Los Angeles: Oct 31 Last Day for Absentee Ballot

If you live in Los Angeles area, want to vote by Absentee Ballot and have your official Sample Ballot: turn it over, the back cover is a printed application.
–Fill in all spaces, have to sign it and get it into Post Office by 5 PM October 31, 2006. (–Did you used to wash your gym clothes at the last minute Sunday night?!!). If you fail to sign: it will be negated, returned or tossed.

If you don’t have the Sample Ballot: see the instructions for alternative application.

If you have some kind of emergency –that will prevent voting in person next Tuesday: there is a plan for that.

See: Los Angeles Registrar of Voters website

If you want to find your polling place or see Sample Ballot for your district: Poll locator here

If you’re tired of getting Absentee Ballots, running around, etc: you may register for a permanent Absentee Ballot, same website. –First: ask senior relatives, neighbors if they also want a form.

You didn’t ask, but FYI: Los Angeles Registrar of Voters is a woman –one of the sharpest/best peeps in LA government; does smart things, we’re lucky to have her. –Well done.

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