CNN: What the Hell Happened to It?

I am in a hotel, with cable television.  I don’t have cable at my home so for the first time in about nine –eleven (?) years I turned on CNN.  Where is –news from around the world –the REAL reporters –ACTUAL news?  What is with the pretty bobble-heads?  What the hell happened to CNN? Where is the journalsim –context –balance –whole story –depth –knowledgeable experts? What the hell is going on?

I can’t get a list of which channels are being shown, for a reason that front desk hasn’t explained, so once the TV is on, I’ve been flipping channels, constantly, to see what’s on. CNN “covered” Virginia Tech –dripping emotion, anyone willing to pause on the way to class –for “in depth” interview of state-of-the-moment Feelings. So useful, as though it was Battle of the Bulge –“D Day” –December 7, 1941 –murder of President Kennedy. –It was ALL they broadcast whenever I flipped to it. With that kind of “reporting” why did they bother paying bobble-heads to “anchor” it? A camera on a tripod would have been sufficient. If CNN had done that kind of coverage fall 2002 until March 1, 2003 would US have invaded Iraq?

CNN –so lousy it is actually worse than the “fair and balanced”
thing that sucks up oxygen and public’s airwaves. –At least that mess does not pretend to be presenting news, it’s just hack mush grabbing whatever will appeal to the reptilian brain in the poorly educated. But CNN –once the standard for televised news –from around the world –once. Now: it slings slop and whatever will titilate. Hell, it is so bad, now, it makes paparattzi look decent/tame.

Are you watching CNN? Why? WHAT do you imagine you are getting from it? Whyever would you waste valuable electricity to watch such drivel? Sacred cows…if majority of Americans are watching CNN trash: NO WONDER Americans are getting dumber.

Gawd, at least with Rupert Murrdoch’s tabloid ‘journalism’ –you know all your buttons will be pushed –they slant, craft, edit to appeal to lowest possible instinct.  But CNN isn’t even honest about what it is flinging at the viewer.  WHY are you watching it? 

–Not trash?  Name one story you’ve seen on CNN past six months that informed you –made you smarter –that you couldn’t/didn’t see anywhere else? 

You better Hope next generation that takes over from you –isn’t watching that trash.

If one of those Fat Cats that split a corporation with obscene bloated “severance” pay has any remorse/guilt: use your disgusting-got gains on a new network –that HAS respect for Truth, Journalism, Americans.

Until then, you better Hope:  Congress Listens to FCC recommendation and passes a bill that un-bundles cable channels so viewer can choose which ones they want.  Then:  FIRST to eliminate would be…CNN –way NOT daVine

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