LAUSD Bd Agenda: Diss the Mayor?

Bored members supposedly running schools in Los Angeles: went on a hunt for a supervisor –since carpetbagger Romer is about to blow outta town. Okay, no biggy.

But: Bored members –like the woman in desperate need of a spine, Marlene Cantor, went on over-drive –to pick a superintendent –while Mayor of Los Angeles just happened to be out of town. Now Mayor V, not a quiet person, pretty well let the WHOLE town know: he was going to Asia –to make connections, promote LA –to get business, travelers to come to LA –and when. It wasn’t like a secret.

Marlie-babe Cantor also kinda sorta Knew: Mayor V ran on campaign promise to get school system in some kind of good shape, and duh, was popularly elected and state Legislature passed bills that enable him to do just that.

He went to Sacramento Legislature to get help for his school program. Marlenie-babe –went and got a spine-ectomy. Cantor and carpetbagger: used our money to hot-foot it to Sacramento to whine, moan, groan and make “dire” predictions. –What would happen if THEY weren’t allowed to keep on keeping their noses buried DEEP in bureaucracy –stay on course to take homes to build more schools for falling enrollment –while drop-out rate soars, past twenty years, test scores fall through floor. (Need aspirin?) But: THEY Lost. Legislature passed bills to help Mayor V –help Los Angeles students.

But: Marlenie-babe, carpetbagger, Bored, et al, aren’t quitters –they’re sore loosers. So:
a) They got a whole lot of ill-informed parents stirred up –to show up in Sacramento to protest –what? Ask ’em, they aren’t sure
b.) They used our money –meant for schools, for education, for students –to file lawsuit on the Mayor
c.) They waited until Mayor V was out of town: and picked themselves a super –sailor.

Yup, out of 200+ candidates for Superintendent of Los Angeles Schools, the Bored picked: an Admiral. His qualifications to run a massive school district –thousands of teachers, in a powerful union –hundreds of thousands of children mostly in poor neighborhoods riddled with gangs, drugs, bullets? Gosh, you ask silly questions, but okay: he has relatives –who taught in schools.

Whew –THAT musta been some pool of candidates –no experienced superintendents, maverick educators…wonder why no teachers applied…. Maybe they hadn’t heard about the job –all possible candidates were –spelunking in caves? –Training with NASA –in space? Oh well. Application window wasn’t open long….

Okay…I’m going to admit: I wrote on this topic –four days ago. After I watched Marlenie-babe, super realtor, in her “press conference” say as how she “left messages on the Mayor’s anwering machine”–I’m not kidding–that she had hired a superintendent –OVER the Expressed wishes that She WAIT until the Mayor could participate. Uhm…she couldn’t wait because…sailor had a boat to catch??? –He wouldn’t wait a week??? Marlene never did say –why she and her followers couldn’t show the Mayor some respect. Naked aggression and fear was leaking out of every pore, poor Marlene.

How Ugly
Over the week-end: I kept thinking about Marlenie-babe, her little followers, like weenie Mike –position she and they put the Mayor and the new Superintendent in –just to win a pissing contest. I was livid, because the Point is SUPPOSED to be: BEST quality of education –for the next generation. –NOT pushing her profile –to sell more properties in her real life.

I was so angry –at her disrespect –her grotesque grab for power –her utter lack of class —shame-less …well, you get the gist. So I wrote the post, but I didn’t publish it, for some reason…too angry, dunno.

So in case you missed it: Mayor V and the new Superintendent met yesterday, October 25, and then spoke to the press. I watched it on the education channel –entire interview, live. On the small chance you don’t already know: Los Angeles has one smart, classy, energized, good Mayor in the person of Antonio Villaraigosa. He is capable of having a temper and he is something we, Americans, Los Angelenos, haven’t seen much of: True Leader.

Mayor V –has a lot of class . He has his laser-focus un-blinkered by Marlene’s childish prank and her diz-gusting wild grab to hang onto –what? Power? IF she actually HAD any: she would have known better than to pull this. HOW is a person with educator relatives supposed to get up to speed? Hmmm…with a tiny spoon, held by Marlene –doling tiny drops at a time…?

Well: Nature Does Not Make Mistakes…I suppose one does not become an Admiral without knowing something about politics…one does not become a black Admiral in a mostly-white Navy –without steel will, smarts, laser-focus and probably some thick skin…maybe Marlenie quick-hired the Right Person –in spite of herself. IF: he follows his instincts, when he’s done with her, he’ll be ready for the True Obstacle to children getting a good education –the people who run Teacher’s Union…if they don’t go postal….

Very Best to you Admiral Brewer –and all of us. You can confide in Mayor V, he is your ally; listen to the school counselors –nobody is listening to them; keep your own counsel with the Bored, the petty bureaucrats and the rest of them and: Welcome to LA.

Okay, I admit it: glad I didn’t publish the other draft; glad Mayor V is in charge of this town; willing to wait and see….

BUT daVine RemedyMarlene HAS GOT TO GO!  Hey, since they are So Cozy, maybe carpetbagger Romer can take her too when he blows town, that’d be Kewl.   Hey Roy, if you’ve still got any pals:  ask one of them to remove that thing in your back before you pack and haul Marlene and your butt.

UPDATE  After getting fired, sure enough –carpetbagger Roy Romer blew town, with tons of our money –important landmark destroyed but NOT turned into a school, duh –and even more students on the Drop Out list.                                                    Bored Marlene Cantor decided:  to blow off the Board –before she gets blown off, cuz Hell, WHO would vote for her –she’s gonna split leaving students still hanging, landmark turned into rubble atop Toxic waste but NOT into a school, home -business owners -school budget in bad shape:   One Idiot…Marlene Cantor

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