Calif. Treasurer Nov 2006: Don’t Screw Up This Time.

A few people want the job: California Treasurer
Job Description:
State’s banker, Treasurer elected every four years to:
-Act as banker for the state and release money to pay the state’s bills
-Manage the state’s investments of $63 billion
-Manage the sale of state bonds
-Chair many boards related to state finances and investment

Best person for the job?

An elected rep –knows workings, people in both houses of state Legislature; partner who started a medical corporation now worth $180 million –knows how to manage large corporation, deal with insurance companies and their tricks; fiscally responsible, conservative; intelligent, good listener, mind isn’t closed. –Great choice —IF Republicans hadn’t screwed up: Keith Richman didn’t win in the Primary. Now: the only way for him to be Treasurer write-in on the ballot.

Who beat Dr. Richman?
Republicans actually voted in the primary for a guy who –if he was showing his “good” side when you met, would make you want to look for a towel (or the exit) to wipe off the goo. If showing one of his other sides: your jaw would fly open, stunned at the arrogance. Endorsements? One of the three –yup, count ’em three! –Dana Rohrabacher, only he’s to the right of him (lol). Qualifications? Well…doesn’t care much for people –adults, children or pets; wears clothes, can drive a car….
No experience in insurance, negotiaton, procurement or sales
Did not start, manage or control corporation of any size
Didn’t broker, buy, sell, manage or increase investments for any private business
Has not worked for or with unions –being a right-wing Republican does not bode well for future working relationship –yet would be sitting on two largest US union boards
-Believes: people should get their own medical insurance, too bad if they can’t; impatient, short attention-span, often rude.

If you’re in need of a break, a giggle, treat yourself and have a gander: how he “spent his money” seems he is not good at “making car payments…”
Now that you’ve been warned: If you vote for him again do not Whine or scream for justice or refund when you see results. WHAT were Republican pols thinking/drinking when they put that person’s name on any list…. –Oh, maybe: Oval Office Occupant loves him??? Republican Party candidate: way Not Qualified.

Candidate Rising with a Bullet on the Peter Principle
-Knows: people in Sacramento Legislature, lots of influencial people with checkbooks; how to get endorsements
-Knows how to get things done, doesn’t stress himself doing them
Has not bought, sold, brokered, increased or improved investments or insurance professionally = no experience
-Has a law degree
-Current state job: Failed to arrest, indict or prosecute the person who aided, abetted known, admitted pedophile, before or after Roger Mahoney bought the pedophile’s silence, also escaping justice.
What has he done?
-Though an elected Democrat: voted against his Party’s nominee for governor in the Re-call election –admitted.
-Figured out how to: get 18% raise …did You get a 18% raise last year? Was it taxpayer’s money? Since when: public servants get more money serving than in private sector? Why is he running? If I spent hours searching I could get the answer, I can’t be bothered; my guess: he’s termed-out, wants a job.
Democratic Candidate: Bill Lockyer Not Qualified .

So, if you don’t want to write-in Dr. Richman name, neither Party has put up a qualified candidate –whom do we choose for state Treasurer? How about we go with
The only qualified candidate WITH experience: Mehul M. Thakker
Broker: City of Oakland Treasurer’s Office for Socially Screened Corporate Bond Portfolio
-Community Development Advisor (Affordable Housing, Community Banking)
License: CA Insurance License
Broker License: Series 7, 66
Gee, a person WITH insurance license….
Green Party candidate: Mehul M. Thakker for CA Treasurer

If you want superbly-qualified Keith Richman MD: write-in his name on ballot — write-in is legal (scroll down mid way to see details on write-in;
and See also: New ID Requirements to Vote)

Governor’s seat occupied by a nazi-loving sexual predator who wants to rule, but doesn’t have Clue One how and thinks you are sheep…Republican and Democratic party put up candidates who aren’t qualified for the jobs they seek, but get nomination anyway…. Sacramento is deeply focused on what you do in your home, in your car –but not how to manage the state well, efficiently or stay out of personal business, freedom…while California children are getting dumber, fatter…. If you want to choose from names on the ballot: choose the only qualified candidate: Mehul M. Thakker –and send both Parties a message.

Watching Election Results
NBC: chose to put ONE candidate for governor on TV in prime time —free air time worth millions –three times, but when superb opponent Phil Angelides asked for equal time –or any time NBC: REFUSED equal time. NBC put candidate for governor on with Jay-I’m-a-pimp-Leno followed by “interview” with Tom Brokaw on evening news. NBC has slanted coverage throughout the country –to favor White House Oval Office occupant. –It’s going around the Net –DON’T watch: BOYCOTT NBC –pass it on.

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