ABC -CBS -NBC: Biased -anti-Semitic?

December 24 –did you try to watch TV that night? If you turned on a network station your choice: you could have watched people in a building devoted to a religion conduct a religious service –for hours, or watched: nothing. US network TV stations broadcast a religion’s service on December 24 –and nothing else –every year. Why?

If the head of that religion gets a fatal disease: you can Forget finding any kind of thing other than the minutia of EVERY aspect of disease-patient-religion –vast number of hours –non-stop. If the head dies? Don’t even bother turning on network TV –if you are looking for news, entertainment –any other thing –it’s all funeral, all day, all night.

Heads Up
When that community decides to elect another head: Count on networks AND way dumb locals shipping, propping up their main pretty reporter in front of a building –with a microphone in which said “reporter” will drone endless drivel, endless hours. —So useful, informative –instead of news —how locals, feds spent your money –new laws passed –vote on a highway through your community. Just Get yourself a radio, a newspaper, a book, a walk –find news on the Internet, go see people, tackle Things to do list –there won’t be ANY thing Else to see on local, network stations, but funeral, wall-to-wall.

Monday Night
April 3 was the first night of a religious holiday –of another religion.  With Congress out of town, Speaker of The House tiptoeing around the Middle East talking to government leaders The Decider won’t talk to –The Decider hopping mad and hopping around raking in cash and doing to brush what 80% of the country would like to do to him: it’s a slow news week. Broadcast network airtime devoted to that religion –that holiday –the rituals –the food? Together Total airtime equaled: Zip. The nightly news broadcast: not even thirty seconds for a holiday greeting –a graphic before/after Plenty of commercials –Why?

April 4
Second night of religious holiday: Passover, celebrated for eight nights, by followers of Jewish religion in every country around the world, lasts until April 10. How much time did networks devote to coverage? Short shrift from American networks, who can’t even be bothered to Mention the holiday –that commemorates Actual event that happened more than three thousand years ago.

Yet December 25: if you’ve read the book “The Source” you know, is a made-up date –by a royal, more than 1,000 years after the so-called date.

Catholic religion observance of “Easter” –a day invented to appease pagans, yet every network, local station: WILL have time for a greeting, coverage, weather report –airtime, to cover. Why –just the one religion?

Passover –Not mentioned on any network evening news broadcast, while the other religion: gets wall-to-wall coverage –why?

Does broadcast coverage of only one religion in the US have any thing to do with corporations –using networks –to guilt Americans into emptying bank accounts, wallets –which has nothing whatsoever to do with genuine celebration of that holy day? Also Good for networks…no money to be made –out of Passover?

Muslim Holiday
Muslim holy days get extensive network coverage –IF there is blood –gore –violence –controversy –and if they have tape? Otherwise: networks, locals can’t bother.

Buddhist Celebrations
Networks, local stations broadcast –Acknowledge dates significant to Buddhists? Just joking. A thug carrying a semi-automatic would have to show up at a monastery, before any would mention a day important to Buddhists.

If it ain’t Catholic: it ain’t a ‘holy’ day? But: why does ONE religion get wall-to-wall coverage –any/all aspect of whatever? Why does that religion get such coverage, acknowledgment –yet NO Mention: of those whom heads of that religion Harmed –because of it’s hierarchy failures, policies –enabling and continuous employment of “spiritual” advisors –who robbed thousands of childhood –stolen –then abandoned for decades –without admission of guilt or even acknowledgement?

Teflon Pass
Why the hell is that cardinal thug Roger Mahoney ALLOWED Any airtime –about Any thing? He slaps on a pricey robe, a pointy hat: local stations give him a Pass? By his own published e-mail, to his and the Catholic church’s lawyers, admission Mahoney enabled, passed around: a pedophile employee, who posed as a “spiritual” advisor, who raped over 400 children. When threatened with exposure: Mahoney became a down-in-the-gutter thug –paid off the pedophile –bought his silence. Rapist: rests comfortably, in another country. Roger Mahoney: gets all the TV facetime he wants. WHY isn’t Mahoney under arrest? WHY isn’t California Attorney General Brown prosecuting him? WHY doesn’t state legislature: REMOVE staute of limitiations on crimes committed on children?

If the head of a Jewish organization had done such criminal acts: would that person get all the good PR ‘face’ time wanted on local stations? –No criminal prosecution? How about if he was Muslim –head of fire –police –Would you: passively accept judicial indifference –or would you be SCREAMING at elected reps?

WHY isn’t self-confessed enabler Mahoney: BANNED from all local stations? If you ask him: he will run to the nearest hospital –check himself in, to “rest” –until the questions go away.

If protector of pedophiles cardinal Thug is allowed on local stations –why isn’t a head of the group of people to whom he caused harm —on at the same time EVERY time he appears? It’s called “balance” –fairness –something locals stations don’t seem to have the brains, the interest or the pressure to figure out. Or: Catholic religion hierarchy purchased influence?

You Don’t Mind
A woman with a pretty face famous for being famous drops dead: networks use valuable PUBLIC airtime to “report” it ad nausea. –Instead of examining say, how one political party blew a hole in US Treasury so big, children of future grandchildren will still be paying it –without a peep of protest outta you?

Who’s Airwaves
If you watch network NBC: their prettyboy “reporter” just bursts with pride –at the coverage of a flood in New Orleans. Zero Coverage: on then Louisiana Senator Billy –who failed to do A thing –that would have prevented the flood; but Plenty to Increase US Treasury debt hole. “Senator” Billy trotted off to “work” for one of those who will now sup deeply on the public’s trough, Thanks to Billyboy. The Flood is over, the Hole widens, Where’s the coverage?

Only One religion gets coverage, all others don’t exist –on broadcast network TV using the public’s airwaves. Yet They got Plenty of time: to pander –with “news” of severely over-paid under-worked sell-ebrities. –No Time for examining “evidence” –dragging country into invasions –None for collateral damage of those invasions: funerals. –Have you seen even one on TV?

Either: networks acknowledge holy days of ALL religions –or ban coverage of only one. You should tell them that –you get the coverage of YOUR airwaves that you demand. The Next Generation: IS watching….

When networks choose one religion to cover –allow its head that enabled a pedophile –and sell-ebrities to get airtime and treat you like sheep, but you don’t protest: don’t whine when those broadcasters choose war –the next person to be president. –Not daVine (–their link like their news: screwed up)

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