Defend Parents –Cut School to Protest?

Got a beef –want to protest a political issue –thinking about cutting school –to go out into the street to protest?  Before you do think about this:

Last year I needed groceries, so I headed to the grocery store on May 1.  For several years I have avoided going a certain way so I could avoid an intersection –always jammed full of pedestrians, crossing against the light, plus idiots who try to turn left –from far right lane –plus morrons who decide to avoid long left turn lane –by stopping short to make a ‘quick’ left, blocking all traffic.  As I approached that intersection –shock.  Instead of going north, I could see –There were no people –no cars –no traffic.  When I got a green light –surprise, I could go through the intersection –no cars in the middle still waiting to turn.  I used the shortest route to the grocery store:  for the first time in years.  The next four miles were the same:  few cars, no stragglers blocking crosswalks or intersections.  Usual walkers and drivers:  all downtown at a protest. 

I thought about that, alot.  For the first time:  I could see –the impact of millions of people pouring into California –Los Angeles, when it was already crowded and what it meant for everyone already living here.

I am a California native.  I’ve watched New Yorkers, Persians, Mexicans pour into already crowded city.  But not until the May 1 2006 Mexican protest did I fully realize the impact of having so many people here –arriving un-expectedly.  That impact changed my thinking.  Now:  I am opposed to people entering this country without documentation –without local government being able to expect and prepare for new people. 

If you are Hispanic and think I am wrong, consider:  just exactly How Much would YOU like it if five –six –eight million people, say Baby Boomers –all decided the Perfect place to live –retire, was Puerta Vallarta and they ALL moved there at the same time? 

Moving in -univited, unexpected has Nothing whatsoever to do with justification or value or contribution or validity or self worth or “rights” or any other reason for moving in.  No place on Earth can take in twelve –thirteen –sixteen MILLION people un-expectedly and not suffer serious consequences.  Proof:  look at Darfur.

YOU feel you have a right to be here –uninvited?  You want to protest –a policy? –Think laws, attitudes, situation –should be changed?  You have EVERY right to say so –to protest –to make your voice heard.  But if you want to change MY mind and those of policy-makers, Do you actually think you CAN do that by:

  • Clogging streets
  • Inconvience me, every one else in Los Angeles –‘make’ us be for you/your cause –by preventing residents from going to appointments, picking up children from school/day care; getting to/from hospital-medical clinic-doctor
  • Making problems for your school, for Los Angeles Police Dept. will be “good” for your cause
  • Costing your school a WHOLE LOT of MONEY

Then you Better THINK some more, because after seeing what LA was like, last year, without you here, proving it again this year will way NOT convince me –anyone else.

You want smaller class size –gym –art –music programs?  You want smarter teachers and more of them?  THINK:  if you walk out of school during class to protest on the streets of Los Angeles –again, Do NOT look for support from me –from thousands of residents, when we see that YOU don’t give a damn about the money it costs schools for you to protest.

You want to make a protest statement protest?    daVine…   
~Organize letter-writing sessions –to Congress, to newspapers, to judges.

~Protest:  AFTER school –with help and in-put of LAPD and of school principle. 

~THINK first. Walk out of school –cost schools money, clog streets,  waste LAPD resources:  DON’T look for support or anything else from residents. We: will be DONE.

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