Odds: 1 out of 2, But LA Chose: 1/176 Million

Did you drive –wait in line –make SURE you got YOUR choice? The odds: you had a fifty-fifty chance to GET the one you wanted.

You did NOT choose wisely. HOW do I know? –Do I have a two-way mirror to see your face?  Nope, anyone could SEE what you chose:  you got in your car/on a bus to –somewhere –for one chance out of 176 MILLION.

You COULD have had an outstanding person look out for Los Angeles –for education of children. Election…Lottery…Lottery…voting…hmmm. You spent your time, energy, brains, money –on the Lottery. You –Mayor V…hmmm.  –Los Angeles DID NOT choose wisely.

Will you be on line –carrying a sign –moaning –groaning –about schools in your neighborhood –about children growing up ignorant, unable to Think for themselves? Will it bother you, that the next generation will not receive education even as poor as the education you received?  WHOM do you imagine will be working, paying to keep the country running –when you are finished working? 

You did NOT choose wisely.

The money trashed on Lottery tickets –in a corporation’s open palms?  How much did you waste? –Yup, WASTE, cuz YOU did not win A thing and neither did Los Angeles or schoolchildren.

Huizar??? East LA to Echo Park –re-voted “FOR” the guy who Hasn’t Done Squat, except for making SURE Los Angeles LOST its last important landmark. WHAT do you Imagine…he will ‘contribute’ to Los Angeles, hmmm?

Since the superb David Tokofsky had way More Than Enough –of carpetbagger Roy Romer’s brand of politics, with his sidekick Marlene-the-realtor-Cantor and the other sheep, and decided to leave off representing the District for a second term, what happened?

Did Silver Lake District children –next generation, get –the intelligent creative original smart former teacher, who wanted to get more Education, PE and art into classrooms? –Or did they get the one the union wanted –to maintain/control the status quo, also backed by Mayor V. and Supervisor Knobe?

See, that’s How I KNOW people in Los Angeles don’t Really give a damn: of all the people who Could have Registered to vote –Could have Voted –Could have DONE something to Make A Difference –FOR FREE –you would ALREADY know the election results.

Whom did Silver Lake get? –The enlightened teacher –with a plan to put new schools on CITY-owned land, the one endorsed by David Tokofsky? Naw. The ‘connected’ bureaucrat won. Oh yeah. Mayor V. did NOT choose wisely. But: when she votes to rip down houses, apartment buildings, shops –to put up more schools for declining number of students –whose parents will not be able to find a place to live, you won’t mind, right?

LAUSD board “choice” in Tokofsky’s district? A woman so programmed –rigid –bureaucratic: she ACTUALLY wrote on LAUSD questionnaire (posted on-line) on the Arts, she is “for” the “arts” –IF the “results” of providing art for children can be–wait for it–quantified.

Uh…translation: she’s all for painting, drawing, etc. in schools IF it fits into a box that can be labeled, measured, studied, judged, charted…. Lucky for Davinici he’s dead –ol Mona Lisa might still only be an idea –the world’s grandest things –LA children “inspired” to create –with a bureaucrat ready to pounce, if “art” not “correctly” produced? –Her qualifications –to Decide what is “art” and if/whether created???

Seven –count ’em, 7% bothered to get themselves into voting booth to choose who would see to childrens’ education Vs the number who Made Sure they threw away their money. You –Los Angeles –got in line, to buy Lottery tickets. No, I will not put up all the links showing details, of Southern California election results. No, I will not post Silver Lake new board member’s name. Looking at those once was sickening enough. I am SURE she will be spouting off, in front of cameras, so you can find out her name then.

YOU –didn’t buy any Lottery tickets? Okay, explain –WHERE was your ballot? You could have VOTED –without going to ANY poll –by ABSENTEE BALLOT. You don’t know How to vote by ABSENTEE Ballot? –You know how to get on the Internet –you’re reading this –you Could have looked it up –or you Could have: scrolled down This Page, to look it up.

Two districts: have a do-over, in May. Mayor V. has another shot, at bumping some sheep, getting his choices. Will you choose one of those candidates –or more Lottery tickets? –Or more Ignoring?

New prisons…. When I see –whining, moaning, yapping about the MILLIONS –to spend on junk the new Bored wants, to rip down housing, but not on education, NO sympathy for parents from me.

YOU don’t want –war/more? –Immigrants here illegally –Pollution –high gas price? Too Bad: YOU sent a message to those who run this country, this state, this City. –When you failed to even vote on who runs your own community, You TOLD power: We Are Sheep. –We CAN be manipulated, easily; do whatever to us…. We GOT the government we deserve.

City Council, School Board? You don’t have children –so you don’t care? WHO will be watching out for democracy? WHOM do you imagine will be managing Los Angeles –writing for newspapers –doing surgery after car-crash –running your nursing home?

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