Roger Mahony: Cardinal Thug?

“It is staggering for the federal government to…impose penalties for doing what our faith demands of us.”

Roger Mahony wrote that –in a letter to the White House, his intention to refuse to obey –if a bill on people entering the country illegally became law.  Would Roger Mahoney vow to break the law –pledge allegiance to Rome instead of to US –if the people sneaking into US were Buddhists –Jewish –Sufi –Muslim? Any money in that for Catholic church?  Or vow to break the law because:  the majority of illegals are members of the Catholic religion –for which he could benefit –get Plenty of money?

If Mahony’s argument correct: How would that work out –if a group of people decided, since they are decedents of Mayans, they would follow their religious beliefs by sacrificing 10-year old girls to a sun god –toss them into bonfires?  OK? –If Pagans wanted to slaughter –cows –pets –babies in the US? –A religion, just following precepts…. Roger Mahony: would abet their religious “rights”? Mahony “right” —reject laws we live under because of a religion –isn’t working out too well for the Utah Mormon man arrested for having several wives and for arranging marriage between old men and 13-year old girls.  Bigamist claims:  following his religious precepts. Why isn’t Mahony helping?  Guess there’s NO money in that for him.

During investigation of a woman’s allegation of sexual misconduct against Roger Mahony, according to a CNN report, he wrote e-mail to his lawyers and church officials, in part:

“If we don’t take immediate, aggressive action here, the consequences for the AD are going to be incredible. Charges of cover-up, concealing criminals, et cetera, et cetera.”

Definition of: “Incredible” — a thing not credible or believable. But the opposite true:  Mahony DID believe what happened to the woman –that the consequences would be damaging –to HIM. 

Doesn’t the faith he claims to follow:  demand that he obey laws of right and wrong?

“Magically” donations poured in –enough for Mahony to build a church and to do it, destroy an historic church in Los Angeles, the new one in its place. Doing the right thing?  Nobody could stop him from building a monument –to his ego –in the middle of a neighborhood with some of the poorest people in Los Angeles. People who care about history, architecture, Los Angeles culture, religion –had no choice:  sued, to prevent him from ripping down the beautiful old Spanish-style church. Mahony wanted it trashed.  Historic old structure stands –they won.

But Mahoney’s new monument to his ego, clad in marble, all the way down to the underground garage, cost so much –took up so much church money at the same time the east coast scandals were exposed, loss of donations ensued, so: ‘budget-minded’ Roger Mahony cut ministry service –to prisons, poor, blacks, disabled, Latinos. Ethics?  Houses…apartments…communal residential buildings –education –re-training –groceries for poor -working-class -disabled –How Much could have been bought with the 189 million bucks the marble-clad monument to ego cost?  Incensed at the appalling waste, this author called his office and asked.

Answer: “He has no control over amount or account people want to donate.”

Hmmm…a whole lot of wealthy people, all by themselves, just happened to kick in to buy a new church –for Mahony??? –Isn’t direction, guidence –reason he is there?  Church leaders —religionBible head Catholic –anything to say on feeding, sheltering the indigent?

Mahony:  picks the laws he follows.  Informed that a man –church employee, committed a crime:  his response?  Called –police –FBI –Vatican –anybody? Apparently: “None of the Above” was the right answer for the man on a mission –on a career path to “leader.” On hearing new complaints on the employee:  Roger Mahony –Nothing, no one allowed to interfere with him getting to the ‘top.’  Hearing that the employee had raped children?

Picture:  a neighbor learns a man raped a child, but kept quiet –even when neighbor learned he raped a second child…. Justification for silence?  –Neighbor: someone you’d want to know?  Neighbor –as bad –as guilty as the rapist? –Worse?  If a neighbor –a religion –a religious leader did not protect a child:  is that not sin –betrayal against G-d?  Who does merit protection? 

Roger Mahony played ‘musical chairs’ –Catholic style:  Rapist moved –for thirty years…new geography, new children…throughout California:  more 5-year old girls, more 5-year old boys molested –sodomized –raped –destroyed as man on a mission Mahony moved up the ‘company’ ladder. 

If you learned someone stole your child’s dignity –soul –will to live:  what would you do?  What wouldn’t you do?

When there were too many children with too many enraged parents to keep it under purple wraps:  company man Mahony –and his paid cohorts, decided best action? Bought the rapist’s silence –to keep him from testifying against them400 children…abused, tortured, forced to comply –trust –security –belief in G-d stolen…WHEN HE KNEW:  400… documented, documentary.

If a person rises to leadership position on body –mind –soul of 400 children:  what is that?  Does Mahony’s “religion” have anything to say on that?  That is a “leader”?  Criminal Mahony: hides behind his “religion” to defy federal law but then —doesn’t house the indigentprotect children –doesn’t protect any…. Would you even shake the hand of such a person?

The german in the Vatican: has no right to “open dialogue with Muslims” —or anyone else –declare doctrine –preach a thing to any one –on any thing until, unless he cleans his house of filth. –“Blessing“:  worthless. Media:  should shun both –stop polluting our airwaves.

Anyone has the right to challenge a law –in court.  None of us has a right to declare: “above the law.” Not even thug Roger Mahony.  Given gifts and finite amount of time on the planet –pledging to use in service of others, but building monument to self while ignoring the homeless: grievous…while ignoring rape of children: unspeakableTo know that a crime was committed –on the least among us able to cope –yet enable the crime –and repeat ad nausea:  what does his so-called religion demand of him on that?  Were we given free will –to prey on others?  Roger Mahony: ordinary criminal

To steal a child’s identity –belief in everything –abandon –yet deny it happened – watch the dead try to live = crime against humanity.  Roger Mahony has dominion over 5 million people, largest congregation of any in the US. To whom much is given: Much is Owed.  If an ordinary mother permitted an adult to violate her child:  society, law –police would demand Prosecution.  Natural law Demands: it is right, fitting that now that he has the most to loose, most should be taken from Roger Mahony, traitor.

California Attorney General:  you owe Californians, justice –children left for dead –indictment, arrest, conviction of Roger Mahony, his co-conspirators and his attorneys. –Before G-d pronounces Judgment.

Contact:  California Attorney General  

California Legislature:  If we are to punish the guilty and break cycle of pedopohilia –crimes against children must have law equal to the crime.  Change laws:  NO statute of Limitations on pedophile crimes.

Attorney General:  the pedophile priest stated Mahony moved him throughout California, so now that we know if you fail to indict then you make all of us guilty. Indict quickly. 

Demand “No Bail” –when the going gets tough Roger Mahony scampers into hospital beds to hide “–no questions, he’s resting…”

Where do the children go?  Their parents?

Thug mystic mooch Roger Mahony dead bug …way NOT daVine….

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