KTLA Rose Parade –UPDATE –Boycott Advertisers

UPDATE: looking for Why Stephanie Edwards wasn’t doing the Tournament of Roses Parade, on KTLA? Then you remember…last year, not in the booth, but shoved out in the bleachers, in the rain. Real nice.

Following is list of corporations that helped/didn’t
‘see any prob’ with an old bore and a dumb frump hosting, ignoring the treatment of Stephanie Edwards. These buzzards want your money, don’t care how they get or about any thing else, they advertised on KTLA. If you want to send them a message or boycott their junk:

-IHop –to get a bigger belly
-Lindora Weight –pancake suck-er
-McDonald’s –ground-cow grease palace
-Weinershnitzle –hotdog parts
-Goodyear tires –for over-priced wheels
-Sit & Sleep –for those too dumb to figure out where to get good-priced mattress
-Farmer’s Insurance –until you have a claim
-Living Spaces –knock-off furniture
-Morongo Gambling –enough said
-Jenny Craig –$ per pound
-Sylvan Learning
-car: german-owned Chrysler –pretending to be American
-car –guaranteed to breakdown: Ford
-24-Hour Fitness –flab pit
-movie: “The Holiday” –plot-less sappiness loaded with aspartame
-movie: “Pursuit of Happiness” –all packaged up
-First Five lectures
-Time-Warner “Cable” –under class-action suit for cable incompetence

To send a message to KTLA:
KTLA General Manager Vinnie Malcolm is the head weenie. Ask him his age –or about his wrinkles, thinning hair, expanding belly, lack of journalism ethics –to see if he’s qualified to keep his job.

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