Stupid Marathon…

No groceries…. Los Angeles Marathon –ran smack into my week-end. –Running to get to??? Thousands of people actually believe: it’s a Good Idea –nobody chasing them –to run –for twenty-six miles –for no reason…. Can somebody PLEASE tell me: If people want to shatter their knees, shins, feet –running on hard surface –Why the hell can’t they run in a circle –in a stadium –on a track –on the sand? WHY can’t they shut down the freeway –run there? Why the hell do they run THROUGH Los Angeles?

Streets shut down. Business –markets –buses –Certified Farmer’s Markets ALL SHUT down because a huge bunch wants to race –for money, trapping the rest of us, making us prisoners –those who didn’t get out in time. WHY? Sheesh, I loath that stupid marathon –every year…. The ONLY thing worse: having the stupid Olympics in Los Angeles, again. PLEASE: NO NO NO. LA Marathon…way not daVine.

tag: Los Angeles Marathon, Los Angeles Olympics bid, running hard surface


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