations watched what Ronnie-babe did then they bought enough influence –with Congress, to seal the ‘deal’:  a corporation doesn’t want to meet pension obligations –they dump it on the federal government.  See: Enron.  If your employer dumps:  for every dollar you now have in your pension fund, you will be Lucky to get $.10 –thanks to Congress under-funding, influence-peddling, “conservatives” and hero, Ronnie-babe.  I have yet to meet a “conservative” who remembers.

When I Think of Ronnie…Two:
Reagan flew to Europe, stood in a War Memorial graveyard and laid a wreath on a tombstone –of a nazi.  Even sophisticated Europeans: stunned.

germans –nazis started World War II –caused bottomless grief, destruction, death, misery, torture, medical experiments, murder, pain –on unarmed civilians –grandparents –infants –mothers –whole families –entire world. –NO leader of any country has acted to “honor” such action.  “Great communicator” Ronnie-babe:  no prob “honoring” a nazi.

I watched him do it, with the rest of the world –broadcast live on US television, in real time for the first time (middle of the night, California time).  It was the most shocking disgusting thing I’d ever seen a world leader do, thanks to ‘helpful’ arrangements by that paragon of “conservative” values and lover of germans:  Pat Buchanan, Ronnie “aide.”  I wanted to vomit.  I wept. For the first time ever:  I was ashamed to be an American.

It was called World War II for a reason. Was the “great” communicator surprised at the world-wide outrage?  Nope.  Ronnie-babe:  well-aware of the reaction –even before he did it –news magazines put the story on the cover.  But Ronnie-babe didn’t get why people were not all gooey over him —HE had decided: to honor a nazi –not even the First Narcissist could dissuade –nobody was gonna tell HIM what to do, HE was the president –HE walked on water.  Do “conservatives” remember what Ronnie did?  Ask ’em –especially children of the “Greatest Generation” –who made it Possible for them to be “conservatives.”

“Less” is More???
When “conservative” Ronnie-babe began in office:  248,000 people were employed by the federal government.  By his last day:  475,000 employed.  I have YET to meet a “conservative” who knows that stat.

To watch the fawning bobble-heads do fake journalism on Ronnie-babe during obscenely costly funeral—oh yes, you paid for that also–without even mentioning honoring a nazi –utter indifference to working –middleclass –trading guns for hostages –cutting a deal with Iranians –American hostages not released until Ronnie’s inauguration Day: dizgusting. –“Journalism” at its worst. The next time you get up-close and personal to a “reporter” –a cop –a “conservative” ask:  WHAT did Ronnie-babe Actually DO for the US?

Just in case you think Ronnie “ended” communism–“Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down that wall”–get an education.  IF you believe Ronnie-babe pulled That off:  you are too dumb to go out in public without a minder.  Communism ended because:  “leaders” skimmed –so much, after 70 years there was nothing left to pay the bills –Russians ran out of money –they were dead broke.  –They could not pay for military, weaponry, workers, KGB spies, factories, scientists or any thing else. Ronnie-babe KNEW that, he just used timing to take credit for “demanding” the end of communism.  The goof who made commercials in his previous career wasn’t all dumb.

Sad little right wingnuts
Fantasy:  some magic person Out There –will cause Independents, Democrats, Libertarians –everyone to somehow drop their beliefs and brains –choose some ‘Republican’ goof –again, and rescue them.  That will succeed –if you act like sheep:  fail to register –fall for the hype –’swiftly’ believe TV political ads –vote against Common Interest in favor of “moral” issues. You don’t like the “war” in Iraq?  WHO is to blame –WHO put a “conservative” in the Oval Office?

Conservative Manifesto
“Conservative” wingnuts don’t get it:  they Keep On Looking to Central Casting to fufill their dreams.  A Leading Man?  Americans Know too much to fall for the hype of a “compassionate” –who leaves people stranded in waste water, in bomb-soaked sand –doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground –how to run business or government –hires thugs –honors thugs –cuts quiet deals with thugs –creates photo ops, mouths “tough guy” slogans, takes credit for things un-done.  Endorsement from widow First Narcissist:  will not change what is coming.

We Are Done with pretty boys, bluffs, bias, banners –boiled intel –poisinous patriotic blather –stinking fake journalism.  ‘Daddy’ government –”Patriot” Act of theft –putrid prisons –mid-night raid on rights, privacy, Treasury, people, Habeas corpus?  NO.

Central Casting: CLOSED
We will have Smart Experienced person who KNOWS HOW to get things done –tells the truth –gives a damn –about ALL Americans and about the REAL world –in full color, not in black & white. Ronnie-babe type “hero” imitators and bully boys: need not apply. We can clear brush ourselves, thanks.

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