NOW Do YOU Get Bottom-Feeding Fox?

If you voted 1st and/or 2nd time for hump sitting in Sacramento governor’s office: you voted for nazi-loving sexual predator who hasn’t got education, experience, knowledge to govern a thing, including his penis; fond of hitler, molesting women and nazi kurt waldheim (who was in Greece in WW II when Greek Jews were rounded up, shot, shipped or pushed over cliffs); he views people as sheep –that need to be ruled; he will do, say utterly any thing to attain his goal: to rule over sheep. If you helped him: likely you are too dumb and/or lazy to vote, or to appreciate content of this blog, and you failed in your obligation to everyone else to choose wisely. Freedom isn’t free –you need to do your homework or stop voting.

pulled “interview” of narcisstic thug found guilty in civil suit of murder of his wife and waiter Ron Goldman. But: why?

WHY did they “need” outrage –from public, their own affiliates, various employees “before” figuring out: he is a loser and so was the “deal”?

Fox made the deal –paid the thug –‘found’ a willing editor –set the schedule –announced the deal ON THE EXPECTATION of making money on it. Met with outrage and disgust: THEN came “apology” –THEN it was pulled. What does that tell you? ALL of that should tell you: there is NO LINE he/FOX won’t cross.

All day long, every day they pander to working class people –they think aren’t too bright. WHY did they Pay the thug? Why pay HIM –directly? WHY didn’t they mail the check to the Brown/Goldman settlement and let the thug spin for the money? Duh, cuz Rupert/Fox HAVE NO CLASS, BRAINS, ETHICS or reporter standards??? Gee.

ALL those people shown ‘hang’n” with the thug in the video another pimp is trying to sell SHOULD also know: thug should get ostracized –NOBODY should be spending ANY time with that creep. NO club, NO golf coarse –NOBODY anywhere should serve him, take his business –have any thing to do with him, not even his dry-cleaning or a drive-thru burger. Silence is HOW you punish a narcissist. –Make him invisible. He would hate THAT.

Rupert Mud Thought: he could scrape some more dough off the public by airing that trash –so he went for it. Don’t you get it? IF the public went for it/was silent: HE WOULD STILL BE PLANNING to air it. What does that tell you about “fair” “balanced” version of their “news”?

Boycott Fox everything/anything they fling at the public. They are just whoring with their pimp.

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