California Lottery: “Broken”?

Did you ever stop for gas and, once you’re at the counter, buy a Lottery ticket?

Do you buy Lottery tickets where you get groceries, every week?

If that stop for gas and Lottery ticket is an Arco gas station: in the history of California Lottery, no one has won with a ticket purchased from an Arco Gas station. Since the millions of tickets sold, not one Mega millions winning ticket from an Arco Gas station. Why is that?

If you buy groceries and Lottery tickets at Vons Grocery chain, you can be sure: you will not get a Mega-millions winner. Why?

How does California Lottery “work”? If the “jackpot” not won for a while and it creeps up to a level where local television “news” considers THAT an appropriate thing –to use valuable airtime to “inform” you, then watch what happens. No winner of a Saturday drawing –announced on local TV. People, who have fooled themselves into believing they are going to win, purchase tickets –starting the next morning. What will happen then? I already KNOW, guaranteed: there is NO REASON to purchase Lottery ticket for the next drawing. The next drawing will have “No lucky winning number was picked in the Wednesday drawing.”

What happens next? Depends on how many foolish people still deluding themselves, how many tickets sell, but there will be a “winner” on the following Saturday. –Or if the greed boys want More: somehow, there will not be a ‘winning’ ticket drawn for two to four Saturdays.

I have been watching the California “Lottery” a long time. What they do is EASY to see. I suspect: the California Lottery ain’t ‘chance.’ –How else to explain no winning ticket has ever come from an Arco gas station or a Vons market, yet they both rake in millions selling tickets….

Up the chain
Why the “managers” of Lottery corporation paid such high salaries? What work is it, to push buttons –on an automated system, at sales locations; let a few ping-pong balls out of a tube? The thing needs techs who can maintain the machines, an accountant to watch/move the money, a few bookkeepers. Period. One of those can make a call to a printer and Done.

Why is the state involved in gambling –in the Lottery? No, really: why? California got ‘pitched’ by private sector, to have a lottery. The pin-brains in Sacramento at the time went for it, that doesn’t make it right. State government has No Business in proffering gambling to its citizens.

The “benefit” of California government having gambling?
The corporation was slurping their chops over the pot of cash they wanted to haul. There was resistance. To ‘sweeten’ the deal: they put up a “reason” to offer gambling. The ‘sweetener’? A portion of the haul collected “goes to schools.” If: California schools have gotten significant piece of the haul over the past several years –WHY are schools still not educating children at least as well as they did before Proposition 13 went into effect? –Educated as well as in 1960s? WHERE has all the money gone?

It’s true, you cannot see a rep from the Union that represents teachers on camera, without hearing moaning/groaning about money/lack of. Why is that? WHY do teachers wind up buying materials for their classes? WHY are there students without books? WHY do principles of schools: call Los Angeles Conservancy to ask for help –for light bulbs –paint, cement, etc. for their schools? WHY –don’t schools have enough money? –Where is the money?

One day at my best friend’s home, seated at table with her parents, husband, several guests for Thanksgiving. Her father asked: What do you think of the Lottery? Several expressed their opinion, mostly enthusiastic, favorable. When he asked me, I told him: I had seen compulsive gambling, up-close and personal, I knew what it could do to people; I thought the state should not be in the business. He was an exceptionally nice person, brilliant, unusual, taught me how to make Hard Sauce; scientist, invented a product that covered the outside of space capsule that went to the moon, so it could return without burning up. I thought it was a philosophical discussion. Though I haven’t changed my view, it still makes me wince: he said under each plate –Lottery tickets. He wanted to treat us. The year: 1984. Lottery had just begun.

So, ever since, Where is the Benefit of California government being ‘in bed’ with a private for-profit corporation offering gambling to citizens? Why has no Arco Gas station, Vons market, others ever had a Mega-million winner?

Solution: I believe new Attorney General Brown and the state Treasurer and auditor should scour Every single piece of paper, donation, deposit, expense of Lottery corporation.

When they’re done finding out how/where it went: they should do the same to the casino sink-holes “owned” by Indians –a few Indians, who are getting fat off misery of lonely people, while they boot large families out of the tribe, pocketing the money the families collected before they were ‘de-listed’ from tribes. There is NOthing spiritual about Indians pushing gambling. California government should not be abetting Indians with gambling.

Indian Politics
All those ads Indians run on local TV in California, using money made off casino gambling, touting the “wonderfulness” of what they’re doing: make me suspicious. Money they lob at California candidates: makes me angry. They want elected representatives to pass laws favorable to them, then they also want to claim they are ‘immune’ from local, state, federal law –that everyone else has to obey. Either: put gambling laws under California law or shut down the gambling halls. Either: forbid Indians from making campaign donations or allow campaign donations and change California law to INCLUDE total regulation, taxation of Indians’ casinos. One OR the other, not immunity, not both ways.

IF California is going to be in the gambling business: the business should be efficient, honest, well-run. –Why no Arco Gas or Vons Market winning ticket? –Schools should be Getting the money supposed to get. Department of Education: should examine money owed/received, where it went, what the school districts & schools did with money received.

Or: California should take over the running of Lottery.
Or: Lottery Business should be put up for bid, some other private for-profit corporation –with NO political connections to elected reps, should run the thing.
Or: California Lottery shut down.

Your thoughts? Send to: California Attorney General Jerry Brown
State Treasurer Bill Lockyer –he could use the exercise
State Auditor

Buy a national and a local newspaper –today. Newspapers are watching government; support them, subscribe so they can keep on looking out for us.

Read newspapers on-line? Click on relevant ads on newspapers on-line –they will earn money. Don’t click on ads that aren’t for you, don’t click an ad more than once –you could loose your connection to the Internet –blocked for click fraud.

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8 responses to “California Lottery: “Broken”?

  1. Jcat2k

    ARCO is a fuel provider. The store-portion of the station that they sell lotto tickets from is called “AM/PM.” In direct conflict with your story, Mega Millions Jackpots has been hit from tickets sold at AM/PM – as well as from other “gasoline stations” such as 7-Eleven, Circle K, Chevron, Fastrip and Shell.

    As far as markets, Ralphs and Albertsons have sold Jackpot tickets – as well as drug stores like Rite-Aid, Sav-on.

    Who knows how many thousands of “non-jackpot” winners these establishments have sold!

    The full list of jackpots can be found and easily verified at the California mega millions web site:

    Verify your facts! ;-)

  2. ted w

    As for the California school system (which is a stretch calling it a system) – it’s dismal performance is not due to the lottery or gambling. It is the fact that politicians and unions are running it. We keep pouring in more and more money and doing less educating! Sounds like you must have had a gambling problem somewhere along the line. What about the fact that a lot of people enjoy gambling – or do you think you and the government (i.e. bunch of politicians) should be telling us what to do for enjoyment? As for the Indian casinos – for too long the government held the tribes down and kept them poor and dependent. Now they have found a way to become independent – GOOD FOR THEM! If I had my way the tribes wouldn’t even need to ask the states for permission for anything – after all the treaties we have bent and ignored. Sounds like you and your shrink should investigate your anger problems.

  3. In Re: to the actual title of this article, My answer would be a yes. Went to my local 7-11 in yucaipa ca on 14th street and the lotto machine was broken. Has been for few days….

  4. Poppy

    Hilarious… I’ve been booted non-stop since before Thanksgiving –when I Could get on-line, but mostly couldn’t, no thanks to a “tech” who isn’t even trying to get up to “Moron”… haven’t even Looked at this blog since… but I do think up headlines –for posts I’d LIKE to write, lol… so far behind it’s making me crazy… finally got on long enough to check the In-box…

    7-11: haven’t EVER heard of a winner drawn from there, so probably No Loss machine is dead.
    Try: a local liquor store –in a lower-rent neighborhood to increase draw chances.
    Thanks for the posts –do check back for other topics. Happy Christmas to you. For New Year: learn to grow some of your own food –2012 gonna be a Bad year….

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