Did You Want to See the News? KCET: Too Bad.

Did you try to get home –in time to see the news on KCET?  The head of KCET:  doesn’t give a damn. 

While you were sitting on the freeway –local PBS station KCET ran
“NewsHour” –at 6 PM –an hour earlier than past six years.  –Oh –you wanted to watch the news?  KCET:  doesn’t give a damn, They Got A Plan.  What’s the “thinking” behind shoving “NewsHour” up an hour –starting Monday April 2? 

For six years “NewsHour” ran at 7 PM, until March 30. Then “Genius” Al Jerome decided:  it would be “better” if news shows were closer together –BBC followed by “NewsHour” –but “better” for whom?  –That “plan” doesn’t work for you –you’re still stuck on the freeway –can’t see any news, now?  –Even if you have gotten home by 6 PM:  you can’t watch network news And “NewsHour” at the SAME time.  KCET:  doesn’t care.

Why did author of The Plan and KCET president Al Jerome do that?  WHEN will “NewsHour” be returned to 7 PM airing?  Care to have a word or twenty, with managers of KCET?  Here ya go: 

                     Scott A. Edelman

Ann Ehringer
Vice Chair
Al Jerome
President & CEO

Office of KCET President  president@kcet.org

 or Comments:  viewerservices@kcet.org

KCET can hardly afford to do stupid things, they barely do any original things at all.  Shoving important good news show to a time when most people in Southern California are still stuck on the freeway trying to get home –way Not daVine

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2 responses to “Did You Want to See the News? KCET: Too Bad.

  1. Hello Poppy :)

    i might be wrong, but it seemed you were pretty upset by my actions, that i did not read your forum thread perhaps, give you credit? Or maybe you thought it was your obligation as an intelligent being to point out how stupid I was. Before posting I was well aware that the topic was not new, i did not write in the forum thinking i had the honor of being first, and before you go deceiving yourself, nothing you have ever written or thought is original or new, you might think that it is, but that is relative and you are really just stuck in the quagmire of thinking that is associated with individuals who believe that as long as they don’t know about it, then it does not exist. For someone who seems so intelligent, I would humbly like to point that out so you might maybe consider re-evaluating this attitude.
    I will be the first to admit that I should have done a complete and thorough search of WP before posting on the forum, but then I am not a perfectionist; there is more to life than that. In fact I could put up a post on my blog on perfectionists and why I think their whole philosophy is flawed but what is the benefit of that other than me trying to rile up inconsequential emotions. If however you would like my thoughts on that subject you can kindly ask, I am always open to someone changing my mind.
    After looking at all the discussions taking place I realized no one was approaching it from a simple layman’s point of view. Most were trying to impress folks with how much they knew about adsense and advertising and laws which was all good. I personally don’t care at all about these few ads, if I wanted to make money with my blog I would pick a different subject to write on and i certainly won’t be writing on WP. I am all for letting another individual make a living and I am happy with the services at WP, but that does not change the facts. Facts I tried to present as objectively as possible, not to promote debate, but state irrefutable facts. Unfortunately my opinions were made for me the second I posted at the forum.
    you might ask then why am I writing to you at all? I think you are a smart person, you’ll figure it out. And please don’t insult me by commenting on my essay page without actually reading my essay, I am proud of it regardless what you think. Next time you are at my blog, look around you might learn a thing or two.

    ps. devine blog is not that boring

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