nazi Ties + Ken Lay + “Girlie Men” + $70 Million = California???

Is Democratic California going to be the one state that supports Republican Party???

–Before you vote, before he counts You among the sheep:
How did he get into governor’s office? Gray Davis got the evidence that Ken Lay cheated California over electricity. Davis and California filed suit. Ken Lay was so scared: he, ex convict Mike Milkin, Ah-nald and current White House occupant made a plan –worked out at the Peninsula Hotel in Los Angeles (documented by GUARDIAN newspaper and others).

Why didn’t Ah-nald enter his Party’s Primary like a man? Part of the Plan. Then Latinos –women who thought he was “sexy” –men who feel like wimps: voted him into governor’s office. FIRST thing he did? “Accpeted” $.05 on the dollar –every dollar Ken Lay and ENRON owed California. END of lawsuit –end of billions owed to us. White House HELPED every part of that deal. White House is helping Ah-nald NOW.

Think it’s “sexy” to molest women? WHO is Ah-nald?
1 Mar 1938 Gustav Schwarzenegger, father, joins the Nazi
. At the time, he sported a “Hitler-style moustache.”
During the war he fought in France and Eastern Front.
1 May 1939 Gustav: joins the Sturmabteilung or S.A.

1 Dec 1972 Gustav dies in Austria. “At that point, I didn’t think
about money. I thought about the fame, about just being
the greatest. I was dreaming about being
some dictator of a country
or some
savior like Jesus
. Just to be recognized.” Rolling Stone

1975 When author and producer George Butler asked who he admired
most, Schwarzenegger replied, “I admired Hitler
for instance, because he came from being a little man
with almost no formal education up to power. And I admire him for being such a good public speaker.” [–he
didn’t mention the 11 million deaths and murders the scum thug
caused, he must have “forgotten”] Butler also makes claims
the actor
frequently clicked his heels,
pretended to be an S.S. officer
“; and he
enjoyed playing “Nazi marching songs
from long-playing
records from his collection at home.” New York Times. [Why???]

Feb 1977 Arnold Schwarzenegger poses naked in gay
“After Dark” appearing in 22 photographs
including the full cover color. The photos selected “combined the
very exhibitionist photos for maximum sex appeal to its
gay demographic
” [Why???]

What has the Oval Office occupant said about Ken Lay –Enron and the thousands of employees and retirees who were cheated by his pal? NOTHING.

All over the US –in Republican states and districts: people are turning away from the Party that has damaged our reputation, caused death of 655,000 Iraqi children, fathers, mothers and 2,870 Americans; put massive hole in the Treasury –welfare to drug, bank, insurance and oil companies.

Do YOU have low-cost medical insurance? Do you think the “actor” will make that happen for Californians?

Oil companies and drug-makers: have given Ah-nald $100 MILLION for his “campaign” –Why? What are THEY going to get for the money? WHAT are we going to loose?

He Doesn’t KNOW How to govern, doesn’t know law or economics or How to get California out of debt –or CARE –he is ONLY interested in the Image of “governor.” –WHY do you want such a person??? WHY do you want to help White House administration???

Where is leader of his Party? –He doesn’t Dare show up in California to spoil Ah-nald’s “image,” so he can fool you. DON’T be naive: Jr. in the White House IS calling the shots with Ah-nald, whether he shows his face here or not. 86% of Republicans are supporting Ah-nold –very quietly –so they won’t upset you. BUT: if you vote for this guy –after the election There Won’t be ANY way to stop him. –He will be a lame duck and he WON’T care what YOU want.

Don’t be sheep
You want a nazi-loving sexual predator –who has paid off nine women he abused while they were working? –A guy who doesn’t have a problem posing nude in gay magazines to be governor??? He lied to teachers –tried to shove firefighters and nurses and teachers –costing us $70 Million bucks. –He said ‘sorry’ and now: He is LAUGHING –at You. Don’t act like sheep.

We need Smart leaders in California. –We NEED the nerds who WILL actually DO the hard work –we need smart Phil Angelides for governor of California. Please: vote for Angelides. I can’t listen to that other guy any more —we can’t afford him.

Two weeks ago: people went on-line and donated to the Democratic Party 10,000 First-time donors –in matching grant program. Result: all 10,000 donations got matched = 20,000 people who had never donated before gave money to Democratic Party. They gave because they are fed up with Republicans. If you want to join them: hook up here

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If you are fed up you can get involved —volunteer–in California We CAN take the state back to smart government –to common sense, balanced budget, health care insurance. Ah-nald has had his fun, his little game and helped his pals. Now Please: vote for Phil Angelides.



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