ELECTION RESULTS NBC Has Decided: You Are Dumb

NBC: put one candidate on TV –THREE times –in prime time, but refused to allow his opponent ANY time. They received thousands of e-mails and calls demanding equal time, but they refused.

Fair Election?
NBC has decided: You are too dumb to decide who to vote for in California governor race. NBC chooses which candidates get seen –which candidates get FREE air time, worth millions. NBC: owned by parent corporation GE –wants government contracts –to make weapons, bombs –so they want to help Jr. in the White House and his Party. Want to help them too?

NBC decided NOT to allow fairness or equal time. How many OTHER states –NBC screwing with candidates/voter turn-out/issues?

It’s going around the Net: e-mail your friends, post in Comments on blogs


Do NOT watch Election Results, Do NOT watch Jay-I’m-a-pimp-Leno or any NBC shows.

See the link and for new voting rules –what you must bring to Polls to vote:

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