Fed Up w/Ads: Calif Propositions –“Yes” Only on FOUR

If you haven’t done your homework on Propositions yet, for November 2006 election –haven’t voted yet –PLENTY fed up with political ads:
The Answer on the Propositions is “NO” –except for four

Prop 87: OilYou need to know: oil companies pay a tax to each state where they pull out oil –except California. FORGET whatever the ads say. 1st – Everybody pays taxes, oil companies should pay California. Period
2nd – states what they will do with the tax collected, usually it’s not spelled out so well. Go with that.
Oil companies have spent over $100 MILLION to fight this. –Where did they get the money? –From us, from jacking up the price of gas. Now: they are trying to protect their game. Shame on them. Prop 87: “YES”

Prop 89: Clean Elections
–Nurses did us, California voters, a HUGE favor. Nurses got pushed around by California governor Arnold. Nurses put together the money for this proposition: no more special interest –big corporation –wealthy developers, putting up money to get what they want/influencing elections. Public funds, public clean elections like Arizona. Thank you, nurses. Prop. 89 “YES”

Prop 1A Legislature keep their paws off of money marked for transportation: “YES”

Prop 1E Sell bonds to pay for levees, protect from flood

All the other Propositions: “NO”
If you vote for ANY of the others: you WILL ruin California life. Believe it.

Example: Prop 90: An east coast creep put this on our ballot –and on eight other states. FORGET “eminent domain” words –THIS is NOT about protecting your property –it is to Pay DEVELOPERS. California will not be able to function. That man with the luggage store in Hollywood, Bob Blue: a fool, not very bright –doesn’t understand the issue. He is being duped. DON’T fall for it. Prop 90 –a scam: “NO”

Measure H, R: NO –THESE MEASURES ARE SCAMS. –so “NO” if you vote FOR these: don’t come back to this blog, ever. –I don’t want to write for people that dumb, and you would be too dumb to understand it.
Measure H “NO”
Measure R “NO”

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