Today: Howard Dean & Phil Angelides

EVENT TODAY: Governor Howard Dean –with Democratic Candidate Phil Angelides at UCLA 12 noon Today!
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If you think the Pigfest should end –if want to know what Smart Government will be like: go hear Phil Angelides today, at UCLA
Phil Angelides –for Smart California government –for a change

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The Pigfest Continues: the guy who tried to shove his ego through the Legislature, failed and spent $70 MILLION of OUR money trying to shove teachers, fire fighters and nurses around: is pretending again.
–Pretending he isn’t taking money from “special” people –pretending he is “moderate” –pretending he’s got nothing to do with his nazi-loving father. Oh and: he’s pretending he knows how to govern.

–He’s doin’ swell job: he is pretending he doesn’t know the Oval Office Occupant NOW, and that he suddenly isn’t a right-wing Republican. –Not shooting his mouth off NOW, like he did At the Repubican Convention.

–And, Well, he isn’t trying to go to college, raise children in an over-priced one-bedroom apartment or make short ends meet, so things are great for HIM. –He has pals: Jay-I-pimp-for-pals-Leno to use OUR airwaves, but not give EQUAL time to Democrat Phil Angelides.

But: He hasn’t stopped –treating women as objects –he got caught on tape, describing a member of the Legislature –in sexual terms. What a pig.

But: WHERE is he getting All that money –to run campaign ads for FIVE MONTHS? What do you suppose they want for the money they gave him? If Piggy is a lame-duck governor: WHO will stop him –from doing ANY thing he wants? He won’t even stand Next to a Republican, while he is pretending, but: 86% of Republicans are supporting him –very quietly.


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