UPDATE: Next President –of France

People in France:  decided.  France held national election to choose a new president.

85% Solution
From new immigrants, working class, professionals to intellectuals, French voters made their decision. Here’s a good way to start an argument:

People in France are smarter than Americans –more political
–care more about who runs their country

Or: the election in France was held on a day of the week –when the most people could get to the polls to vote? French voters –85% showed up, made their decision –at the week-end. WHY don’t Americans have that?

Republicans –mostly old, grey, white guys, assume: Republican women are home, you know: with plenty of leisure time, like their mothers –fifty years ago, to go out and vote; males: will vote before heading to the office or by absentee ballot. –They don’t WANT to make it easy for anyone else to vote.

Democratic Party leaders: their excuse for NOT moving voting day to maximum convienence for the most people?

Hey, This ISN’T your daddy’s era
It is Time: political parties smarten up –Voting Day: needs to Be Moved. Saturday: Sabbath for Jewish voters, so they would not be allowed to vote. Sunday: Sabbath for Christians, so they would, most likely, be unable or unwilling to vote that day.

This author’s daVine solution: Voting Day should moved to First Saturday AND First Sunday in November. Then: religious and non-religious would have TWO opportunities to vote. —NO Excuse for not getting to the polls –having your say in who runs the leadership, decides war, taxes –who goes, who pays –who gets an education, medical care, place to live –who gets left out.

Ergo: don’t show up at the polls –don’t whine about the results.

If you need incentive to Write Demand your Party leaders change voting Day: French voters turned out in record numbers, 85% of the population –nearly every eligible voter, but the choice got only 53% of the vote. Picture: you couldn’t leave work/class/children in time –to vote on Tuesday and neither could a whole lot of others, so the next occupant of the White House –another smooth-talking, head-patting closet Right-winger….

So, whom did the smart forward-thinking French choose?  Next president of France –the female socialist who wanted change with all residents of France included, Not, but the male hard-right winger –a third-generation immigrant, with plenty of enemies in his own party and a pal in the US White House, the next leader of France…. Why did that happen?

French people want “security” as much as people in any country anywhere. But: Why did progressive French twenty -thirty -fortysomethings, who want to get ahead –want change in work & business, choose the so-called conservative hard-line ‘law & order’ right-winger?

One, Two punch…
Supposedly, it happened because of two things. One: the Party of the progressive candidate was fractured, scattered and not all pulling in the same direction, with the same well-thought out messages. They sabotaged her campaign. Two: the right-wing candidate organized his Party, with disciplined organized meetings –EVERY person on The Same Page –intensely organized –focused, on a single Goal. No one strayed/’went into business for themselves’ as the saying goes. He and his party: met often, constantly closed gaps; consistent messages.

For the French, the next part: another vote on, shortly, on who will represent voters in their Party. The leadership vote is over, but both sides still have another chance. Americans –still have a chance –to choose the Smartest Best-qualified non-ideologue….

Choose wisely:
Democratic Party: http://www.democrats.org/page/s/contact

Green Party: http://www.gp.org/contact.shtml

Independenent Party: http://www.gp.org/contact.shtml

Libertarian Party: http://www.lp.org/cgi-bin/search/exec/search.cgi?search=Contact&perform_search=Go&skin=

Republican Party: http://www.gop.com/ContactUs/


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