The Next President –of France?

France is about to decide –the next new president will be –the female socialist –the male right-winger?

Does it matter?
What happens in France –will not stay in France, it will affect Europe and the US, the environment, the UN, the world. Most French media, pundits and watchers all say: polls of French voters say the vote is over –the right-winger will be the next president.

I say: not so fast. Pollsters, pundits, political insiders –talk to each other. –None of them: talk to minorities, those in France who rioted two years ago, over lack of jobs –decent housing –fairness –ability to be part of French society, in any way. When the young people stopped rioting, all the car fires doused and cooler heads prevailed: they did something I think few have paid attention to, because minorities, immigrants, don’t ‘count’ in French thinking. Ex rioters –and their parents: registered to vote –in huge numbers.

Every human deserves daVine life
Minorities in France are unemployed –but they aren’t stupid. If You had a medical degree –but the only job you could get was cleaning the bathrooms –of a hospital, would You vote for the candidate who wanted more –of the same –more laws –more rigidity –more prisons –and more dead-life for minorities?

I predict they will decide: no right-winger will look out for them, improve anything, but will use them as an object. I predict: minorities will turn out to vote in numbers significant enough –the socialist will be the next president of France.

The Last Thing the world needs is another right-wingnut, so here’s hoping French voters realize that, before the vote.

NOTE…This morning: I re-read this and realized it gives the impression I support socialism. I won’t back away from a posted opinion –but the position has to be clearer than what I wrote. More Precise: I am against ANY/All ideology. When people vote for a candidate –a person is elected to office because of perception –that the “Rule Book” will be obeyed, everyone is in trouble. Humans Do Not fit into any ideology. They do however fit into prisons. Right-wing –bleeding-hearts –all such conformity is wrong –stupid. The difference between “dumb” and “stupid”: stupid knows better but does it anyway.

Right-wingers want to make laws –for Other people, they don’t want to follow such laws themselves. They hate taxes –but you never hear them whine –when their house is on fire and need firefighters –they want a road up to their front door/to use the same air traffic controllers, military, streetlights as the ‘little’ peeps.

People who are “Republicans” usually get it –either we row the boat in the same direction, or we all drown together. But right-wingers –a separate species, want to control hearts –minds –genital organs of Others, while they see themselves apart from law –until they get caught with their pants around their ankles, fists deeply inserted into Public’s cookie jar. –Then: they want to Change the People who do the prosecuting….

Bleeding-heart left-wingnuts: want everybody else’s money –to go to the non-rich, deserving or not. –International policy –sound economic practices –grinding out workable diplomacy –minutia of governing:  not on their radar. ‘Tax the bastards’ –as banner slogan, we’ve already seen that movie, it way doesn’t work.  –The parent with the seven kids doesn’t “deserve” more of Other People’s money than the parent with five kids.

People who are “Democrats” get it –that the pool, we all contribute to, is for the Common Good, Common Benefit, Protection and for those among us who cannot care for themselves –the abandoned child, the senile, the ravaged, by Man or Nature.  They govern for the most Good for the Most People.

Those who use government –laws, to benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else: Have to go/should not be governing. If my country is attacked: I DON’T want to Loose MY rights, my money, my elected representative.  –I want a Proportional response –from those whose Job it is to protect my country, my fellow citizens, me.  I DON’T want my government twisted –out of shape, so a few figure out how to go off golfing in another country –on money of those who bought ‘good deals’ from lawmakers, while the poorly-educated are engaged in war, poorly thought out and poorly executed.

The Law is supposed to mean: ‘I get the SAME ‘Good Deals’ even if I don’t have the bucks –or NONE get the ‘deals’ –if I am in circumstances where I am unable to take care of myself, I can get some assistance –not wealthy, just some help and war is Last Possible response, not the first, and not on non-attacking countries and way NOT an excuse for stealing Rights.

In France: the right-wingnut, should he be elected, will not, I believe, consider any things other than his ‘playbook’ on every issue, which will cause even more problems for the people who are refused homes, jobs, ability to have ordinary life. The left-wingnut: will be, I believe, more likely to be ‘tempered’ by the governing process, to treat all French citizens the same, before laws of the country; those left out more likely to get rights, the ‘hoarders’ less likely to prevail.

Personally: there was a third way I think the French should have chosen, the Centrist candidate. They didn’t choose him; I think that was a Mistake. Americans still have time –to choose well, wisely…we Can have the Best-Qualified Smartest Non-ideologue lead the US….


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