KCET? WHAT Were They Thinking?

Los Angeles Public Television station KCET does irritating, not smart, irrelevant things and now: about to “fix” what is not broken. Why do they do dumb things?

KCET Producer of few original programs. –Why is that, Boston, some 2,000 miles away, produces most PBS programs while KCET in ‘Entertainment Capital’ of the world, produces only a hand-ful of original programs? Ever look at who is on KCET board? Why: aren’t fatcats & studios donating some of those mega-billions to home-base Public TV? Ah, well, the Greedy are…mysterious.

Los Angeles in ‘Good’ Shape
Local Public airwaves were loaded –used: to advertise/pitch proposal that public’s money be used to put 4-year olds in day-care, at public expense, pitched by a 3rd-rate actor-turned “producer” that ran so often it was joyful cessation of pain when it wasn’t aired on every second or third “announcement” hammering us to vote for it. Thank Gawd enough people showed up at the polls, to vote DOWN that bureaucratic boondoggle of incompetence before it went ‘live.’ So who is on the KCET board –that enabled those ads to run, ad nausea?

One of the few home-grown KCET programs: “Life & Times” had, several years ago, a Republican, a Democrat and a reporter as co-hosts. They discussed the week’s events, Los Angeles politics –what politicians up to, each person’s up-take. It was Good, enlightening, relevant, and, yes, important, even when one disagreed with a view, an opinion.

Format shelved
–replaced by the weakest link at KCET: an “executive” producer –who’s sole REAL interest is covering, re-covering, and repeat, whatever is relevant to: a single ethnic group. I know it will be difficult, but Try: guess Which ethnic group is most important to “executive” producer? Oh, yes, she throws the odd spotlight –tosses off the occasional bone, to other ethnic groups –so she can appear “balanced”? Who cares, mostly we get ALL the Everything that Concerns her interest: Hispanics. –Everything, of course, but criticism, balance, depth, or the Whole story –on people who enter the US illegally, then do illegal things, responsible, responsive to no one. Is that biased –unfair? Know any Caucasian gangs?

If a Hispanic gets into a car-crash, two things will usually happen: the driver will disappear; the car will be multi-registered –cross-registered so many times, police unable to determine Who owns the car. Hispanics come here and work hard? Yup, lots do –in illegal ways –you & I don’t get to evade, when it comes to laws. Yet: Most laws since 1980s written as reaction to illegal things Hispanics do –residents, citizens Never even Thought of doing.

Tell the story –of the people who failed to raise their children well, correctly, at all; sucked into gang life –to prey on everyone else, Where are those stories? Estimate: 34,000 to 58,000 are active members of a gang…in Southern California. WHERE is rage from her, that stupid people do stupid things –that get others laid out in the street, covered with a sheet? –Jaw shot off, while still strapped into backseat car seat? Not on Her Radar…. She Wants Pity for?

Can someone explain: WHY Los Angeles CAN’T have a Local program At Least as good as “Real Orange” –that Really covers Orange County? No, I REALLY want to know why we don’t have one.  If the rag that sponsors that show can fund a program that is done that well:  Why isn’t there a sponsor in all of Los Angeles, “Entertainment Capital” of the world, forking over the cash to match it? 

We Get
Maybe The Most Boring waste of time “interviewer” using a microphone probably anywhere in the US, certainly in California. “Executive” producer at KCET slanting news, deep investigative coverage of drivel –politics, local government –MIA. Between the giggling, the lack of homework/incite, balance and the tentative ‘questions’ she ‘poses’ –with fawning giggles, she is just chalk scrapings on a blackboard.

Want to KNOW what’s going on in City Hall –in Fraud Squad Chambers (AKA: City Council) –with Board of Supervisors –at agencies –departments? –HOW they spent your money this week –WHAT they wasted it on –what pet project approved, who’s pet & why –which lobbyists are plodding which halls & why –what is going to be torn down? Think Local Public TV should cover? DON’T be looking at “Life & Times” for those, they can’t be bothered.

Persians live in Southern California than anywhere else outside of Iran. Russian community is so huge, markets stock Russian groceries; bakeries are the Best secret in LA. Who Knows why huge number of Samoans live here? There are more Jewish residents in Southern California than in Israel or in New York. Greeks –French –Chinese –Korean residents in Los Angeles??? NOT on “producer’s” radar, if it ain’t Hispanic, it ain’t Relevant. It DOESN’T make ANY difference, what someone’s heritage is, if we live in the same location, with same local government, laws, politicians. WHY isn’t KCET covering the Town?

–You want to know the back-story on City Hall? Too Damn Bad, She has A Eastcoast Degree –and a grant from some Cultural Affairs who-ha, so if there is a dumb event somewhere in Southern California, She is: all over it. If said dumb event is Hispanic-related: it will be “covered” from Every Possible Angle, ad nausea, cuz there are only about eight –twelve(?) other TV stations in Southern California broadcasting in Spanish, devoted to Hispanic programming and “executive” producer is Hot to do Me Too “producing.”

Hostess with the Leastest
When she isn’t on Roving “Reporter” rounds: ‘Life & Boring’ films people sitting around some cramped table, in somebody’s cramped kitchen, blathering onaboutsomething…it is to riveting as dental work is to desire. –Depth –enlightenment –information –resolution? Oh Paleeese.

The “hostess with” is all dewy and gooey, on topics so boring –I can’t think of even one. Program now so dumb, irrelevant: it’s actually waste of airtime.

Dumb Dumb Dumber
Another program KCET attached to: “CaliforniaConnected” –produced with three additional California PBS stations. The first year of the program: every thing, any thing you could hope to see –about California. Intelligent, lively, political, social, current events. –So good, I actually wrote “Thank You” note to foundation major sponsor. A Discussion Board followed each program, with, usually, the participants of stories just aired, on-line, direct dialogue. Anyone could log-on:  ask their own questions, get details, challenge or debate or just follow the threads, posted in real time. It was just plain Excellent.

How well-done, smart, good was “CaliforniaConnected”?  Politicians actually went on-line and answered questions from Californians. How good? I found my research partner from it.

Then the Second year
The producer (?) –somebody, decided Californians were ‘suddenly’ too dumb to have program of that quality, that level of intelligence. Discussions –programs examining state legislator doings; current events, issues –that affect Californians? They “fixed” it, but good.

Another Waste of Good Air
Significant potential viewers: a KCET-produced program about parenting –ah, but not in English that would be uh, politically Incorrect???  –Try to Guess WHICH non-English language…it is broadcast in, cuz even though Americans speak English, we Want to watch television, at home, in Another language…right?  Especially: if there are only six –nine –12(?) other stations broadcasting in that non-English language…. With far too much cultural ethnic diversity in far-too large a city, what is “wanted” –a program that Could teach how to raise children well –broadcast in only ONE non-English language –to further divide, separate cultures??? –Uh, Why? How divisive…how utterly Stupid.

One of the Dumbest
When KCET is on, hit the “mute” button till program comes on: else you Are going to see an ad –a long ad –for that “rare” commodity: a car –on PUBLIC TV. Cars –banks –insurance –oil –giant ag corporation –latest movie, other crap. KCET discriminates against:  No advertiser, ALL welcomed.  Now so plastered all over the public channel, it’s frequently hard to tell if it’s PUBLIC or network station. But every three months, or sooner, you know it’s Public TV from:  tin-cupping.

What could be even dumber than broadcasting irrelevant programs, in non-English? How about: begging for money? What are those people thinking?

In the 1980s I tried to give KCET an idea, so they wouldn’t have to do on-air begging. I was talking to some arrogant weenie whose goal it was to put me ‘in my place’ –show me how He was smarter. I was easily intimated –then. Today: He is gone, Begging remains. Today: I’m fed up with the ads, the tin-cup rattling –Begging for money on-air, not intimidated, have another idea –to generate revenue –consistently. Tell the idea to the CPB Board? Have you ever looked at the volume of that Board? They would be crashing into each other –-racing to outdo each other with how fast they could shoot down A New Idea –that didn’t come from Them.

Begging for Money, AKA: ‘Pledge Drive” –now takes up best part of a month, one every quarter?  –That’s four months a year; Subtracting all the repeated programs, summer re-runs, PBS is running only about seven months a year. Why? WHY is it so expensive? CPB corp. president is paid so much money –Why? Anyone who cares about Public TV –can’t actually be compensated for that passion. –Why are they paid massive hunks of cash? It ISN’T surgery –life-saving –or war-ending. It’s Just a Job. Just because for-profit greedos who run networks are obscenely over-paid: Does NOT justify over-paying a PBS CEO. The board needs to Get a Grip.

CPB Corp View
Giant American ag corporation responsible for producing gene-modified things, known as Franken-seeds (as in Frankenstein), damaging organic farms with drift from their usually illegal ‘field trials.’ –Cramming tomatoes with genes from fish; combining other genes into plants Nature never intended –to “cure” human diseases, on no evidence or Right to do such things, yet putting All humans at risk, if normal and heritage seeds become infected. –Also responsible for: farmers, in poor nations, damaging their neighbors’ farms, with “seed” that produced only: un-payable debt and no crops –food –way to feed their family. Out of shame: farmers killing themselves. WHO is a terrorist?

–‘Sad’ but nothing to do with you?
THINK on it some More: that same giant ag corp. directly affects you Every Day. Giant wealthy ag corp. has the money to buy, oops, lay out Donation, Every member of Congress. So what? They have plenty-enough ‘left over’ to ‘donate’ to: Oval Office Occupant. –Ya, so? Giant ag corp.: owns you. Exaggeration? One of the very few Smart things Congress has done: voted to direct science community to map every gene in the human body –with the money to pay for it. It was estimated it would take ten years or more to complete the mapping. It was done in only a few years.

Then giant ag corp. applied and Received: Patent on all Human genes. Meaning? If a drug-maker wants to create a new drug that targets a defective gene: “payment” has to be made to giant agriculture corp., AKA: pay-off –ransom. WHY did the Patent morons grant such a patent –work that wasn’t even done by giant ag corp. –work not paid by them, but by public/tax money? Ah…that’s the Question…maybe: the Answer can be found in the “Donation” fund? Last time I checked: US Patent Office, patents, giant ag corp. and others: getting A Serious See-About; not over yet.

To the Baths…
Giant wealthy ag corp. management –wants ‘respectability’ –wants to clean up its image, after all the stink their actions have raised. Where to go for a ‘cleansing’? Aha –Allowed to advertise/slap themselves with ‘perfume’ of “benefactor” on Public Television.  –uhm…WHY? Why is such an actor plastered all over PUBLIC TV?  Giant ag corporation: VILE; they do Evil. WHY does CPB corp. want money from such ilk? –Need that kind of money? If we had Faaar fewer Board members: would PCB Corp. still “need” such an advertiser? If CONGRESS: did their job –public benefit for the public –properly funded Public TV, would American public get such a ‘hosing’ –on Public TV, while vile ag corp. ‘cleans up’ its image/ allowed on Public’s airwaves?

Newest “Bright” Idea into “Repair”
Next on bullet train, KCET decided to “fix” what wasn’t broken –“NewsHour” with Jim Lehr. Now aired locally at 7 PM. That time means: at 6:30 PM I can monitor all three networks, ABC, CBS and only during commercials, NBC. Then: switch to KCET, to get depth/ the rest of the story on the day’s events.

KCET announced:  “NewsHour” will be shifted to 6 PM. –All the day’s news, in-depth –while: you are still on the freeway. How clever. Which pin-brain thought that up? Where is the logic? MOST of LA is Not At Home at 6 PM. WHOM do they imagine will be watching? There are loads of grandparents, nannies and toddlers home then, who will be…underwhelmed. That is the ‘market’ KCET is after, right? How about the Rest of LA residents? On a Dumb scale: this “fix” would have to work hard to get ON the scale. How Stupid, How dumb. “Bright” Idea: begins April 2 –first night of Passover…uh, cool??? Oh ya, Hispanics aren’t Jewish, oh ya, that makes sense, nobody else counts…. Oh but you don’t need to know, cuz you won’t be home to watch. Oh well, it’s fixed.

If you care –to Tell your rep in Congress [opens in same window] to fund Public TV.  –To share your thoughts on plan to inform toddlers, nannies & grandparents only, get stinking corporate ads OFF public’s airwaves: here’s a link …KCET “management” …CPB Corp. management…way NOT daVine

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    Nope, not much sleep! Thanks ever for popping in, you are always welcomed here.

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