“Sorry” –to Soldiers, April Fool’s?

The Decider decided –to hot-foot it to South America, to see if he could get some  Image-Cleansing –good photo ops –decent ink down there.  It didn’t work out too well, after ignoring South American countries for six years. 

Did The Decider think South Americans don’t read?  –Or did he Hope they don’t.  Ah well…there must be other countries he can go…for a cleansing….

Until he thinks of one, that could Help him: The Decider decided to trot on over to the hospital, where those soldier-type people are hang’n, cuz The Decider is Grateful to ’em.  Now it would just be Nasty, if you’re think’n:  ‘grateful for a second shot –at the Image Cleaning thing.’  But unless they change the “Patriot” Act of Theft, your thoughts: ARE still your own.

The Decider went to hangwith the uniform-type boys cuz he is grateful –to get away from the heat –that his mole stupidly created? The Decider’s mole: that guy he plucked from the pack, sent off to law school, who was supposedto come back a Good Soldier –do what he was told –not lie or at least not get caught at it. But The Mole –can’t obey orders –Not Grateful enough –weak –spineless –Dumb?  Ah well… Congress will prolly sort it out….  Or:  the Decider will decide to boot him –before any more secrets get exposed?

So off he went–with: whoever is still willing to be seen and ACKK –photographed, in public, with him, to the hospital-type place, where they keep the soldier-type folks. 

It wouldn’t be “patriotic” –if you’re thinking: he shudda been think’n cudda spent SOME of those two years, before lobbing Nation’s Guard outta the country, doing supptm ’bout transport –so the soldiers wudda been pertecteded –not get so ingered’…’   –Not going to even one funeral for even One of those he lured and lobbed into harm….  Or:  it’s several WEEKSsince that newspaper –found all that mildew…and stuff where injured soldier-folks were waiting for treatment –put it on the front page…’the red tape type paper snafu ain’t no big deal, Americans don’t read, so they don’t care about that, Whew’  No, that just shudda not been what you were thinking…. 

The Decider Decidedand he did the lobb’n…so off he went, to hand out those purple heart-type thingys, with –photographers –cameras –podium, emblem and toadies and stuff –so it could be a real good see’n.

When The Decider got to the hospital-type place and his folks got all the soldier-folks gathered round, The Decider Decided to say: 


Now if I was you, I’d Think on that.  The Decider Decided to fly OVER New Orleans when they had those ‘flood-type things go’n on.’   When he landed, eventually, he Decider Decided to say: 

‘sorry –we didn’t show up a week sooner –when all you folks were thirsty, hungry, stranded –and mad’

–with full spotlights, cast by suddenly-flown-in generators for the ‘event.’  But gosh, 19 months later, as my once-three-year old sibling used to say:  Sorry’s no better.  What is changed? 

The Decider decided not to think about broke, hungry, stranded, homeless predictions beforethe floods –after –or now.  New Orleans:  a Mess.  Army Corps of ‘engineers’ –still figuring out –which shoe goes on which foot? –His crack crony got a cushy job then he got a pat on the head then he got the heave-ho.  How did New Orleans get any better?

Decider decided to shovel money at New Orleans –then watched as people danced to grab it, not able to see all the strings he got attached to it, while he grabbed the ‘credit.’   New Orleans:  What’s better/changed/ different for The Decider’s “sorry”?

What was The Decider “sorry” about –to the soldiers?  It’s an April Fool’s joke –right?

Iraq:  disastrous mess.  New Orleans: wasteland a Mess.  When does the blood and the mud and the carnage and the oil, land theft end?  How?

Scribes will one day write:

The Decider decided –to be the worst thing that ever happened to the US,

to the world….

daVine Remedy? 
If “sorry” doesn’t cut it for you, you want: end to US aggression on the world, military home, actually GET medical insurance –even if you have illness, respect for nation’s resources –trees -water -mountain tops -rivers, lakes, oceans —nothanded out to pals/used for favors to “biggest” donors –end to corporations using you, country as objects to make money, the daVine remedy? 

2008: a Democrat –ANY Democrat –if you want rights –privacy –balance –fairness –health –sanity Restored. 

“Sorry” –the legs…the arms…feet…hands…eyes…lives…indifference.  New World Order… would that it was joke…. 

The Decider and the President of Vice & co would stop flying over –stop using government meant for all to line their pockets –stop making fake speeches, stop laughing:  if Congress & Speaker Pelosi got a spine and brings Articles of Impeachment to the floor.  Who would be REALLY “sorry” then? 

* * * * *
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