Ex CBS Radio Jerk –Liar?

The jerk that used the radio like 6-year olds use the playground at recess got plastered all over public’s airwaves for trying to tarnish female college athletes with gutter names and giggling. His employers reacted when the public reacted –by firing him.

Before he was fired: he went around –every place that would have him, apologizing.

Radio jerk: apologized on the radio, in his own time slot. He apologized, in a lengthy public rebuke, on the program of one of the people who called for public condemnation of him and his language. He accepted responsibility for his words, even with apology to each outraged on-air caller.

Next Imitation ‘man’: went face to face with the athletes he attempted to demean –Up close and personal apology to each.

Fake-man apologized so publicly and often it reached nadir: Oprah jumped on that speeding wagon –she made a ‘meal’ of him on her show. –Hey, she’s got to fill and hour a day, somehow. The public and Oprah was fed up and done with him and his apologies and he was fired, so he slunk away, to wherever weasels of his ilk go to hide.

Now weasel-boy is back –plastered all over the media again, courtesy of a legal beagle-mouthpiece, cuz he wants money. After he blew up his career and made social interaction in the US worse, he wants to be paid –for not working anymore.

EXCUUUUSE me??? What weasel-boy said caused him to run around apologizing for what he said –and what he said got him fired –so why does it warrant getting money?

HE caused his own termination. If he wants to be paid for “balance” of his radio contract: then he did not mean the apology —he lied. If he apologized for what he said, so he could keep his job: he lied. If he had kept his job: he would have been paid. He lost his job: Why should he be paid anyway? –Payment for demeaning others –whether he works or not??? Have it both ways? Perhaps he should have spent a bit of time working on what he put IN his head instead of ON it.

Weasel-boy claims his employer should pay him because: they knew he was “controversial.” What does that have to do with it?

If You know: PLEEESE explain it to this author –just Exactly HOW an employment contract could legally have a clause “requiring” an employee to make racist statements? –A clause demanding sexist comments regarding fifty per cent of the population? –Since it would violate federal, state, city laws, common sense and decency and an insult to everyone’s intelligence: exactly How could such a contract be enforced?

–An employer –anywhere in the world, would Write such stupidity into an employment contract? It is Proof –of rat-boy’s low-level intellect, poor understanding and lack of sophistication that he equates “controversy” with: racist sexist remarks. ‘Neener neener neener’ and giggling doesn’t cut it.

The US should convert to the British form with one party of landowners, one of working people and calling elections at will because it is a superior form of government –a controversial statement. Calling athletes –“whores” –does what for you, me, the US? THAT is the way –to sell cars, soap, cell phones? Derogatory reference to appearance –demeaning name-calling, giggling –doesn’t quite reach “controversial intellectual discourse” level. Even seven-year-olds know: trash hurts. Perhaps we could chip in and pay to ship a dictionary –or a 7-year-old to him.

Weasel-boy deserves: squat –Not attention, airtime, a nickel. He wants to amuse himself calling people names, he can do it at his house, with whomever he can get to come over –not on the public’s airwaves. CBS should NOT give him ANY money –‘quietly’ settle NO thing.

IF rat-boy wants to use our courts, fight to get money for demeaning all of us: CBS should stand their ground and defend itself. I would LIKE to see the judge –who would permit such a case to go forward. –THAT would be a judge who warrants booting off the bench.

If you agree, let’s take the Other side: if CBS pays rat-boy ANY money, then we, Americans, should DEMAND that the FCC yank CBS’s license and boot them off the air. –If not over this, then what –when do we say “Enough”? THAT would teach CBS—and “sponsors” of trash-talk a Real lesson and serve warning to all the other media who ‘don’t have a problem with flinging trash’ at us. That would be daVine.

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