Los Angeles Children, Money, Future –Your Choice March 6, 2007

Instead of yelling at the TV, fuming with friends, doing a slow burn –it’s your turn: Tuesday March 6, 2007 in Los Angeles . Time to vote for/against: who sits on Los Angeles School Board, who represents you in City Council.

~LAUSD: You’re busy –bored –who sits on the Board doesn’t interest you? Okey dokey, when you want to hire people/someone to work/manage your business, but none of the people you interview can read, have work ethics -understand basics –service -how to think –who will be doing the work? –Make the City function –do the accounting, lawyering, doctoring, engineering, planning, nursing? –You’d rather have your money spent on prisons? Yup, it Matters.

Sadly, David Tokofsky is not running again. Probably tired of wretching –at politics of Marlene Cantor, carpetbagger ex “super” Roy Romer and his followers –who used our money to fly back and forth to Sacramento –file lawsuits, do secret polling with million dollar slush funds. –But not to get smaller class size, more/enough books or better education.

Those people only care about: maintaining stranglehold on their power, while children get dumb, dumber and fatter. –To fight the Mayor, who was, Duh, elected on campaign promise to improve the diz-gusting Mess that is educational system in Los Angeles. Shame on all of them. –Too bad: Romer didn’t drag his followers outta town with him when he left.

Mayor V is supporting some candidates, some people are lobbing heavy chunks of cash at others. I support Mayor V, generally and in many specifics. I’d like to help him with his choices for School Board, but can’t in district where I am. His choice is for: seizing property to build schools. I believe: people in political office can NO LONGER be trusted with eminent domain issues.

One of the reasons I’m angry at LAUSD quislings: they KNOW enrollment has fallen Sharply past two years —expected to fall even more in next decade. Yet: current Board went out and got ANOTHER bond passed in the last election so they could continue building 155 schools –NOT NEEDED.

Watch the LAUSD Board Hearings sometime, on Public Education channel 58. –Listen to residents, business owners Beg the bored not to destroy –to build on vacant lots –to do smarter/better planning. Then watch: –the silver-haired, silver-tongued suits, the massive entrenched LAUSD bureaucracy, trot up to the microphone –justify –“explain” why stupidity Must Prevail. You’ll need airsick bag, at all times.

LAUSD – DISTRICT 5: Bennett S. Kayser
My choice. He is a teacher, as Mr. Tokofsky was, knows first-hand what a mess we have. Opposes taking property for schools.

If he’s willing to take on the fight, sorry Mayor V, your candidate is willing to take homes for schools and she’s got a union backing her. The Teachers Union: Their money, their tactics –harmful –to children, to democracy; the biggest obstacle to quality education we have, in my opinion.

SEE who is running in your LAUSD district: Los Angeles Times Profile of Candidates

From Silver Lake Community Bulletin Board: Notes from Meeting the Candidates

~Los Angeles City Council
Important races. I have opinions…
I want to see Tom Labonge return –to represent District 4, northern part of Silver Lake-Griffith Park, etc. Happily: no one was dumb enough to run against him.

I am passionate about only one race: one person running for City Council doesn’t belong there. That person used his position to manipulate, instill fear –voted to destroy last important landmark in Los Angeles –for his own personal gain. If you are in his district and you vote for José Huizar then: you will reward him for tricking you –using you –disrespecting you. Are you a follower? –Can’t think for yourself?

If it wasn’t for Huizar (rhymes with “geezer”): the Ambassador Hotel would still be here –ready to be turned into a unique starring kind of school, where teachers could have lived, school guests stayed, condos for low-income neighborhood families and a school. Now: we’re so lucky –a brand new motel-looking load of pricey junk, where the classic 1929 graceful Art Deco hotel once stood.

–Instead, large pile of rubble, sitting on TaDa: toxic waste. –Oh, you didn’t know –the EIR “somehow” didn’t mention the land –the toxins under the Ambassador hotel? Gee…wonder how that got left out of the ‘extensive’ Report we paid for….. Motel architecture, so…inspiring…. Who needs marble –wrought iron –curved stairways, elegant polished metal elevators, old World details –Oh, that’s right: the people who sit on the LA School Board, who built themselves a marble-encrusted luxury office tower/monument to their egos –with OUR money.

Improve quality of education? –Every thing humanly possible to get? Huizar couldn’t be bothered…he had agenda. He used schoolchildren, and their parents, to get into City Council. Now: He doesn’t want to earn a living –he wants a cushy job –manipulating you, again. –Are you going to reward him? Maybe you think you aren’t entitled to anyone better? Then at least have compassion for the rest of us in Los Angeles: Vote for anyone but NOT Huizar.

Los Angeles City Council, all races in Southern Califiornia: here and look up your Polling location

Disagree with my opinions? Only my views matter –unless you Vote March 6, 2007.

Politics in Southern California races

Care about what’s going on –Oval Office –Congress –Sacramento –City Hall –your neighborhood? Care about democracy –right, left, center politics? TV media: panders, treats Americans as stupid, as cash-cows. Only newspapers make democracy work: if we don’t support them –they can’t tell us what is going on. Only “Washington Post” stories made White House & Pentagoons change their ways, deal with mess of Iraq war, wounded soldiers’ medical treatment.

Subscribe to a newspaper This Week –any newspaper. Buy a local newspaper: tomorrow. Read them on-line? FIND the ads that are relevant to you: click on the ads –newspaper will earn money for each click. News, Investigative journalsim is not free.

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