Last Day: Register To Vote Today October 23


UPDATE  2008 California Voter Registration for election November 4:            closes 5:00 PM Monday October 20, 2008  –15 days before election. 

Registration must be postmarked by 5:00 PM  –pick up registration form at library   -post office -social services office -some fire stations.  Fill in EVERY line, sign it.           –Lines left blank or no signature:  no registration.  After mail-in:  verify with Registrar’s office that they received or check their website or verify here

        To register in person Monday:  by 4:00 PM Registrar of Voters office, Norwalk.

Registrar’s office also has early, touch-screen voting; see if you can vote same day as registration.

-Need to Register to vote? –Moved –Changed your name –Changed Party? You will have to re-register.  Too late to register on-line–that takes ten days to receive, sign, return in time–but you can still register today —mail form –with today’s post mark
Registration form: obtain a form at your local post office, library or
Find your local County Elections office

Southern California:
get application – walk-in at these locations – until 4 PM

NOTE: If you were convicted of a crime but NOT on parole now: You are allowed to vote.

-Stuck with electronic “vote machine” in your area –can’t get to the voting booth –have an emergency?
Ask for Absentee Ballot

Must file by: October 30 , 2006

-Want to change political party? Remember: You will have to re-register to vote. Here are the political party choices in California.

Some changes for this election:
visit CA Secretary of State

So who for governor –sexual predator hiding his right-wing core and pretending to be “moderate” –or the actual Democrat with smarts, experience of Treasurer’s office to actually govern the state? A LOT at stake in this election. –A wealthy east coast man secretly put up a ton of money to get an intiative on California ballot that could affect everyone and sounds good, but it’s a ‘scorpion’ with a stinger, because what isn’t known –oh wait –are you registered to vote? –Go do that, and come back and I’ll tell the rest of it.

–Get to a Post Office or library at lunch, after work –get extras for co-workers, friends, neighbors –get it in the mail

–Not going to vote? –Not going to decide if elections are funded with public money –instead of by mega-corporations & lobbyists? Okay: my friends and I will decide for you and you will live with OUR choices. Don’t whine later.

Registered Missourians: there is still time to request Absentee Ballot –and to get it postmarked by October 30th
-Request form for Missouri Absentee Ballot Form
from local Election Authority
-Send to Local Election AuthorityDon’t return Absentee Ballot to Secretary of State
It’s painful to watch —murders in Iraq, loosing American military, children…the waste, the stolen money, oil…. Do you have affordable medical insurance? YOUR Vote Matters.
–Even if you aren’t sure of who/what –yet: at least get Absentee Ballot –so you can vote securely, when you do decide, to have your voice heard. DON’T vote on electronic “vote machine” –they can easily be changed. —Senate and House needs to change. Get counted.

-Register to Vote: had to register 30 days before election –it’s too late, but if you are already registered to vote, it’s not too late for:
Absentee Ballot: if you will be physically unable to vote in person at the poll –see link for specific rules
Vote by Mail: by writing to County Election Commission (link listed) and requesting a ballot; then mail or fax the ballot. You can speed up the application-for-mail-ballot request by doing listed things BUT –Think hard on doing this: one is you have to list your Social Security number in the application, not a good thing.

Voters have a chance –a serious opportunity–to make a difference, instead of elected representatives dictating to citizens, bankrupting Treasury, not providing smart protection or taking care of environment. They work for us, remind them of that in next election.

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