Orange -Avacado Price –Wow.

Out since morning, caught in the rain, too tired to slog over to Trader Joe’s, but after house-bound from the wicked cold –out of nearly everything, I stopped for groceries on the way home, for the first time since New Year’s Eve. Either the CEO doesn’t keep up with news –or somebody is into recreational drugs. At Von’s on 3rd & Vermont: loaded with produce, in beautiful condition –and they’re having a sale??? Ice-doused produce hasn’t hit the market yet?
oranges – $.39 a pound
avacado 10 for $10. ???
lemon – 2/$1.00

I snatched up the Haas and another bargain: Mandarin oranges, but left the lemons (–being a California native, with trees everywhere, I just can’t make myself pay for lemons; maybe I’ll get lucky with my neighbor down the street, her tree is loaded.) Also: pineapple –fresh and canned. We won’t see these prices again, probably, for two years. Some things are too expensive/not as good as TJs, like tomatoes, English cucumber, butter & other dairy way too expensive. But they have green onion, yellow & red onion at good price and available in quantity wanted, not bundled, same for several varities of lettuce. Nothing was damaged or frost-bitten; I wouldn’t care if it was, sheesh, it’s January, who cares how it looks.

Several other things on sale also, mostly staples. I’m fairly certain the other Von’s stores, like the one at Sunset Bl & Hillhurst, will have the same sales. The sale price is for the Von’s card; if you don’t have one: fill out an app on the spot, don’t use your real SS#, make up one –to protect your ID, they’ll give you a card and you will get the lower price.

If you’re tired of grapefruit (I am), then scoot into the market pronto. –I wouldn’t wait till the week-end. What a deal. (You might want to wear your most comfortable shoes, if you’re doing a full shopping: the floors have been striped, prepped for new wood floors, and it’s tiring walking on concrete.)

Dinner Idea, from a PBS cooking show:
Buy pita –whole wheat, use to make individual pizzas. –That’s a two-second prep and into the oven. Thought it was so cool I bought some today.
Tomato paste (or sauce), grated cheese, onion slices, olives, sprinkled with minced garlic, couple leaves of oregano and into the oven. That’s faster/better than mass-made pit-stop stuff; healthier & tastier too. Bon Apetite.

tag: oranges, avacado, lemon, fresh produce, ice-damaged produce, snow ice in Los Angeles winter 2007, groceries in January, fast dinner idea, whole wheat pita pizza, home made vs mass-made fast food

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