Boo Hoo Janice Hahn Voting Woes…

When the “esteemed” babysitter of bureaucracy at LAUSD Jose Huizar (ryhmes with: geezer), used un-informed parents, once-grand Ambassador Hotel and fear to jump –to the Fraud Squad, AKA “City Council”: What did it cost? Read it for yourself here and weep.

Who Picked Up the Tab?
Who paid for the election to replace Huizar on the LAUSD Bored? Actually: YOU. Between the election and now the run-off election: More than a Million bucks, is what you paid. Hmm…how many –textbooks –teachers –after-school –art –music programs could have been bought with a Million+ bucks –instead of an election for the oh-so-caring Huizar?

Well, it’s a moot point, now: “voters” did “deep” research, and their homework, of course –and “decided” the Best use of (–other peoples’) money: was to give it to the school Bored, Millions of bucks worth of bonds –for secret polling, surveys, Romer’s ‘slushy’ fund and TaDa elections. So what’s a mil here or there, to the Bored –to you?

How many parents in the neighborhood of now-trashed Ambassador Hotel–now a toxic waste site, know what Huizar, to APPEAR caring, did –know –what it cost? Maybe: their MALDF lawyers will tell them…or they will hear it through –the grapevine maybe? Ah, well ignorance is bliss in Angle, oops, Angel town.

So I open the mail and there, with a note, is a small article my mother clipped from the newspaper. It seems Fraud Squad member Janice Hahn: went to her polling place to vote. Oops: Janice’s name wasn’t on the voting roster. Oops. It seems since the election was “small” polling places were shifted, combined, moved. Janice didn’t look up the location of her polling place, so poor Janice: if she wanted to vote, had to opt for vote by Provisional Ballot.

“I wonder how many people that happened to, but didn’t know they could still vote, by Provisional Ballot” said Janice Hahn.

Janice Hahn: has HERSELF and her co-worker pals to blame –not the usual polling location –that HER polling place was ‘moved’ –For the low voter turnout –ALL OVER THE CITY. The LAUSD election to replace Bored member Huizar: WHY wasn’t it combined –with Other MAJOR Issues –Put Off until then? WHY? Well, of course: there Must be a Law against doing something Common Sense like that. Excuuuuse Me: Change the Stupid law. WE –the Peeps, pay for those elections. I swear, in the eight years I’ve lived at the same address I’ve voted nine times (–ten times?). Even if it isn’t that many, WHY are we going to a polling place: nearly Every Year?

WHEN: will the Fraud Squad START being responsible, grouping issues into SINGLE election –not more than ONE election every TWO years?

Or: We, the Peeps, Could vote –for the Fraud Squad to pay for every other election after this one…. Oh and by the way: California legislature just voted –to move our Primary Election from June to March back to June–or the other way around? sheesh–and moved it again –to: February next year. So let’s send the tab for that one to LA City Fraud Squad. Hell, with the dough they haul in from from lobbyists and from us, they’re getting $150,000 EACH Plus “expenses” every year, they can afford to pick up an election bill, next time the whim strikes them to have another single-issue election.

So BooHoo for Janice Hahn. Pity for school children, parents, you, me –all residents under jurisdiction of Los Angeles Fraud Squad. Fraud Waste Abuse: rampant in the City of “Angles” –oops “Angels”…NOT daVine

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Care about Iraq war –health of returning soldiers –what Congress is doing? Support newspapers: Buy a local, a national, a subscription. On-line: click on relevant ads. If you don’t support newspapers: they won’t have the resources to look out for us, for democracy.

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