LA, You: Paid Eric Garcetti $149,900 –Now He Wants Measure R

Did you know –that you paid Eric Garcetti all that money last year –the year before and two years before that, and you paid for his car, his gas –an office, staff, supplies –and don’t forget, his Expenses? Now: He wants MORE.

What did you get for the money? Well…if you call his office and ask for help with a City-related prob: his staff is ALWAYS on “Learn” mode, so you ain’t gonna get squat. –Oh, but you will get: an answering machine –cuz they are in “meetings” –learning How to Do stuff. You don’t know Los Angeles City Councilman Eric Garcetti –you don’t live in his district? That’s OK, you paid him anyway.

Janice Hahn, sister of ex Mayor Dufus Hahn, of San Pedro, who somehow can’t figure out how to clean up filthy port pollution in San Pedro –not any, her entire term, but wants More –and More than $150,000 a year plus all expenses
Bernard Parks, fired ex Police Chief, who is busy spending our money running around the country begging for a sports team, but dosen’t have time to improve education in his district’s neighborhoods; also views his all-expenses-paid trip on taxpayers is somehow inadequate, also voted to get three cracks at public ‘pinata’ and life-time pension
Jack Weiss –the “genius” who outlawed smoking at the beach, beach NOT his district, instead of “outlawing” litter, cuz, DUH, there aren’t any cops to police his “brilliant” law, good little follower of the crowd
José Huizar got a nice bump in pay –when he used his vote on LAUSD board, at $24,000 a year, to rip down Ambassador Hotel to “help” low-income parents, who just wanted a school, so he could look like he was helping them. –and Gee, it worked –he used that vote to hop on over to City Council and to $150,000 a year to “represent” somebody…oops, hole that used to be Ambassador Hotel, toxic…and you paid All expenses for ten others.

How? Remember all those parking tickets you got –your city, sales and state taxes and all those fees? Yup, you paid/15 members of the City Council got it.

Oh and in case you haven’t heard because you are busy trying to pay your rent: they jacked up your costs added $200 bucks a year onto your DWP/trash bill. –They shoved it through: by claiming it will go for more cops. –Except: they larded the mess with LOTS more than they “need” and $50 MILLION of the money they will yank out of you: well, They will decide how to spend that.

Now: a bunch of businesses got together with these Council members and put this “Measure R” on your ballot. It’s clever too, they put a whole lot of “carrots” in there so you won’t notice: they already earned Highest paid “legislators” in the country status, and $50,000 bucks a YEAR more than CA state Legislature representatives, but they got no pension –and they want one —for Life –on our tab.

These people: SO GREEDY –this “measure” so DIZ-gusting, they were SO Looking out for themselves, the two best people we have in Los Angeles government –Mayor V and Laura Chick, Controller, were NOT included in their Plan to extend Term Limits. ONLY City Council would get THREE terms. They did NOT ask communities –residents –Neighborhood Council Boards –your neighbors –Nobody, but their lobbyist pals and some businesses –they just shoved it onto the Ballot.

Now that you know: Neighborhood Councils Say

VOTE NO “Measure R”

–and if you don’t: Don’t whine or look to your City Councilmember when you get Parking Tickets BEFORE the meter runs out. THEY won’t Care, THEY won’t help you. City Councilmembers: on a Mission for Money. Vote “NO” on Measure R –as many times as possible.

You might want to Bookmark this Post for the future: All these people want LOOONG careers in politics and No Doubt, want to be “Mayor” some day.

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