Want to Keep On Using the Internet?

It is tricky, not well-known and ugly. Roughly it goes like this: powerful, very wealthy, greedy people are turning members of US Congress into pimps –to get what they want. They want: control of the Internet.

Bill Moyers has done a documentary airing tonight on PBS follwed by discussion; and on-line forum and local follow-up. “The Net at Risk”

What’s going on: mostly going on behind closed doors, without reporters or disclosure. You need to see the documentary to sort out the parts. If: you cannot watch tonight –put it in your Calendar for Sunday, it will be repeated.

–Don’t want to watch? Remember the drug bill they did “for” seniors? Same crowd about to “medicate” the Internet. –If you aren’t informed, active —vocal , don’t whine when you are locked out. –If they get hold of the US: they’ll go after entire world. E-mail at least five people, tell to watch, ask them to tell others. Post to blogs, Forums, bulletinboards. Every person with a computer needs to see it.

The Greedy: want more money.
Congress members: want money –for campaigns
You? –Want to surf, search, shop, read –blog –be left alone? –Ya, well, if the first two get what they want: You, me, nobody in US is gonna get anything –without paying. World will STOP being flat, it will be cratered.

If you’re in the US, paid any attention past three years: you know that Oval Office Occupant used Mikey Powell, Collin’s kid, to change the rules at FCC. Nearly three million people phoned, faxed, e-mailed to protest –including ACLU and National Rifle Assoc. –A first. But Six mega-corporations: now own all the TV networks –yanked down firewall –so they could own more than one TV station and newspaper and radio stations in ONE market.

–If you’re saying “so what” the answer: they control what you can see, hear, know in your community. That is how/why we get trash –worthless garbage about
gooey ‘feel-good’ crap shoved into hard news. –Why no local reportage of politics, issues, government, city hall. –How we got dragged into fake war. No media corporation risked sweet deals with the White House by doing any examination of who -what -why -how we got sucked into Iraq invasion. While you’re getting crap on plastic actors’ dating habits –no coverage anything that matters, enlightens, informs.

LOS ANGELES TIMES fired 180 reporters few years ago. Chicago TRIB doing it now, only now they own the LA TIMES and local TV stations –No investigative reporters: no oversight, no exposure, no democracy.

Now: The Greed boys want More. The Greedy: want to put up a Toll Gate –on the Internet –without you knowing about the vote. If they win: having a free WP blog won’t mean much if you can’t get to it.

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