The Delusional “Debated” in the Desert…Pt I

The ‘Desert’…when it’s hot in the Los Angeles basin, it’s 10 to 15 degrees hotter in Simi Valley, 45 minutes away, and the reverse also true. When I go to visit family members who live there, I am nearly always dressed wrong, for the weather, so I always think of Simi Valley as the ‘desert.’

The ‘Debate’…Ten good old rich white guys each jumped on a private plane, headed for ‘hallowed’ headquarters, put on their best uniform, combed the remaining hair all nice and Debated –what’s best for the country –the whole country? Heck no. They trouped out their best grunt-bites for the Cause. –They auditioned for The Base: 20% –sheep, followers of extreme rigid “religious” ‘leaders,’ to prove they have well and truly memorized the right-wingnut Do’s & Don’ts List, the “conservative” manifesto. They don’t give a damn about the rest of Americans –yet.

The Delusional…the bunch of good ol’ boys, who don’t know where their ego leaves off and the real world begins, preached to the choir –performed their best :10 practice speech –preened for the prey.  They went to Simi Valley, California seeking anointment –from the Widow –hoping to be crowned: Best Imitator. An original thought/sentence between them?

Well, there was one unique revisionist moment: three actually raised their hand —affirmed –they have successfully ignored science, evidence, logic and numerous past teachers –claiming:  Evolution didn’t happen. Hmmm…well they proved they have not evolved…if one of those got elected –science would be outlawed? –Well at least until they caught a disease or a heart attack.

The Corollary
The anti-Evolution anti-Darwin crowd does believe: the Universe just ‘popped up’ –fully formed –five thousand years ago. Once I had the extraordinary luck to receive a gift, when I was a child, from a world-respected Stanford University paleontologist, the father of one of my parent’s friends: he gave me a large white shell with a detailed impression of a starfish on top. The guys who want to re-write history –with their own facts and without evidence, would be way unhappy to know: I have a fossil, nine to ten thousand years old. Poor dears, sorta blows their ‘theories.’ Or: could such evidence get me –and every US scientist and natural history museum curator arrested?

If they get any more power…
Every fossil older than 5,000 years –destroyed? –Every European, Asian, African, South American, Middle Easterner ordered to believe the same ‘theories’ –or get American aid cut off?

Give away your vote –put one of those in the White House: put the US even further behind other countries in math, science, logic –Common Sense.

Who cares?

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not to their own facts” Daniel Patrick Moynihan

CEOs of mega-corporations and religious fanatics want to shove their beliefs –politics –“values” on you, me and the whole country. Ignore facts, bludgeon reality, serve up certitude… Their “facts” don’t pan out –no evidence, correlation to reality –Americans get hated? Just say the “facts” louder and more often: till the reality and the people fade away?

In the part of America –where ALL the rest of us non-wingnuts live, we watched them –twist every institution into a cash-cow for: themselves. They used power

  • slashed money due by the very richest
  • exploded size of federal government
  • made midnight raids on the Treasury, anonymously of course
  • deleted Americans’ rights
  • created imperial presidency
  • used the peoples’ representatives to cut ‘special’ deals that
    enriched pals –patrons –donors who ‘helped’ them get in office
    with contracts, sweetheart deals no others ‘qualified’ for
  • sucked deeply at the public trough

They dragged the country into invasions and arrogance, use ant-eye view of economy while ignoring massive weekly borrowing, growing the debt deep into the future –of grandchildren of children not yet born.

The pals/patrons, oily boys, CEOs who rake in salaries north of $800 million, rave about the Mahvelous economy –while the rest of Americans scramble for a second job and play Beat-the-Clock with bills every month.

GOP –Greedy Obnoxious Poops
Enough Americans believed –the hype, the ad slogan: “Compassionate Conservative” and ‘bought the product.’

After September 11 attack: Americans and all manner of press ‘bought’ the hype and let them do the ‘daddy’ thing. To question their target –Iraq, swiping our rights –“Patriot” Act of Theft, their “facts” or their methods: got you slapped with “not a patriot” and “soft on defense.”

They bullied the facts, bludgeoned the truth; slandered critics and gobbled up mounds of cash from corporations who wanted to swing on their wagon. They silenced all, went golfing and Rolfing through everyone else’s money.

They left every child behind –who wasn’t from well-off parents; the poor & the stranded to wallow in muddy stinking water; as they gave away 38,000 oil leases in national park land.

They cut staff and budget of oversight agencies; demanded auditors look somewhere else, not at pals, while the drug makers, the bankers, the credit-card issuers and the gun makers: donated to the Party and the Party stripped the country –of national assets, national common interest –to line the pockets of the pals. How else does the leading architect of municipal world-wide projects somehow build “structures” in Iraq with sewage leaking from light fixtures, while other pals blow tops off mountains and still more pals blow a whole $16 grand on a ‘fine’ for miners killed in a mine –“equipped” with shoddy crap.

They already had the votes; when they got the power, they were hell-bent on proving: power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

They betrayed their own convictions. Even the wealthiest Americans stood up and said: it is not right that the wealthiest 1% should get their taxes cut when the rest of the country is hurting, the country going bankrupt. The “Party” ignored them and spent the greatest amount in the known history to invade a country NOT involved in attacking this one –for no Good reason, and then spent even more, defending the corruption and the delusion. There could be ‘terrorists’ under your bed, doncha know….

Guaranteed to stink up any government office, agency, department, committee, budget, project, goal –with stupefying avaricious incompetence, mendacious greed, devoid of intellectual thought or logic, utter indifference to homeless, middle -working-class or the storm-ravaged. Conservative? –Bloat government, pillage Treasury –hey, they got theirs, too damn bad for everybody else. THAT is American quality of life?

Can you name even a Single time: Oval Office occupant has acknowledged –most Americans are struggling –the homeless –those working two jobs but can’t make ends meet? He doesn’t have time –between ranting about generals, gays and G-d.

Who cares…
One of the “Republican” Gang of Delusional ten could be: female, Hispanic, black, Greek, Chinese –or a blend, a “moderate” –or a left-of-center fence sitter. They can invent facts, stab with adjectives, ‘warn’ the ‘terrorists’ are coming –beg –raise billions –buy up every available commercial airtime –even get ‘anointed’ by The Widow, It Won’t Make Any Difference. Americans will Trust a “Republican” to sit in the Oval Office: when massive national debt and several decades have passed. Believe It .
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