Public TV KCET Stupidity: Day 30

People who manage, control Public television station KCET for Southern California, channel 28, have evolved with arrogant indifference –to common sense, to viewers, to logic.  Those people Decided:  to shove news to a time –while you are on the freeway, inching home.  Management ‘thinks’ the Right time to air national Public TV  “NewsHour” with Jim Lehr at 6 PM –and they Don’t Care that you aren’t even home yet to watch.

If you have managed to get home by then, you can’t, now, watch network TV news, which runs at the same time.  If those “management” boobs hope viewers, Los Angeles donors –this author –will give up –opposition will melt –forget –their arrogance:  FORGET IT.

If you want to see the news rest of the country saw –before you got home, want KCET to put news BACK –air at 7 PM, have your say, write to

head boob Al  Jerome:

April 2:  Changed the air time of news –to time when majority of viewers cannot see it –running at same time as network stations’ news:  so stupid…so way not daVine

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