Rose Parade: Anti-Semite + Dumpy Dummy + Pandering = KTLA

Watching the Rose Parade, even to people who don’t like parades (moi), is a special thing, a celebration, the way most Americans know it’s the first day of the New Year. –Brunch, Mimosas and Parade, while dressed in jammies. For more than twenty years the reason to watch the Rose Parade on TV station KTLA: funny, charming, sharp, quick, intelligent, delightful Stephanie Edwards , without any sappiness. She’s good fun. She gives the feeling she’s a terrific guest at a party.

This year the corporation that now owns KTLA Channel 5, Tribune Corp., is in a lot of trouble, in several ways, and busy shredding LOS ANGELES TIMES and using our air waves to extract bucks –in any way, and without ethics, class, taste or sophistication.

Tribune Corp Weenies Decided
A dummy who can pronounce words in Spanish is more important than the rest of us enjoying Stephanie Edwards. Proof? Last year the sleezeballs, absolutely No Doubt white males (who fear their penis is tiny?), who run KTLA/Tribune Corp., shoved Ms. Edwards out into the bleachers, in the pouring rain, to ‘cover’ the Parade while the aging white male anti-Semite Bore and the Taco Princess sat in the booth, remarking on how wet she got.

How Desperate Tribune Corp?
To get you to watch the Rose Parade, they will be pandering, they don’t care how much, throwing up: an old passé nearly illiterate anti-Semite–see documentary: “Roger & Me”–has-been, again, but paired with a dumb frump. Her claim to fame? If someone else is talking: she cuts them off/ interrupts loudly, injecting some inane banality (she single-handedly made the morning weekly broadcast utterly un-watchable) and can almost pronounce words in Spanish correctly. –So very valuable –to mostly Anglo audience, who don’t give a damn, especially since there are at Least five stations broadcasting in Spanish in Southern California.

The only reason to tolerate the old talent-less Bore, after he told an anti-Semitic “joke” on camera, was the delightful Stephanie Edwards. Otherwise: there wasn’t any reason to watch the Tournament of Roses Parade on KTLA. The whoring Tribune weenies don’t get that. They think: using a dumpy unsophisticated crude loudmouth with an accent is an “asset” –to Hispanics –and she is if the goal is to pander to people who predominately speak Spanish. Would they be shoving such a dim-bulb at us if thousands/ millions of French-speaking people were pouring into LA?

What If It Was You
If you think competent women have a right to keep a job, no matter what age, while wrinkled old boring males pushing eighty don’t get booted even if they tell stinking “jokes” –and fed up with the pandering, at least one time out of an entire year: don’t reward the Tribune Corp. weasels. Send advertisers a message —don’t watch KTLA /Channel 5 –for the Rose Parade or skip it for the entire year. Just delete #5 from your remote, you won’t miss a thing that matters. Lots of others using our airwaves will show the Rose Parade –without pandering or manipulation. Boycott KTLA Channel 5. It will be a fresh way to start the year.

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