Adults Are in Charge: Credit Card Predators Come Crawling.

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Republicans trade on their image –the perception : conservative and fiscally responsible. While they were being “responsible” and “conservative”: Republican Congress, ignoring Democrats, did more damage to all levels of Americans financially than probably any time since the era that spawned the Great Depression.

Republican-controlled Congress: made it harder to file bankruptcy, blaming filers for ‘poor self-control.’ –When the reality is: most are forced into insolvency, not from spending, but after medical bills wipe out savings, income –everything –many with medical insurance. Congress didn’t care: They helped banks, insurance and credit card companies and of course, the “improverished” drug-making companies –with billions of bucks worth of bait-switch/hidden laws and ginormous lunges at tax-bite heaven –but touted as “benefit” to Americans. Reality: those that ‘helped’ members of Congress with campaign ‘donations’ got ‘Thank You gift’ legislation in return. Duh.

But on the super highway to hell of growing massive debt pothole: Republicans got a giant flat tire.

Diz-gusted with “fiscally responsible” and “conservative” members –Americans gave Republicans the boot, including those out on bail, waiting for trial. Americans didn’t need to wake up and smell the pork fat sizzling –or to wait for a jury, to know who was guilty.

Now: the Adults are in charge. Democratic-controlled Congress has a different view: deal with the predators –NOT the victims. Congress: holding hearings on predatory foul vicious avaricous putrid practices of credit card vampires.

Democrats: Putting the blame –Exactly where it belongs. How the hell is it legal to add fees –charges –penalities that were never even listed in credit application, nevermind explained –anywhere?

As Chief Operators drag their sorry asses up to the Hill to fake-apologize for gouging the life out of Americans, WHY is Congress allowing them to “promise” to “do better”?
The Predators: PASSED their sell-by date –they MISSED the deadline –time’s UP. They have feasted off of those to whom they “extended” credit until they bled them dry, but NOW that Congress is being run by the adults –they want to apologize??? “So Sorry we charged you $7,500. for a $3,200. charge”??? In the words of my once three-year old sibling: “sorry’s no better.” AKA: Too Late. The Vampires are ONLY sorry: for the Exposure –of what they’ve been doing. Congress: NO REASON to wait/see.

A vampire card: should look no different than a tab for dinner. You had this, this, this, add ONE simple amount for interest, line underneath and TaDA: Total. The End. Purchase: $100. worth of stuff, pay the bill = The End. NO trailing –hidden/ extra/ add on/double-triple ANY THING.

Application for Vampire plastic: MUST disclose ALL
–font large enough to read easily
-clear simple English explanation of charge/billing
-NO CHANGES ALLOWED –after the application is approved. Period.
-NO Slop-over: a late payment on Vampire card “A” does NOT permit Vampire “B” to send interest rate skyward. –NOT VAmpire business –if a utility bill OR any OTHER bill is late. NOTHING should be allowed to change –with ANY blood-sucking vampire.

And while I’m at it: Suze Ormand is also on my ‘list.’ –SHE has a voice –why the Hell wasn’t she USING it to scream “Foul” at Vampire thugs —YEARS AGO? “OK to use vampire cards to purchase groceries’ my aarse…. –She’s got the lungs to adonish people to pay off plastic debt –How about admonishing Vampires on Grand Theft –On Usury rates?

My view: only put ’emergency” thing on Vampire plastic –then pay the bill/balance inside the month, or as quickly as possible. Can’t pay the same month? DON’T buy ‘stuff’ –Don’t ask for credit/don’t use plastic. Otherwise: that dinner you ate, last year –paying interest on that dinner still.

Note: if you have a medical/hospital bill that you cannot pay all at once: call the billing department and make arrangement to make payments –BEFORE the bill goes off to a collection agency. If you make payments –that YOU can afford, and do it consistently Every month: there isn’t Thing One that they can do to you. If you can show record of payments, on time, consistent: a judge isn’t going to order you to “pay better/faster”

Congress Hearings – Credit Practices – ABC News
Congress Hearings – Plastic Practices

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3 responses to “Adults Are in Charge: Credit Card Predators Come Crawling.

  1. Great post. Some points I did not even know about.

  2. Poppy

    Thank you for commenting, Fred. If this material helps you: you are the reason I wrote it. Most of the financial ‘advice’ put out comes from those connected to the industtry, which isn’t very helpful –to the public.

    The Democrats in Congress have not done enough, with making banking and credit/loan cards accurate and fair. I think that is because: neither House has a majority and, unfortuneately, both parties need the campaign donations they get from those groups. –Another reason why we Must have public financing of elections.

    It is a rotten practice, banks “decide” that payment mailed late, e.g., to electric company, justifies jacking up the interest rate on Loan cards –the real name of them, some having rates as high as 39%, but at least if the rules are known –ALL of them, one can decide to accept or reject such.

    No matter what the interest rate: call the company and ask for a lower rate. Negotiate. If card issuer refuses to lower the interest rate: tell them you will stop using the card.

    The balance should be paid off in full each month, not ‘ask’ for loan amount –for anything but an emergency, greater than can be managed each month

    Your comment landed in the “spam” file, for some odd reason, and I am ill, hence the delay in retrieving and enabling it. I appreciate you taking the time to comment, means alot. Happy New Year.


  3. Hie, so glad I find out that The government really does care. Thank’s for sharing

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